REAP/PLI Certificate 23 Professionals in Ethical Leadership

Newly certificated leaders at a recent PLI seminar in Monrovia (June 2019)

After a fulfilling two days of deepening the understanding of local professionals on Responsible Leadership and Ethics, and the development of inspirational trustworthy leadership, REAP/PLI has satisfactorily certificated 23 individuals who will serve as a “Pointman” (Change agent) in their respective organizations, communities and homes.

Restoration Education Advancement Programs (REAP) is a humanitarian, educational and non-profit organization registered, and accredited to serve Liberia since 2004. It initiates and implements enrichment and empowerment programs designed to foster character building, democracy, good governance and leadership development.

Pointman Leadership Institute (PLI) is an international consortium of educators and former CEOs committed to providing training that will help leaders develop policies, strategies and attitudes needed for more dynamic leadership and efficient organization.

The two focus topics, “The Power of Character” and “Preventing Corruption” speak lengthily on maintaining good individual character, and staying properly structured, responsible and ethical, while preventing corruption.

Each participant received two certificates for the course.

Participant Margret Korté, of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), said she now understands that “a leader does not know everything, therefore, I should listen more to my subordinates, and be more positive in my actions so as to create a favorable work flow.”

Victoria Samagon, a custodian at Cobalt United, said the seminar has developed her mind, and made her feel proud of what she has learned.

PLI has eighty instructors, who present seminars in over 60 countries worldwide to over 55,000 leaders.

According to Christine Tolbert Norman, Senior Consultant at REAP, PLI currently has alumni in almost every private institution and government entity, including Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), General Auditing Commission (GAC), Governance Commission (GC) and the Executive Protection Services (EPS), among others.

Prof. Kebbeh Kortue, one of the presenters at the seminar, said the Liberian trainers: Mrs. Christine Tolbert Norman, Reverend Augustine Dorbor, Cllr. Abla Williams were licensed in November, 2018 and have been trained at ten different seminars as a prerequisite to becoming a qualified trainer.

“The journey has been exciting and challenging, especially dealing with character and corruption,” Prof. Kortue said.

Cllr. Williams also said the exercise is a continuous learning process aimed at sharpening one’s own character and skills. She said that her personal development and growth was enhanced through the leadership training.

Participants lauded REAP and PLI for broadening their minds. They assured the organizers that the knowledge acquired will be used to take their respective organizations and personal characters to another level.

Committed to life-skill training and building capacity, REAP has extended the seminar for additional two days, Wednesday and Thursday, June 19 and 20, 2019, at the Empowerment Temple, Sophie Junction, Tubman Blvd from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Day one discussion will focus on “Inspirational and Trustworthy Leadership – The Power of Character, while Day two will discuss “Responsible Leadership and Ethics-Fighting Corruption.”

Meanwhile, on Wednesday thru Friday, June 19 thru 21, 2019, the youth series with Brett Viljoen will focus on the following topics that are geared toward cultivating tomorrow’s leaders today: The Power of Character with emphasis on Eight Character Traits, Ten Ancient Principles, among others. This series will be beld at Norman’s Fellowship House, Ruth Perry’s Avenue, Police Academy, Paynesville, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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