Dunah Warns PYJ Against Using Nimba to Enrich Himself


“This has to stop because Nimbaians put their trust in him… not to enrich himself by giving them a bad leader in return.”

Nimba Country District #7 Representative Worlea Saywah Dunah has warned Senator Prince Y. Johnson, to desist  from “making business with the county for his  personal benefit.”

Nimba is not a commodity to be traded for the purpose of getting profit in return, Dunah said, adding that Nimbaians are responsible people who make decisions that will improve their living conditions, which does not in any way suggest that the Senator  (PYJ) also a Nimbaian should commercialize the county for his selfish interest.

The outgoing Nimba Lawmaker frowned on Sen. Johnson for often using the county in political situations to  enrich himself, adding, “this has to stop because Nimbaians put their trust in him to benefit the entire residents, but not to enrich himself by giving them a bad leader in return.”

Rep. Dunah cautioned Sen. Johnson that getting the highest votes in Nimba does not mean that he is capable of delivering the county to the opposition.

“Sen. Johnson got the required votes he needed from the people of Nimba in the first round of voting, because he is a son of the county, so the residents fully supported him. This does not in any way mean that he holds the key to the county’s decisions. Since he lost the presidential elections, the people’s votes have returned to them, therefore they can now vote for any of the two candidates of their choice who they believe can best lead this nation,” Dunah said.

The run-off election, Dunah said, is a new ball game that involves two players with different patterns of playing, “so Prince Johnson cannot play the match, because he is going backward in the Liberian politics rather then forward.

“Johnson has lost the trust of Liberians, because during the 2005 presidential and representative elections, he came third and fifth during the just ended October 10 polls;  a trend Dunah said is not good for any politician.

The Nimba County Lawmaker said a widespread belief that Sen. Johnson would help the standard bearer of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change, George Weah to win the Nimba votes is a fallacy, “because Weah has a history of wining elections during the first round, and not the runoff as in the case of the scheduled November 7 runoff, when history will repeat itself.”

Dunah said Sen. Johnson being a part of the opposition parties is no threat to the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, “because Boakai is the most experienced and competent person to lead the country.”

“Senators Weah and Johnson at the Senate have no agenda, because they both have never disagreed with a single policy of the Unity Party led government, Rep. Dunah said, noting further that Weah in particular has not proposed a bill that will possibly develop the lives of the citizens.”

While Sen. Johnson is yet to comment on Dunah’s statement, the secretary-general of his party, the opposition Movement for Democracy Movement (MDR), Wilfred Bangura has dismissed Dunah’s assertions.

Bangura told reporters yesterday at the party’s headquarters in Monrovia that the beauty of democracy is that the governed should disagreed and agree, “but this does not make Rep. Dunah the demigod to speak for Sen. Johnson or about what is good for him to do or not.”


  1. PYJ is not stabled. He is confusing the minds of the HONORABLE citizens of Nimba County. That’s not good leadership. He is creating the end of his political career. This is the beginning of the end of PYJ’s political career. He can no longer be trusted. Perhaps he’s already planning to retire and enjoy his loots… Let PYJ know that Nimba County’s VOTE is not for sale…

    • What are you talking about. Is PYJ forcing Nimba citizens to vote for Amb Weah? Did he take money from Weah to force people to vote for Weah?

  2. What transpired during the first round of the elections indicated that nobody CAN DELIVER NIMBA COUNTY to any party. I heard some candidates making this kind of statement – “I shall deliver Nimba to you” as if Nimba was a commodity. The eyes of Nimba Youths are so opened. The older ones are just as alert as the youths. Some still tell you stories as far back as the early sixties when the country was still under the yoke of repression and one party. Our people want to use their past experiences to make the country better so, they will vote their conscience not at the barking of any politician. Some Nimbaians will still vote Weah because he is adorable. Others will vote Boakai because he is considered ready to open up against graft and corruption. Let’s see. A set date usually comes fast. November 7th is right in corner. Welcome President Weah or President Boakai!! Guan wa luaa oo tian
    Kopa Nimba!!

  3. !2 years, PYJ delivered Nimba County to UP. Everybody was happy. This year, PYJ supports CDC and people become hysterical and completely unreasonable.
    No other candidate, no other person, with all the noise, is willing and has the guts to protect the people of Nimba County than PYJ.
    The record is there. Had he endorsed UP, the corrupt celebration will be uncontrollable.
    Give the man a break! He knows what he is doing.
    Don’t turn UP into the TWP.

    • We are all from Nimba County and have the right to choose the candidates of our choice. What made some citizens of Nimba to feel that the choice PYJ made by endorsing Amb Weah is wrong? Oh, when PYJ endorsed UP, you did not hear those type of statements from Nimba people. Weah is a formidable candidate who beat Joseph Boakai flat, has it not been for the 50% regulation.The crowd you saw in Sanniquellie and Ganta over the weekend were not forced to be there, they came out because of the love for PYJ and Weah. Which one of you Nimba people delivered Nimba to Boakai? What I see about you people in the County is, once you and another person don’t support the same party, you have something to say about them. A buck of you who are supporting this administration belong to that failed regime. In Nimba County, every citizens have the right to support a candidate of their choice. I am a CDcian and I am proud to be,but I will never bad mouth VP Boakai in any shape or form.

  4. Its true that PYJ delivered Nimba from genocide orchestrated by government of Liberia under the leadership of SKD. The government of Liberia created PYJ. The people of Nimba have rewarded him with the title of Sr. Senator but he’s been an embarrassment to himself and the people of Nimba. Liberians have short memories. In 2005, PYJ supported Weah and they lost Nimba miserably. The same result awaits them in 2017.

  5. “Too many Chiefs and no Indian in Liberia.”

    I thought voting is a sacred oath where individuals exercise their constitutional rights?

    There are too many people in Liberia calling themselves leaders of Nimba County like Prince Johnson, Town Chiefs and other party leaders who are infringing on the constitutional rights of their fellow Liberians by telling them who to vote for or who not to vote for through coercion and intimidation. This practice of interfering with individual freedom and liberty in Liberia sets a dangerous precedence.

    The people of Nimba County as well as any other parts of Liberia should be left alone to exercise their freedom and liberty to choose or vote for whomever they want to vote for. The people of Liberia should never feel intimated for exercising their “freedom to choose” as the great economist Milton Friedman would say. By respecting individual freedom and liberty to make decisions is one of the sacred tenants of our Democracy.

    These so-called leaders, chiefs, elders, Senators, party leaders, and Representatives in Liberia should stop infringing on the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens regardless if they come from the same County, tribe, or family. Liberia is neither a socialist nor a communist country where there is no freedom to choose one’s leader. If we cannot respect individual rights to choose, then what type of Democracy are we practicing?

    Secondly, it is pathetic to see so many Liberians vying for political office when our undeveloped country is in dire need of engineers, scientists, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, architects, agriculturists, movie producers, teachers, nurses, agronomists, veterinarians, builders, plumbers, welders, electricians, electronic technicians, manufacturing technicians, pilots, weather forecasters, radiologists, geologists, computer technologists, physical therapists, hydrologists, psychiatrists, nurses, maritime specialists, bankers, farmers, hydro power engineers, electrical engineers, construction engineers, and many, many more urgently needed blue collared professions.

    There are approximately 4.5 million Liberians but we still have shortages in every field listed above. If these critically needed fields were filled by the same number of Liberians running for president and legislative offices, I bet Liberia’s modernization would be on a fast track to success.

    As the saying goes, there are too many chiefs and no Indians. In other words, there are too many Liberians who want to be politicians while the development of our country is left to the mercy of foreigners at our own peril.

    If we don’t study how other countries like Vietnam, Bosnia, Serbia, Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, Laos, South Korea, just to name a few that moved from war to become industrious, Liberia will forever remain a country full of politicians and no development.

    Again, Prince Johnson and other prominent citizens of Nimba, Lofa, Bong, Grand Gedeh, Montserrado, and other counties please respect the freedom and Liberty of your fellow Liberians to choose whomever they want to vote for without coercion or intimidation.

    The freedom to choose is the beauty of true democracy.

  6. Dunah,

    You make no sense. You say Weah will lose the runoff because he “lost the runoff in 2005. So according to you because you lost in the October 8, 2017 election, you are bound to loose in any future election. You see your very silly reasoning?

    Secondly, you are saying Senator Johnson should endorse the Unity Party again, as he did in 2005; despite the fact the Unity Party betrayed the trust he Senator Johnson placed in the Unity Party which failed so miserably during these 12 years amid it’s presidential candidate been at the centre of massive corruption from payroll fraud to creating fake ghost companies in millions of dollars contract with the Liberian Government. You see again how very foolish you sound? No wonder the people of your own constituency have rejected you; taking into account your reasoning which is backward!!!

  7. I am glad that the Nibains are speaking out against this old armed robber who was
    dishonorably dismissed from AFL and made never to work for the Liberian Government
    by the late President William R. Tolbert, Jr. for his terroristic career in the AFL. Well, it
    was the late Master Sirgeant Doe who reinstated him PYJ back into the AFL. He
    exploited the war brought by Ellen Sirleaf and now he is exploiting his County Nimba.

    • Allison, you are frustrated and calling our Senator an armed robber. You have to learn to respond responsibly. PYJ is not an armed robber, you will be made to show proof of your statement one day. Don’t worry about what we do in Nimba, worry about what happen in where ever you are from.

  8. Ms.Gontee
    If you believe Unity Party betrayed the trust of your Senator, Prince Johnson, may I ask what trust he had before it was betrayed? This man runs around like a cockroach solicitating money from his tribal people in return for votes and you have the spine to talk about someone betraying his trust? Does anyone in his right mind believe that Weah is a better candidate than Boika? Both Johnson and Weah were senators when billions of dollars in shaddy concession agreements were approved in that good for nothing legislature and neither of them objected .The bottom line, both of them got the brown envelopes. Prove me wrong.

    • Do you have proof of your statement that Senator Johnson solicit money from his tribal people for votes? Think on what you wrote. If you don’t know what goes on in Nimba don’t poke your nose it it.

  9. Honorable Dunah, first of all let me commend you for your continue support and love you have for our county. But I want to let you including other prominent Nimbaian know that though, senator Johnston is a senator, he’s just one of the many prominent Nimbaian. What has he been doing since he been in power? We all know that you know Senator Johnson been riding on the ignorance of our people. (His old 1989)story. This man got nothing to offer our people and they continue to to vote him in to public office. Untill they can stop rewarding him even though he got nothing to prove, he will continue to make those decisions. So your killed the fox before wonding the chicken.

  10. Elijah A. Barnard,

    The trust Senator Prince Yormie Johnson has and which our county – Nimba County has in him is made evident inter alia in his Senator Johnson continuously been elected by our people to represent us as our Senior Senator during two elections.

    And on the national stage, the trust the sovereign Republic of Liberia has in Senator Prince Yormie Johnson is seen by every single Liberian by and through his Senator Prince Johnson being THE KING-MAKER IN LIBERIAŚ ELECTORAL POLITICS VIZ NATIONAL POLITICAL LEADERSHIP.

    All of the above indeed impresses on the sound and objective mind that Senator Prince Johnsonś endorsement of Senator Weah instead of Bokai is inter alia towards national reconciliation and national prosperity! For Boakai is too old and he is on record of payroll fraud in his VP office, and his Boakai being a beneficiary of a ghost company robbing millions of dollars from the Liberian government.

    • Kou
      Even if Boika committed fraud as alleged by You, why do you think the destiny of our country should be put in the hands of Weah and Charles Taylor thugs? Haven’t you seen the writing on the wall that Taylor and his people will run the government?

  11. Liberia and politics as usual ”
    I am from Maryland County and I am a proud Liberian like any other whom believes in similar values that a loyal citizen of a country should ascribed to; a fate in the legal system, respect for the rule of law, equatable distribution of wealth, a dare to patriotism, individual commitment to upholding national peace and stability, full access to the basics of life, standard and affordable education,a healthy environment, religious and cultural tolerance, respect for those in authority, especially our security apparatus, but most importantly our elected officials whom we interested with our dear future determined.
    All these are really simple principles to follow but the most difficult one to interest ourselves with a decision of who do we entrust with public stewardship.
    Senator Prince Johnson is widely accepted as an honorable man of principles and senior citizen of Nimba county because of his so called unforgotten role in liberating his kinsmen from post tribal conflict. I called it so call because not one citizen of Nimba ask him of his role, but all have acknowledged him one way of the other.
    In other words, the people of Nimba County created their own Monster” so deal with it! In the 2011 general elections runoff, it was being assumed that Senator Prince Johnson was the final arbitrator of political decision in the county and not as an individual. At such times, the people of Nimba county was elevating an ordinary man to a demigod unconsciously and now even as such, with his inevitable nature of dynamism which compels him to make or accepted charges like every human being has fully manifested to reality. The man is a human and a citizen of Nimba and a political leader in Liberia, subject to this discussion. You created the Monster, so deal with it and give the man his full respect he deserves because all of his decisions have been in the best interest of his people and the country at large.
    Many persons have not seen it from a different perspective but the senator decision to endorse CDC is the first major step to a more genuine reconciliation process of the long ignored and suspended petty conflict between the people of Grand Gedeh and Nimba Counties. #Bravo Senator! Indeed you’re a wise old man!.. [email protected] Executive Mansion 2018!..

  12. Elijah Barnard,

    Liberia is not a lawless country. Nor is Liberia without a Constitution, or is Liberia an overseas territory or a dominion of some other country where the destiny of our country is put in the hands of a any group by anyone, organization, or entity.

    According to the Liberian Constitution (article 83 B) those who run the government shall be elected through democratic elections, in which those who gain the absolute majority of votes shall run the Government.

    So your questions about “writing on wall”, and Charles Taylor who is in jail, are very strange. The NPP is a legal, constitutional, and legitimate, political party with Representatives and Senators, and even cabinet ministers in the both the Legislative and Executive Branches of Government.

    The most popular opposition Party THE MIGHTY CDC is in a coalition with the very NPP. So if they should win the runoff on November 7, 2017, of course, they will have to run the government. For this is what the Liberian Constitution requires and authorizes! PERIOD!!!

  13. all do not be misguided to Vote for CDC. Safe Liberia and yourself and vote for UP. CDC is not good for Liberia at home and internationally.. ask your friends, neighbors, coworkers etc to vote UP


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