Refuge Place International Christmas Fête Inspires Parents

Low Cost Village children in joyful mood as they celebrated Christmas with RPI family.

-As children in rural Montserrado had for the first time, exceptional festive experience while Staff got appreciated before Christmas.

Christmas has come and gone but fond memories live on, more so that Refuge Place International (RPI), a not-for profit organization involved in the delivery of low cost quality heathcare services, was deeply involved in making not only children smile and play but also gave parents reasons to be grateful to God.

There were a couple of Christmas parties hosted by RPI but notable among them was the one held in Low Cost Village, a village once built by the late President William R. Tolbert for the retirement of government workers who had not much to live in luxury then.

More than two hundred children are said to have gathered for the first time at the same location in that part of Liberia and danced, ate and played together.

About the details of the event, Mr. John Larmin, RPI’s coordinator for rural Montserrado, told the Daily Observer that he was amazed and moved by the love he saw shown among children and their parents who came to watch them play together and have fun.

“Here in Low Cost Village, children don’t have many places to go and have fun. There is no recreational center and not many people here have enough to call for parties. But Refuge Place International made the difference so much this year that, up to now, parents remain grateful to the organization,” Larmin said.

He said while the occasion was intended for the happiness of the children, their parents were allowed to come and celebrate with them.

“They had popcorn, rice to eat, soft drinks and juices and play toys. It was the first of its kind since [residents] settled in this village for over 30 years now. God will continue to bless Dr. Mosoka Fallah,” he said.

Dr. Fallah is the founder of Refuge Place International.

Madam Bindu Dadzie, one of the parents who attended the Christmas fête, said she was inspired and given a renewed hope that there are good people who care about many other suffering people.

“I live in Low Cost village here, but this year is the first time people put big party together like this for our children. The party even made some of us not to sit home or go anywhere else but be with our children and saw them being happy all through the time the party was going on,” Madam Dadzie explained.

RPI also held Christmas parties in Nyama Village (located near Low Cost Village) and Chicken Soup Factory in Gardnersville.

Staff Appreciation

Before Christmas Day, over sixty workers from several different departments at Refuge Place International (RPI) Clinic in Chicken Soup Factory received tokens of appreciation from Dr. Mosoka Fallah and his partners.

The staff assembled at a beach, celebrated and reflected on their activities over the months of 2020 as they prepared for the new year, 2021.

In remarks on behalf of the staff, Mrs. Matee Y. Morris, the officer in charge (OIC) at the central offices of RPI, said she and her co-workers have had difficult times as COVID-19 ravages the world but they are happy that with Dr. Mosoka Fallah being their best friend, not just an employer, they have achived on a number of their goals.

“At times it is not just about being an employee who works for survival and other basic needs but the leader, I mean the kind of employer one has gives him or her a sense of self-dignity and a dream of possibilities,” Mrs. Morris said.

She said she and her co-workers received certificates of recognition for good works and conduct as well as a variety of gifts, including cash, from RPI.

According to Mrs. Morris, it was some members of her working team’s first time going to a beach and they were so impressed with the opportunity afforded them to have some time of comfort away from home and work.

About some of the works they did in the course of 2020, Matee said elderly persons, aged 65 and older, received and continue to receive free medical treatments at RPI and that disabled people have also been added to the free healthcare service delivery program.

“We charge L$2,500 for all medical care at RPI in Chicken Soup Factory, but we still have people who come without the entire amount. We don’t turn them down because they don’t have enough to pay for care. We treat them and we are grateful to one of Dr. Fallah’s friends who has come in to pay for people who truly need help,” she said.

She added: “RPI have a strong outreach team and, in 2020, we also distributed mosquito nets to several vulnerable people in order to help curtail the many malaria cases we and all health centers received on a daily basis.”

Mr. Kemoh Sheriff also spoke on the liveliness of the staff appreciation ceremony, and he said Dr. Fallah’s selflessness is a great motivation.

“Community Based Initiative (CBI) is also a research and humanitarian organization owned by Dr. Fallah, which I am heading. We were invited and appreciated. We were given the opportunity to speak freely and at the close of the cremonies and fun, we received a 25 Kg bag of rice each.

“We were happy not because we can’t afford rice but that’s not Dr. Fallah’s first gesture to all of us. He is a person who believes in giving to people, mainly the less fortunate,” Sheriff said.

When contacted, Dr. Mosoka Fallah expressed happiness that his initiative is truly touching the lives of the people he made all the sacrifices for.

“It is not about me nor my family but the many other struggling families. I was born in the slum, grew up in the slum and went through grade school in the slum. I know what poverty means. I understand how much pain it brings to life and, as such, I take pride in appreciating all of those who have seen this dream [as] a good thing and are supporting it,” Fallah said.

About RPI’s 2021 resolution, Fallah said there is a lot more coming but he loves getting things started before coming to the public to say much.

Former staff and friends at the National Public Health Institute (NPHIL) also graced the appreciation ceremony.



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