Liberia’s Problem: ‘No Love for Country’

Four of the representative aspirants who appeared at the CEIO yesterday in Monrovia

A Representative aspirant for Montserrado County District #6, Samuel B. Jacobs, has said our leaders not having ‘love for country’ is responsible for Liberia’s under development problem.

Mr. Jacobs made the remark yesterday at the official kick-off of the Community Forum at the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinion (CEIO) in Monrovia under the theme ‘Conversation on the Youth Votes 2017,” organized by NAYMOTE.

According to Jacobs, the self-interest and self-seeking attitude of many of the country’s leaders “has caused Liberia to face all these glitches in the development of the country and the empowerment of its citizens.”

The Community Forum is intended to provide an opportunity for young representative candidates to discuss or explain their plans for citizens if elected.

“Liberia and many African countries are blessed by God with two seasons, rainy and dry seasons, but yet Liberia continues to import water from other countries sold in the various supermarkets. This is not something for Liberia to boast about,” he said.

“The issue of love for country should be placed at the forefront to push our country forward to compete with other countries. We should stay away from self-interest, as is being applied across Liberia.”

Jacobs also stressed that it is time for Liberian leaders to reduce their salaries and benefits in order to place citizens’ priorities and ‘country first’ ahead of everything.

Daintowon Paybayee, a female aspirant of Montserrado County District #13, said Liberia also lacks implementation of policies, laws and programs, noting that there are already policies in place to address some of the issues in the country, including oversight by lawmakers.

She said it is time for young people with ideas and solutions go to the House to help fix the country for the next generation, adding: “We have many young people who are qualified to address some of the problems in all sectors of Liberia.”

For his part, an aspirant for District #5 in Montserrado County, Benjamin Wahyee, noted that Liberia already has the policies, but needs sufficient data prioritization of policies to bring the country on par with the region and the world at large.

He said the problem with the expected outcome of policies is working to achieve them, stating that Liberia has introduced “a hand to mouth country situation.”

According to him, lawmakers are not responsible for expanding programs, saying that it is the responsibility of the local government to expand policies, programs and development, supported by lawmakers.

Wahyee maintained that Liberia needs to train its citizens especially the youth to take over service delivery to customers, adding that “Liberia cannot get rid of foreigners if we do not train our people for the jobs that foreigners occupy today.”

The NEC says Montserrado constitutes 36% of the total voter population in the country and NAYMOTE wants voters in Montserrado County to get better dividends for their votes.