Rep. Cole Underscores Importance of Education

Rep. Cole: “I know times are hard, so do not use the children little token to buy bags of rice...."

-Says it is better than bags of rice

Bong County District #3 representative, J. Marvin Cole, over the weekend admonished residents of his district to value education if they want a better future for their children.

Rep. Cole spoke at the distribution of school packages across the district, which included L$3,000 and dozens of copybooks per a child to complement parents’ effort  with their children’s school fees. He said the future of their children depends on how much they would invest in their education.

Rep. Cole called on the parents to take advantage of the Jewel M. Cole Scholarship Foundation to educate their children rather than using the L$3,000 to buying a half bag of rice, which he will not last them into the future.

“I know times are hard, but please, do not use the children’s L$3,000 to buy half bag of rice or plastic for them to sell in the streets, because it is important for you to value the children’s education, which is the key to have a brighter future,” he told his constituents.

Rep. Cole said the only way Liberians can fight against corruption is by educating their children to become productive citizens in the future.

Jewel M. Cole, 7, said her foundation will help other school-going age children to stop selling in the street, but rather as encouragement for them to go to school.

She added, “It is because of education that my father was educated, otherwise no one would have voted for him.”

Jewel M. Cole presents package to a child in Melekie, Bong County.

Jewel, a 3rd-grade student attending the Aware International School, said her Foundation is interested in giving the children a promising future, because their parents voted for her father during the 2017 election.

Jewel’s Foundation recently distributed one dozen copybooks to each of the 240 children plus L$3,000 in Melekie, a suburb of Gbarnga. They also extended the exercise children whose parents are from the religious background to include “pastors” as well as to children whose parents are selling in the market, but did not benefit from the initial distribution.

The Jewel M. Cole Scholarship Foundation, a L$2.5 million project, was launched on Saturday, September 7, 2019 in Gbarnga, Bong County, appreciating the people of the district for electing Rep. Cole during the 2017 elections.


  1. I wonder these people think everyone will remain the same all the time? So if the people had not voted her father to the position as she is saying, the foundation was never going to do the things being done now? Meaningly, the purpose of her foundation is to encourage the people to continue voting for her father. Let say the father was never elected, will they had done the things they are doing now for the people? I don’t think so because their financial means by than was limited but since the job in question is over funded, that’s why these people are using their offices and position to squeeze our people. Instead of the father working for the people, now the people are working for the father and the foundation speaks it all. J. Ark

  2. Good. All children should be encouraged to school.
    The best school option would be government supported high standard schools.

    WASSAC? WestAfrican Exam is useless; drop it.


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