“Reintroduce Liberianization Policy”

Mr. Morris A. Siryon, Supt. Glakon_web.jpg

The local superintendent of Glakon Statutory District #2, in Grand Bassa County has stressed the need for national government to reintroduce and enforce its ‘Liberianization Policy’ to help boost the country’s economy.

Superintendent Morris A. Siryon made the utterance last Monday, during an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer at his office in the district.

Mr. Siryon said the reintroduction of the Liberianization Policy will encourage Liberian businesses be it wholesalers or retailers as “it is government’s responsibility.

He noted that it was predicated upon this commitment that government expediently introduced and enforced the Liberianization Policy in the 1970s to strengthen sectors of the economy that were aimed at supporting Liberians without any discrimination.

When reintroduced and enforced, the policy should only be restricted to Liberians who engage in the business of retailers and wholesalers of flour, rice, gas stations, and all kinds of drinks among others, through the Ministry of Commerce rather than foreign businessmen who are said to be engaged in retailing and wholesaling with huge loans to help them prosper.

Mr. Siryon regretted that the policy was reportedly suspended by the regime of the late President Samuel Kanyan Doe in the 1980s when he became Head of State of the People’s Redemption Council (PRC), a Military Government.

He reiterated that if Liberians are given the opportunities to get loans backed by the policy, they will earn more profits to enable them invest in the country rather than foreign businessmen taking the money from Liberia and invest same in their countries.

“Liberians will make immense contributions towards the economy to help rebuild post war Liberia if the policy takes immediate effect,” he underscored.

“We are not against foreign businessmen who we can claim to be our partners in progress, but let Liberians be given preference to taste the fruits of the policy” he pleaded.

He reminded government that the reintroduction and enforcement of the policy will definitely provide job opportunities for educated and skillful Liberian job-seekers in the country.

He said the policy will also benefit educated students upon whose shoulders Liberia depends to help revamp the economy that will transform post war Liberia and the living standards of the war-torn citizens.

He is therefore appealing to national government to see ‘all reasons’ and reintroduce and enforce the policy to enable Liberians get jobs, operate businesses for the booming of the economy through payment of taxes instead of wholly depending on foreign business people.


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