Reginald Goodridge Heads ‘New TWP’


Partisans of Africa’s oldest existing political party, the Grand Old True Whig Party (TWP), has unanimously elected their new corps of officers to steer the affairs of this historic political institution up to the 2017 Presidential and general elections.
The mantle of authority has been entrusted to former Information Minister, Reginald Goodridge as chair.
Chairman Goodridge, along with his colleagues, was elected by TWP partisans on Monday when they converged at the Montserrado County Administrative Building in Bentol (Bensonville) in observance of the party’s 35th National Convention.
Those elected along with Mr. Goodridge were Camillo Toh, national vice chairman for administration; Preston C. Doe, national vice president for planning, Policy and research; Othello R. Mason, general secretary; John K. Sinnoh, treasurer and Boima Diggs, chaplain. All of them were elected on white ballots upon their nomination.
They were immediately inaugurated into their respective offices by Cllr. George E. Henries, a senior partisan. The officials were mandated by delegates at the convention to do all in their power to bring back its prestige and lost glories.
Mr. Goodridge, in his inaugural address, said the TWP is indeed a resilient party that has gone through a lot in Liberia. Being the oldest in the country, the party has always been perceived badly though it means good for the country. He said two coup d’état, 1871 and 1980, that the party has experienced are instances that prove the resilience of the party and its people.
The former Information Minister noted that it is a moral mandate of the new TWP to take off from where the last Standard Bearer, William R. Tolbert, Jr., left off when he was violently disrupted from carrying out his agenda of nation-building. “Thank God, our party still has President Tolbert’s blue print and road map for taking this country to higher heights.”
The TWP, founded in 1869 by darker skin settler Liberians, ruled the Liberian state for over a century. It has often been criticized for its oppressive style of leadership, denying a majority of the Liberian people political, social and economic participation in the governance of the state. The TWP’s last standard bearer, Rev. Dr. William R. Tolbert, was toppled in a bloody coup d’état in 1980 by enlisted men of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL).
Although he apologized to all Liberians for whatever the party might have done wrong, Mr. Goodridge noted that the TWP, in the words of its critics, was toppled in 1980 to bring changes, but what he sees is that the country has been taken backward.
He said goal of the TWP, especially during its latter stages, was to empower people through education, inclusiveness and discipline. Our belief is that if people are empowered, they will remain committed to build and sustain a system of governance in which they are stakeholders. The TWP brought people up from mat to mattresses.
The so-called game-changers, in recent times, without vision, have taken our people back to sleeping on the floor because they can’t even afford to buy a mat.”
He welcomed collaborative efforts that will lead to the unseating of the UP government. “We realize that this party, the TWP, is the new bride on the political block, and it is a beautiful bride. Many of our colleagues will ask us for collaboration and our telephone lines are open to your calls. We believe in competitive cooperation and not destructive competition.”
The TWP convention was also attended by some influential Liberians, including presidential hopeful, Benoni Urey, former Information Minister Emmanuel Bowier, Cyril Allen of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) and others.


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