“Remain Calm, Stick with CDC”

MDR County chair, Nyan

 MDR Nimba Chair Tells Partisans

The County Chairman of the opposition Movement of Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) of Senator Johnson Mr. Nyan G. Meapeh has urged his partisans, now supporters of the Coalition Democratic Change (CDC), to remain calm during this period of runoff elections.

He said, “whether irregularity or not, the MDR wants peace in Liberia and will remain law abiding to the end.”

Mr. Meapeh said the MDR preferred a runoff instead of a re-run that is being suggested in the corner by some defeated political parties, because the country is faced with an economic problem. The decision to endorse CDC was not unilateral but was an agreement between the executives of the party, he said, before Prince Johnson could even come with general endorsement.

“At this time we believe that it is only CDC that is able to deliver the country for the betterment of the future of our youth,” he said.

Mr. Meapeh told reporters that, despite the Unity Party going from house to house, the CDC will win the runoff, because the message has already gone across the line.

“The UP is crying wolf cry now and we can’t turn back,” he boasted.

Since the MDR’s recent endorsement of CDC as the November 7 runoff election approached, the leadership of the MDR has been campaigning  for CDC from place to place in the most remote parts of Nimba, while  their rival Unity Party is  going from house to house Jehovah Witness method, convincing citizens to vote for VP Boakai.

Meanwhile, the recount of Nimba District # 8 ballots ended with the result still pending announcement by NEC. It started very peacefully, but the ending turned sour among supporters of both Maineh and Younquoi, with angry exchange of words of war between the two parties.  The police were immediately deployed to calm down the confrontation.


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