Reconciliation, Education, Health top Barshell’s Legislative Plan


Montserrado Electoral District #3 Representative-elect Ceebee C. D. Barshell has outlined reconciliation, education, and health as top priorities among several others in his legislative plan for the district.

Barshell, who replaces Rep. Bill Tweahway, said “it is only through peace and unity that we can achieve our collective dreams of making our district second to none in terms of infrastructural development.”

Speaking with the Daily Observer in Paynesville yesterday, he noted that the outgoing lawmaker, (Bill Tweahway) is not his enemy and as such extended an olive branch to him and all others who contested for the district’s legislative seat in the October 10 elections.

“We were sixteen, including Rep. Tweahway, who contested this seat, but the people have at this time resolved that I represent them. Let the will of the people be respected and work along with me so we can make our district a great one,” he said, adding that differences in opinion should in no way tear them apart.

“I will not be an authoritative leader. In fact, I will always be a servant to my people as I have ever since resolved to be through my day to day interactions with them,” he promised.

Speaking on education, he pointed out that more of the district’s direct development funds will be used to construct public learning facilities and improving the existing ones so that the interest of the people of the district in learning can go encouraged.

“I believe in the education of people. I have, and up to this day continue to prove it by running the David G. Barshell School at a very reasonable cost. I am the only private citizen in this district, and probably the nation, running a very big university college that is providing development skills,” he said, adding that some private schools will be subsidized so as to ensure quality education for all in the district.

The Representative-elect assured the district of a good health sector by lobbying for more support for a public healthcare center. “It is my prayer that God will guide us and provide the means so that our fellow residents will not have to worry about traveling long distances for simple, curable diseases,” said Barshell.

He promised that upon taking office at the Capitol Building in January 2018, he will ensure that there are auxiliary groups responsible for sanitation, sports, and several community-based activities he did not name.

Commenting on the November 7 runoff presidential election, Barshell said he is optimistic that VP Boakai will emerge victorious. “I am not underestimating Sen. Weah, but what is true is that between him and Boakai, Boakai is better suited to lead us after President Sirleaf,” he opined.

Barshell, who won on the Unity Party (UP) ticket, noted that he is campaigning every day so that Boakai receives as many votes as possible in District #3 and beyond.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


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