Reggae Musician Nasseman Kicks-off Anti-Corruption Awareness Campaign

Nasseman: "The fight against corruption has to be taken to the next generation of Liberians."

Award winning Liberian reggae musician and anti-corruption advocate, Nasseman has embarked on a one-month high school anti-corruption campaign to raise awareness about the issues and its negative impact on the growth and development of the Liberian society.

The campaign by Nasseman, which is implemented by his Nasseman Art for Transparency organization, seeks to support national efforts against corruption, and sensitize students on its negative effects.

The campaign began Monday, in August 2019 with a visit to Rev. Emmanuel J. Hunter Memorial Academy, Nancy Findley Elementary and Junior High School and Calvary Baptist Church School to discuss corruption, its impact on the rule of law, human rights and development.

“Corruption impeding access to justice and development through diversions of public resources for private gain. The fight against corruption has to be taken to the next generation of Liberians. The sooner we start telling them about dishonesty, the better we can help them understand Integrity,” Nasseman said.

Nasseman added that the campaign does not just create awareness about corruption but also methods on how to report corrupt practices, and how to avoid it.

Nasseman, a Transparency International Global Ambassador, added that the anti-corruption awareness tackles different forms of corruption such as the price manipulation corruption, as well as corruption in the educational sector.

During school visits, we dialogue with the students on anti-corruption habits through theatre performances and lectures. And at the end, we encourage them to reflect on any past behaviours that undermine public trust and seek a way to change that by getting involved in the fight against corruption,” he noted.

Nasseman as an anti-corruption figure became famous in 2016 when his single “Bonkey” won fair play anti-corruption music competition that year. Fair Play is a global competition for original songs by young bands (between ages 18 to 35) on the theme of anti-corruption, integrity, and fighting for social justice.

After winning the competition, Nasseman, whose real name is Rabbie Nassrallah, began intensifying his fight against corruption by releasing a couple of tracks on the topics of corruption and hosting a series of town hall-style community events to raise awareness about the negative impacts of corruption.

The truth of the matter is, corruption in Liberia remains endemic and poses a real existential threat to the country’s ambition to become a middle-income country. It has undermined investments in the Liberia and continues to stand in the way of economic growth and job creation.

Meanwhile, Nasseman has released a new song called Justice, which talks about the rise in violence, injustice and corruption within Liberia. His recent single, which has caused a stir on the radio over the past few months, is entitled “Who Stole the Money (From the Central Bank)”.


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