“Reconcile With Salinsa, Sebwe, Others,” Snowe Tells Pres. Weah

Grand Gedeh versus Bomi as Representatives Zoe Pennue and Edwin Melvin Snowe make a good show of the match.

Bomi County Electoral District #1 Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe has called on President George Weah to reconcile with his former friends, whose actions during the political campaign period were considered “unfriendly” to Weah’s political ambition.

Snowe, who spoke on Wednesday, January 16 when he appeared on the Truth Breakfast Show (TBS), said that he is worried about “misinformation against other people and which President Weah might be taking from his supporters.”

“Stop listening to gossips from those in your inner circle. They lie too much and, if you are not careful, you will continue to take from them the lies and hate people, who should be your best friends,” he admonished.

Snowe continued, “Dionysius Sebwe and his brother Kelvin Sebwe were all on the field yesterday playing on Weah’s team, and that was good of them. James Salinsa Debbah is part of Weah’s life in a way. My appeal to Weah is that he should reconcile with Debbah and the others with whom he has no good ties right now.”

He said in as much as some of them are in the opposition, they all want Weah to succeed.

Snowe said now that Weah has a church from where he preaches the gospel, it is his hope that the gospel will help Weah develop love for all who he thinks hates him.

“I have tried getting around the President to give him my little advice on some issues, but his close buddies don’t allow me. Each time I attempt I know they tell him to be careful with me. But what they are doing is not in good faith, because I mean no harm and will never orchestrate any evil plan against Weah,” he said.

Snowe added, “It is a privilege to be part of the President’s inner circle, but when you are there, do not lie on other people, neither misrepresent others. The President should always encourage his people, regardless of which side of the political divide they come from. The President should play the role of a caring parent.”

He said that people who are around the President are fond of bad mouthing others, and it is time Weah be careful with them.

“Today in America, the person who said during the 2016 elections that he could take a bullet for Donald Trump is the one now serving as the lead witness testifying against Trump. Do not think that all the smiles and laughter around you are sincere. They could be your devil other than those you think are your enemies,” he said.

He said whoever did not vote for Weah, exercised his or her constitutional right and that should not be an issue to avoid being a friend to them.

“I was not in the country, but I still remember watching on KMTV when Weah spoke as President-elect, during his certification at the National Elections Commission, that he will be president for all Liberians. Another time he went to Winners Chapel and made similar remarks.

“That is what we want, and I pray and hope that he takes every Liberian as his child for whom he has become a special and caring parent,” he admonished.

On Bomi Success at the National County Sports Meet

Snowe said no one should attribute the success of Bomi County at the just ended National County Sports Meet to him alone.

He said the county won, because the leaders and the rest of the residents supported the team with all their little resources, including their time.

“There is no letter ‘I’ in the word ‘team.’ Therefore, Snowe cannot take credit for this. It was a joint effort from former Speaker Alex J. Tyler, Senator Sando Johnson, former Senator Lahai Lansana and me,” he said.

He said he and Tyler have not shaken hands for more than two years, even though they have met at programs, this time around, they hugged, shook hands and ate together.

He named Tubmanburg City Mayor Obediah Varney, who was his major opponent at the 2017 Representative polls in Bomi District #1, former Senator Richard Divine, the Superintendent, Senator Morris Saytumah and the rest of the county legislators, and other residents as principal supporters to the success of the county at the Sports Meet.

“The boys camped at Alex Tyler’s place and we all supported the team. Sando Johnson, who wished me so much ill in the 2017 elections, and Richard Divine as well as Lahai Lansana all joined hands with me to support the team and, interestingly, Alex Tyler went to Bomi during the preliminary games and gave L$100,000. Sando Johnson gave US$1000, Morris Saytumah brought another yellow machine that reconditioned the road leading to the field, while Lahai Lansana carried some things for the players,” he said.

Snowe said at the first game in Tubmanburg against Bong County he and Sen. Johnson, Alex Tyler and Richard Divine sat on the same bench and made a commitment to support the team.

He said Bomi has produced great leaders, including former President Charles Taylor and former Speaker Alex Tyler, but nothing much is there to show in terms of development.

“Now is the time for Bomi to do great things,” he said, adding that in unity they can change the narratives of the county.


  1. Thank you Hon Snowe for making attempts for President Weah to reconcilewith his former football friends. I do not think President will refuse to accept them but let them initiate the friendship because they are the ones that did not want George Weah to win the presidency. Maybe you Snowe should arrange the talk between Weah and his friends.

    On the issue of the folks around Weah, you are hundred percent right. Weah is the President of Liberia and he should be free to interact with everyone and not just a selected group of friends, it should not be that way. Everyone love him and are happy to be around him equally. I very highly commend you for such an honest advise to President Weah.

  2. Good job Hon. Snowe! I’d hope you will be able to make our president to reconsider his old time friends. United we stand, divided we fall. Stay blessed!

  3. The 2009 & 2919 winning chairman of the Bomi County’s teams is Hon. Tarnue Cooper. Why is Hon. Snowe NOT giving him credit for a job well done? Why it may be that you helped the team, GIVE HON. COOPER CREDIT, TOO! THANKS, HON. COOPER FOR A JOB WELL DONE!

  4. The 2009 & 2919 winning chairman of the Bomi County’s teams is Hon. Tarnue Cooper. Why is Hon. Snowe NOT giving him credit for a job well done? While it may be that you (Hon. Snowe) helped the team, GIVE HON. COOPER CREDIT TOO! THANKS, HON. COOPER FOR A JOB WELL DONE! Give the man his flowers!


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