Red Cross to Lead World First Aid Day Celebration in Liberia

Red Cross Volunteers providing treatment to an accident victim in Monrovia.

As Liberians join others around the globe and commemorate this year’s World First Aid Day today, September 12, the Liberian Red Cross has once again reminded everyone that one does not need a license to save lives.

Under the theme, “First Response to Road Crashes,” the Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS) is, therefore, encouraging the public to take interest in learning first aid, to reduce the number of injuries and deaths in road-related accidents in Liberia.

Around 1.25 million people worldwide lose their lives yearly as a result of road traffic accidents, with an estimated 1,585 deaths recorded in Liberia in 2017, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

In addition, tens of thousands are injured each year, often with life-changing outcomes. “As road users, whether pedestrians, riders, drivers or passengers, we all stand at risk but can reduce exposure to injuries and deaths. One of the best ways to prevent these tragedies and reduce casualties is to learn to apply first aid, while awaiting medical assistance,” LNRCS Secretary-General Madam Sayba Tamba said.

In nearly every country in the world, National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are leading providers of first aid and first response training. In Liberia, the LNRCS has been providing first aid training and kits across the country for decades, teaching techniques and actions necessary for preparedness and immediate response to assist casualties.

From January to August, 2018, the Liberian Red Cross has trained over 138 persons across the country and remains prepared and ready to deliver first aid training and services to anyone or institution.

“Our first aid training is open to all, and we look forward to working with individuals, groups and communities, to help make our roads safer for everyone,” Madam Saybah Tamba said.

The training is intended to enhance knowledge and skill among the general population, including drivers, passengers and pedestrians, enabling them to provide immediate assistance to people injured in road-related accidents.

“The loss of life of a single person is a tragedy which can be avoided. We encourage road users to take advantage of the LNRCS first aid training in order to help save lives,” she said.


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