Rep. Cooper, Liberty Party Part Ways


Liberty Party Chairman, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, has accepted the resignation of Margibi County Representative Roland Opee Cooper from the party, following the fighting incident that occurred between him (Cooper) and another lawmaker in chambers at the House of Representatives last week.

Rep. Cooper’s resignation is in compliance with an earlier call upon him by the party executives to resign or be expelled.

Opee Cooper is expected to be suspended from the Legislature for at least three months without pay for attempting to molest Speaker J. Alex Tyler. 

Rep. Cooper is also accused of having assaulted Bong County District # 6 Representative Adam Bill Corneh, who tried to stop him.

It all started last Thursday, while Speaker Tyler was announcing the new chairs, co-chairs and members of the statutory and standing committees.  Rep. Cooper allegedly attempted to bully the Speaker, but slapped Rep. Corneh in the face, when he (Corneh) obstructed him.

The physical attack claimed the immediate attention of fellow Representatives as Corneh, who according to some of his peers, suffers from high blood pressure, fell back into his seat and his colleagues took papers to fan him as he lay helpless.

Speaking yesterday at the Liberty Party Headquarters in Monrovia, Chairman Koffa noted that Representative Cooper never wanted to follow the due process of the party by going through suspension or other factors but sent in his resignation letter to the party.

“We wish him well in all that he does.  The party did not carry on any investigation of the matter but we have accepted this letter with our hearts.”

The Liberty Party chairman said the Party accepts the resignation of their former lawmaker of Margibi County Roland Opee Cooper, saying that they make no opinion on his cause of resigning.

According to the chairman, the party’s regulation states that anyone caught with misconduct should be brought to the party for suspension by the chairman and be turned over to the Executive Committee.

Cllr. Koffa described the resignation of Representative Cooper as a great loss to the party but added, “Equally so, the party will not endorse any misconduct from any of its members. I cannot protect anyone who misbehaves all in the name of protecting a seat,” Chairman Koffa said.

He asserted that the party will not go further to investigate Cooper’s case of misconduct at the Legislature because he has already resigned and is no more a member of the opposition Liberty Party.

“The party expects all its members to conduct themselves orderly and in a good manner that represents the party,” he said.

Meanwhile, Cllr. Koffa also disclosed that for the upcoming 2017 Presidential elections the Liberty Party needs a standard bearer that will come from the party. The party will not recruit any new member that will not have the party at heart but just wishes to come and gain political power.

He noted that Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine retired as the political leader of the opposition Liberty Party; adding: “He did not resign from politics or Liberty Party.”

“Bruskine has the right to run because he is a political animal in the Liberty Party.”

Chairman Koffa at the same time disclosed that preparations are underway for the party to launch what he called “Liberty Hour.”

He said the Liberty Hour will once a month provide a case study on how the party will continue its normal political activities.


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