Rebuild Africa Empowers Communities in Lofa with Housing


    Stakeholders and officials of a Liberian based non-governmental organization, Rebuild Africa Incorporated, have disclosed their overall mission goal is providing relief to war-torn Liberians by tapping into their potentials.

    In order to achieve their objective, Rebuild Africa Inc has begun to empower rural Liberians in poverty-stricken communities with modern housing units in Northwestern Liberia’s Kolahun District, Lofa County.

    The modern houses were constructed with baked bricks in the small town of Fassavolu, about four and half miles from Kolba City, the administrative headquarters of the Kolahun District in Lofa County.

    Officials of Rebuild Africa put the value of the four housing units and an accompanying guest house at US$40,000.

    The project was funded and implemented through generous financial contributions from support partners.

    The Executive Director of Rebuild Africa Inc, Bill Ngumbu Massaquoi, recently told the Daily Observer that there are plans in the offing to add an agro-business component to their mission goal.

    The agro-business component would involve the provision of peanut/ground-nut seeds to a family head for planting.

    The beneficiaries would be able start small ground-nut farms and subsequently harvest the crop for sale at the closest markets in their area.

    Kolahun District situated more than 400 miles Northwest Liberia was notably one of the hardest hit by massive destruction of lives and properties as a result of the Liberian civil war, which lasted for at least 15 years.

    According to officials of Rebuild Africa Inc, the initial pilot housing project was launched in the hilly terrain of the hard-to-reach town of Fassavolu owing to the level of destruction carried out there in the past by warring factions.

    In separate interviews with the Daily Observer recently in Fassavolu Town, the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to Rebuild Africa Inc for the housing units.

    They said the provision of the housing units has brought great relief and happiness to their hearts.

    57-year-old Abraham S. Jallah said the house he received from Rebuild Africa Inc has given him and his family a new lease on life away from socio-economic hardship.

    “Honestly speaking, I say to all Liberians anywhere in the country that this charity has transformed our lives.

    For those of us who live in hard-to-reach communities, this is the greatest blessing” Mr. Jallah admitted.

    “I wish to express my deepest gratitude to all the generous donors and other partners who provided the funds that enabled Rebuild Africa Inc to empower us with these modern houses,” he said.

    According to him, construction of the housing units in the rural area has rekindled hope and inspired them to embrace the initiative of self-help development as the best alternative to improve lives in the country.

    In closing, Mr. Jallah appealed to NGO’s to assist the community with sanitation facilities, such as hand pumps and latrines, around the housing units’ site.

     Another beneficiary, Madam Molley Kollie, said she was overwhelmed by the donation of the housing units, “I never thought I would live in a house of my own. My parents never dreamt of such a beautiful house! I thank God for Rebuild Africa Inc and all of the generous contributors to this initiative.”

    Kpana Jallah, also a beneficiary, said, “We offer our thanks and prayers to the Rebuild Inc team and its donor partners who for providing us with strong houses that will last us many years,” Madam Kpana Jallah indicated.

    In a passionate statement, 66-year-old Golay Kollie said only God would pay back the kind gesture of Rebuild Africa Inc and all their generous partners.

    “My goal in life has been met by Rebuild Africa Inc and their generous donors,” Old-man Kollie said joyously.


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