Rep. Dunah: ‘LACC Undermining Fight Against Corruption’

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Nimba County District 7 Representative Worlea Saywah Dunah yesterday accused the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) of being responsible for the Government’s failure in its fight against corruption.

The lawmaker said President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf should not be blamed for not making gains in her government’s fight against corruption, pointing to the LACC as being responsible for the lack of progress in the fight against corruption in the country.

At her State of the Nation address, President Sirleaf admitted that two areas continue to pose major challenges to her administration, naming one as the unsuccessful fight against corruption.

“We have not fully met the anti-corruption pledge that we made in 2006. It is not because of the lack of political will to do so, but because of the intractability of dependency and dishonesty cultivated from years of deprivation and poor governance. We could not reap – you cannot reap – in government what has not been instilled in families, schools, churches, mosques and society in general,” President Sirleaf indicated.

Rep. Dunah said the government created more integrity institutions and formulated more laws and policies in the fight against corruption but that “those institutions particularly LACC is not doing anything, they are undermining the fight because they have not done enough to prosecute people accused of corrupt practices” when he appeared as a guest on the Truth Breakfast Show yesterday.

“That is because they lacked trained prosecutors and investigators,” Dunah stated.

He added: “The legal instruments gave them enough prosecutorial powers, even in the case where the Ministry of Justice refuses to prosecute an accused, they have the legal right to do so; but they have failed to take advantage of that provision.”

However, the LACC has in the past requested adequate funding from the Liberian government to be able to get the services of qualified investigators but has not succeeded. And Rep. Dunah as a lawmaker has not done enough to ensure that anti-graft institutions with limited funding are provided with enough to get the job done.

When contacted via mobile phone yesterday, Cllr. Augustine Toe, acting chair of the LACC, said he was not going to dignify the lawmaker’s statement.

“Dunah does not understand his own Act so let him go back and study it before making such a comment,” Cllr Toe noted. “You know it is elections time and most lawmakers are doing everything to be re-elected, therefore, we are not going to give him credence.”


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