Religious Groups Endorse Jones’ 2017 Bid for President

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Fifteen Muslim communities in Paynesville, have pledged their support to former Central Bank Governor Dr. Joseph Mills Jones to contest the 2017 Presidential and Legislative elections.

In their statement last Friday in the Neezoe Community, the group believes that Dr. Jones has demonstrated the abilities of a transformative leader with goodwill to ordinary Liberians.

Abu Zeto Kromah, who read the statement on behalf of the Muslim community, said Dr. Jones proves to have the goodwill and the ability for transformative leadership, which Liberia needs to lift its people from poverty.

“We are convinced that when he becomes president, Liberians will be active participants in their own economy, and will have the opportunity to actualize their potentials.

“For too long, we the people have been marginalized and discriminated against. Our eyes are opened; we know what we want. With him (Jones), Liberia will be transformed,” said Kromah.

“We Muslims from 15 communities in Paynesville City have unanimously agreed to formally endorse Dr. J. Mills Jones as our presidential candidate in the coming presidential and legislative elections in 2017.”

In another petition, the Pastor Friends Movement of Liberia (PFML) also declared support for Dr. Jones’s candidacy, believing that he will ensure economic and political justice for the poor.

“We cannot ignore, neither do we understate the 2017 elections. We are calling on all potential Christians with voting rights not only to vote your choice, but our choice, Dr. J. Mills Jones,” said the group’s chairman, Rev. Jefferson Abraham.

Rev. Abraham said they support Dr. Jones because he has earned their trust.

“We see this election as a significant teachable moment for our churches and our nation to bring about long-needed repentance from our economic sins. Out of this belief we have written this declaration, inviting you to be part of what we have learned from one another and want to see in the churches and the world—a commitment to justice and the dignity of all human lives,” Abraham said.

Accepting the petition, Dr. Jones thanked the organizers and supporters for such a unique and remarkable action in the interest of Liberia.

Dr. Jones, who is the standard bearer of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), said under his government, Liberia will most certainly carry out a compulsory basic education scheme where funds would be sought from donor countries to see the vision through.

Additionally, teachers or trainers would see their long-held dream of catching up on emerging and changing trends in specific areas addressed.

The ex-Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia said his vision on education stretches to include research, which invariably holds the key to sustained improvement in the quality of the labor market and ensures economic acceleration.

He said if elected president in 2017, Liberians would become prime actors in the growth of the national economy, where health, education and agriculture would receive massive boosts never before experienced in the country’s history.

Dr. Jones said agriculture extension services will improve considerably with yield increases pursued rigorously, while improvements in storage and food processing facilities will be enhanced under a well thought out program.

In his vote of thanks, H. Dolley said Dr. Jones’ belief that the economic empowerment of individuals has far-reaching implications for ensuring a stable macro economy which, in turn, enhances better income distribution, has indeed been a phenomenal consideration for him.

He said in a nutshell that among the many presidential candidates none has endeavored to put out a clever list of programs in the most passionate sense as Governor Jones’.

“This, no doubt, has culminated in attracting the young and old intelligentsia as well as those on the fringes of life,” Dolley added.

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