REAP, Pointman Leadership Institute Boost Corruption Fight

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An intensive anti-corruption training to enhance the capacity of 400 employees of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) has ended in Monrovia.

The training, which was held at the Executive Pavilion recently, was focused on building employees’ integrity and professionalism to enhance its capability in handling corruption matters.

REAP Founder and Senior Consultant, Christine Norman, said the training is part of her organization’s efforts to assist Liberians develop principles, and responsible, ethical-based leadership abilities.

She explained that since February 2005, REAP in partnership with the Pointman Leadership Institute (PLI), has held about 16 rounds of integrity trainings. Over three 3000 people have benefited from the program so far, joining the fight against corruption. They are also promoting peace, good governance, democracy and trustworthy leadership.”

During the training, Madam Norman thanked the GAC for accepting to sponsor the training and committing themselves to be empowered within their profession.

“This will be a meaningful experience for you,” Madam Norman told the participants as she thanked the GAC for taking advantage of the training and sponsoring it.

“The GAC is the agency of government that helps to instill governance and accountability and this is the most befitting time as we begin the transformation of our country,” she said.

She also praised the PLI Veteran Professor, Sam Barbar for traveling from Texas in the U.S. in honor of the invitation to facilitate the training.

The two days forum, funded by the GAC, is an initiative of Restoration of Educational Advancement Programs (REAP), a local non-governmental organization in collaboration with the renowned United States based group, the Pointman Leadership Institute.

Among key topics discussed during the training were the power of character, responsible leadership, etiquettes, ethics and preventing poverty.

The training comes at a time in the country as government struggles to curtail corruption, depending on its integrity institutions including the GAC.

For her part, Auditor General, Yusador Gaye, emphasized that it was compulsory for GAC employees to maintain a high level of integrity if the Commission must ensure transparency in government.

Madam Gaye said the GAC plays a critical role in ensuring accountability in the public sector, and as such, it is incumbent upon employees of the commission to exhibit high degree of integrity.

According to her, the integrity training and a refresher in etiquettes are mandatory for staff of the institution.

Like the employees of the GAC, individuals from the Ministries of National Defense, Foreign Service Institute, the Liberian National Police, the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, the Liberia Refugees Resettlement and Repatriation Commission, among others, are proud alumina of the PLI.


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