Reggie Browne: Reflecting the Impact of MFA’s Effort

Reggie Brown (L) at the Blue Field during his farewell match and a recent action photo for Bayside FC in the US.

In December of 2017, it was an emotional and inspiring moment for other kids at the Monrovia Football Academy (MFA) after a farewell match was played to mark the official sendoff for one of their colleagues, Reggie Browne, to the United States-first player of the Academy to depart the country for academic and football opportunities.

Reggie’s trip to the US was completed following a series of negotiations between the Academy and Reggie’s parents. He later arrived in the US, and  was connected free-of-charge with Bishop McVinney Catholic School, Project Goal and Bayside FC, the Providence-based affiliate to the New England Revolution.

Bayside F.C., a member of US Soccer Development Academy, was established in 1997, and has become a highly successful premier club in Rhode Island, and Southeastern Massachusetts. With over 475 players in its program, the club is built on a strong foundation of player development and success.

Things looked better for Reggie after such opportunity was afforded him. His performance back at MFA both academically and on the pitch was encouraging, and all attention was now switched to the US; anticipating his performance report at his new home.

As was expected, Reggie’s performance has begun reflecting the impact of MFA’s effort back home.

“Sometimes individual stories best reflect the impact of our work. Reggie Browne is the perfect example!” MFA posted on its official Facebook page.

Seven months after his arrival in the US, Reggie finished the school year with an 86% academic average at Bishop McVinney, and a few weeks ago, he won the Rhode Island State Cup with his new teammates at Bayside FC.

“Reggie is thriving, and we can’t wait to watch him grow,” the statement said.

As a football academy that seeks to produce graduates who will lead Liberia, Reggie’s story clearly signals the level of work the MFA has done over the years.  The academy is not just about football.

In the 2017-18 school year, MFA committed itself to innovation. “Our thinking was simple: if we aim to produce graduates who will lead Liberia toward a better, stronger, more dynamic future, then we
must be willing to think differently, explore new ideas, and dream big.”

Also in 2018, the Academy introduced several year-end events. From June 20-29, we held
six different events, including a Community Service Day, Staff vs. Students football match,
Open Application Day (for Monrovia-based applicants), Admissions Day (for county-based
applicants), Career Fair, and Closing Program. The Career Fair was the headline event. It
showcased the Academy’s increasing relevance and notoriety across the country. Eight companies
– Orange-Liberia, SMART-Liberia, Accountability Lab, Activa Liberia, Innovations for Poverty
Action, Nobel Liberia, President’s Young Professionals Program, and iCampus Liberia –
presented their work, and inspired Liberia’s future leaders to be bold and dream big.


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