Rep-Elect Dennis to Promote Bills in Women’s Interest

Montserrado County District #4 Representative-elect, Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis, a newcomer to the Lowe House

Montserrado Country District #4 Representative-elect Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis has assured her constituents that during her time in the Legislature over the next six years, she will support bills that will better the lives and advance the agenda of Liberian women.

In a recent Daily Observer interview, Rep. Dennis said she will support the Affirmative Action Bill that seeks 30 percent female representation in the Legislature.

Ms. Dennis referred to the Speaker of the Rwanda parliament who is female, adding, “a good number of that country’s parliamentarians who are females, are (no more) capable than their Liberian counterparts, but the difference is that they push forward their agenda to compete with the males.”

It is about time that Liberian women stand and work together with their male counterparts to make key decisions that would better the lives of women and children across the country, she said.

“I should urge the Liberian women to be more supportive of each other, especially of those who are taking the lead, because when women gather and support their peers, they will be able to address a particular issue of concern within a given community with one accord,” the newly elected lawmaker said.

In a related development, Dennis said that the recent amendment to the rape law is one of the sensitive issues she will carefully examine and review before tabling an amendment to the law.

“I stand for justice. I am against those who are in the habit of raping. As a woman, I hate that women can be at a total disadvantage of being raped to the extent of becoming unconscious,” Madam Dennis said.

On the issue of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or female circumcision, the Representative-elect expressed her opposition to the practice and the fact that it was removed from the Domestic Violence Act that was passed into law by the Legislature, adding that “FGM is a crime (against) humanity.”

FGM is not culturally relevant and is an act of violence against women that needs to be urgently addressed, she said.

Madam Dennis has, meanwhile, expressed gratitude to residents of District #4 for electing her at the October polls, adding that her first 100 days plan will include the setting up of the district offices as a mark of appreciating the residents for the confidence they reposed in her ability to lead.


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