Rep. Cole Launches L$2.5M Education Foundation

Jewel Cole and some of the beneficiaries of the newly established Foundation.

Bong County District #3 representative, J. Marvin Cole, over the weekend launched a L$2.5 million Educational Foundation, named in honor of his daughter, Jewel M. Cole Scholarship Foundation.

The launch, which was held in Gbarnga, Bong County, brought together a number of would-be beneficiaries and other well-wishers.

The Jewel M. Cole Foundation showed gratitude to the people of the district for electing Rep. Cole during the 2017 elections.

Besides the launch, Rep. Cole has on numerous occasions, provided 3000 sets of copybooks and L$5,000 for each child that attended the program.

He said the scholarship program will help school going-children, whose parents supported him to represent the district at the 54th Legislature.

Rep. Cole said after paying his daughter’s Jewel school fees at the Aware International School in Monrovia, she walked to him and asked whether the children of those that voted for him were in school.

He added, “I told her that I never had enough money to share with the district, but my daughter demanded that if she must go to school, I must cut her fees and help other kids, whose parents are the brain behind my success. This is the main reason that I named the program in her honor.”

Rep. Cole said he has paid US$3,000 at the Bong County Technical College (B.C.T.C) for 300 “scholarship students,” while an additional amount of US$28,000 has been secured for 28 students at Cuttington University.

Jewel M. Cole, age 7, said she saw the importance of asking her father to pay other children fees across the district, “because they are the major contributors to my father’s success at the legislature.”

Jewel, a 3rd-grade student of the Aware International School, said for her father to pay school fees for other children in rural communities, only shows gratitude for what their parents did for him during the 2017 elections.

She added, “It is important to always be grateful to the people that promote you.”

Meanwhile, parents and guardians from across Gbarnga City have expressed gratitude to Rep. Cole for establishing  the Foundation that will educate their children.


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