Records’ Center Employee’s ‘Fake’ US$500 Divorce Document Case Set for Today

Angel Gabriel Kartee, who was in court for forgery

Angel Gabriel Kartee, an employee of the National Archives of Documents and Records, who has been accused of soliciting US$500 in exchange for a divorce document, is expected to appear today, November 5, before the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice, to defend his multiple crimes, which include forgery, counterfeiting and issuance of false documents.

Kartee’s appearance resulted from a complaint filed by Steve Wright, who is believed to be a businessman, on grounds that he paid US$500 to Kartee, to prepare him a divorce paper which would enable him to obtain a visa to travel to his wife, who resides in the United States of America (USA).

Kartee is said to have been brought under the jurisdiction of the court after authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) launched a month-long search for him, which led to his arrest.

The search was as a result of multiple complaints filed against Kartee, accusing him of duping people, particularly in the preparation of divorce documents, and that he had received over thousands of United States dollars from his victims.

Before Wright’s visa was denied by the US Embassy, the court’s records claimed that Wright had broken up with his past wife in Ghana, for which he needed a divorce paper to substantiate his divorce during his interview at the US Embassy.

At that junction, Wright claimed that he transferred the US$500 to one of his brothers to find a lawyer that would help prepare his divorce document as he was outside of the country.

Based upon that, the records claimed that Wright’s brother was introduced to Kartee as the person who is in the business of preparing divorce documents for people since he was an employee of the National Achieves of Documents and Records.

Immediately after receiving the divorce papers, the document alleges that Wright’s brother presented it to the US Embassy near Monrovia as part of his visa documents.

Afterwards, the document claimed, authorities of the Embassy scheduled Wright for an interview, a development which made him travel back to the country.

“Upon receiving the call from the Embassy, I immediately returned to the country; but I was denied the visa on grounds that my divorce paper was fake,” Wright said.


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  1. Mr. Wright, go find somewhere and sit down, let people hear that ear. you know very well you were not divorced from your wife, why in the world did you want a divorce document? In law, we say, what is not done leally is not done at all.

    go through the proper channel and you will get your divorce documents


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