Reeves Calls for PPPs in Security Sector


Liberia National Police (LNP) Deputy Inspector General for Administration Sadatu L. M. Reeves has emphasized the importance of Public Private Partnerships among stakeholders in the security sector as the surest way to deter crimes in the communities.

Inspector Reeves spoke at the 11th Annual Retreat of the Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County.

The retreat was organized under the theme, “A Vision of Transformation, Professionalism and Service.”

Reeves challenged SEGAL to continue its partnership with the LNP, the Liberia Immigration Service, formerly the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, the Liberia National Fire Service, the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency and other private security apparatuses to create a secure environment to enhance the peace and stability of the country.

She said while it is true that the LNP has a key role to play in the prevention of crimes in the society, collaboration with private security institutions and agencies is important for information and intelligence sharing to build the confidence of community dwellers.
Reeves said as part of SEGAL’s transformation and the quest to become a professional private security institution, the entity needs to place greater emphasis on professional security training and capacity-building to become proactive in supporting the national effort of crime deterrence.

“You need to mentor your best staff and provide the avenue that will allow them to grow and be effective leaders,” she concluded.

Momo T. Cyrus, SEGAL’s General Manager and Chief Executive Officer, said the vision and mission of the agency is to attribute the growth and development of the agency to the commitment and dedication of the entire team.

He commended all SEGAL regional commanders for the level of professionalism exhibited over the last 11 years, which has brought pride and credibility to the agency.

Mr. Cyrus then assured the public of SEGAL’s continued strive for professionalism by creating a conducive security environment that will promote the confidence of investors in Liberia.

“In the next few days, we will establish a special operations division to cater to the needs of our most valued customers, who will be requiring special escorts and other specialized services that are not routinely provided,” Mr. Cyrus declared.

In addition, he said SEGAL is in the process of concluding arrangements with the LNP Training Academy to provide rehearsal for its security guards across the country.

He said the training will form a major part of SEGAL’s transformation agenda as the agency strives to remain the brand ambassador for private security in the country.


  1. When I was director of the division of public safety, at the Ministry of Justice, 2008-2010, I recommended that in order for the Liberia Law Enforcement Agencies to prevent and control crimes, create a secure environment, peace, stability and ensure public safety, they should enter into partnership with the Private Security Industry operating in Liberia. I also recommended the establishment of structuring, co-ordination, operational and partnership mechanisms for an effective collaboration, in compliance with the Community Policing policing concepts of the Operation and Co-operation in regards to civility, transparency and cordial relativity between the Liberia Law Enforcement Agencies and the Private Security Industry.


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