Rapper Christoph Says He Had Gay Relationship with Robert Sirleaf

Christoph The Change

HipCo rapper Christoph The Change has confessed that he had a homosexual relationship with Robert Sirleaf. While it is not clear whether he was referring to the youngest son of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who goes by the same name, Christoph was a brand ambassador for the Barrack Young Controllers (BYC) football club, when Robert Sirleaf served as president of the club.

Mr. Sirleaf could not be reached for comment, but a spokesperson told the Daily Observer that Sirleaf would respond in due course.

In the confession video that went viral on Monday, Christoph, who few years ago was labeled as one of Liberia’s best rappers, suddenly confessed to having a sexual relationship with Robert and would be proud to kiss him again whenever they meet.

“I want to state today and say to the world, yes, it is true that I had a romantic relationship with Robert Sirleaf. If I ever see Robert Sirleaf again, I will give him a kiss and profess my love for him. I am not stupid, I love to Robert Sirleaf, and no one should say that did not happen.  I am a living witness,” Christoph added.

His admission comes after years of denial about his being gay, despite his fellow rappers, including CO.Z and Bucky Raw, making open claims about the young man’s sexual orientation, at some point in time refering to him as a “daughter-in-law” of then President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Back then, Christoph denied the allegations, saying that, at no time in his life has he “bent down to a man” and that anyone calling him gay should either come out of the closet with proof, “or stop talking rubbish.”

“This is Liberia for true. Whenever God blesses you people either accuse you of being in a secret sect; or nowadays, being gay. I am a person who worked hard to earn my success not by the way of crook, but through music. Like I often say in many of my songs, I have never been gay, and will never be. I know this is rubbish and don’t care about it. My focus right now is on my music, not some stupid rumor,” Christoph told the Daily Observer in an interview in 2017.

The issue about Christoph’s sexual orientation grew out of a violent confrontation the rapper had with a police officer on Monday, December 28. In a video, Christoph admitted to assaulting the police officer and that he is “extremely remorseful” for his action, which came as a result of being “traumatized” since the passing of his mother, as well as having lost two of his girlfriends due to lack of money.

“I am sorry for my action.  I did it because I am traumatized only because my mom died; my girlfriends left me because I am broke and have no money. It is true that assaulted the officers, and I am sorry for that,” he said.

The Hipco rapper, according to the Liberia National Police, had gone to the Center Street Metro Police Depo to file a complaint against a lady believed to be his girlfriend for insult and attempted assault on his person.

However, the Police report notes that, while en route to arrest the accused female, Christoph released his anger while in a verbal exchange with one of the arresting officers, which resulted to the officer being assaulted and injured by the Liberian rapper, who absconded the scene.

“The arresting officers indicated that Christoph soon returned with a golf club (stick) and attempted hitting the head of one of the officers. This led some bystanders to intervene by helping the police officers restrain him.

“While these arresting efforts were ongoing, there is a video footage that has gone viral on social media where some of our officers are seen using Christoph’s Golf club (stick) on the Liberian artist when he had already been restrained and taken to our depot,” LNP added.

 The LNP statement added that leadership of the LNP condemns such unprofessional action on the part of its officers and assures the public that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken after the conduct of a Professional Standards investigation.  “The public can also be assured that Christoph’s alleged assault on our officer will also be investigated with appropriate action taken in line with the penal laws of Liberia,” the LNP said.

Christoph’s latest round of controversy is one of the several issues that has engulfed his career. In 2019 he was forcefully evicted from his Old Road residence due unpaid rent despite boasting of being rich in his song and flaunting about it on social media. The award-winning musician who once drove a Hyundai SUV, believed to have been valued at over US$50,000 was thrown out of his apartment for US$300 unpaid rent by City Court Judge Quincy Garnett. However upon his eviction, a number of celebrities raised funds to rescue the rapper and help him relocate to an apartment in Mamba Point, Monrovia.


  1. In my humble opinion, it is not necessary for the Liberian people to be informed about the type of relationship you’ve had and with whom. What you’ve done shows how abominable homosexual relationships are. A straight guy will never get out there to inform the Liberian people about his hanky-panky with a woman. If you have a relationship with another man, keep the news to yourself. Your announcement will not increase sympathy. Homosexuality is an abomination, pure and simple!

    • Wow ! One million times, Mr. Hney ? Did you actually posted that ? Then you must have one million humbled reasons on that homosexual subjects, ” that it is not necessary for Liberian people to be informed about the type of relationship you’ve had and with whom”. While standing to be corrupted by the political leader of ANC, Mr. Cummings, whom you are always accusing about his sexual preferences of having homosexual relationships with Liberian boys. Wow ! Mr. Hney ? You got caught lying again.
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha-ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. Dear God,

    As we enter a new year, I pray that YOU look not on our sins but on the faithfulness of the few Christians in Liberia to spare us from doom.
    Like Lot, we continue to intercede for our lives and country. I am indeed not proud to read the abomination above. It is not a defiance to YOU, Lord. Forgive us for mistakes we make in our youthful age.

    Holy Spirit, blow over Liberia and cleanse it of every iniquity before we enter 2021. We want to establish a new covenant with YOU, Lord. Forgive us for our ignorance!

    In Jesus’ Holy Name I pray, Amen!

  3. OMG (Oh My God) ! Our children looking , or hearing this is very damaging to their bringing -up. If the Observer does not have any story to cary today, please remain mute to the public. Do not give this kind of story a platform. Our children are in TROUBLE. LOTS OF TROUBLE.
    I can only say ummm. Is this Liberia?

  4. These are adults doing adult things. I don’t care about who seduces who as long as it does not involve public corruption in the form of state resources! Did Robert Sirleaf used public money to proped his relationship with the rapper?

  5. Mr. Koah,
    I respect your right to express yourself. In this particular case, I disagree with you. In direct response to your question, I have not the slightest idea whether Sirleaf used our country’s meager financial resources in order to carry out a homosexual relationship with Christoph. Neither do you.

    The main issue here is Christoph’s bold strokes! Christoph exposes himself as a gay. He can be a dingo or a dogie, it doesn’t bother me one bit. Christoph’s ridiculous act of telling the people of Liberia that he’s had a homosexual relationship with another man is downright appalling and stupid at best. The implication one gleans from Christoph’s outlandish behavior is that it’s okay to be an “out-of-the closet gay in Liberia!

    Let’s take a glance at his name….Christoph! In Christoph, I see “Christ”. Speaking for Jesus Christ, I cannot and will not shy away from the truth. Although those of us who condemn homosexuality are not perfect, we do not get out in the open space to brag about our transgressions. Example, if I am a married man, it makes no sense for me to tell the Liberian people that I had sex with a beautiful Liberian girl last night. If I did a silly thing like that, I would be saying in essence that it’s good to have sex with girls outside of one’s marriage.

    Mr. Koah, don’t get me wrong. Millions of men and women get into sexual relationships with people with whom they are not legally married. But the point is that people who do these things are morally and spiritually corrupt. Finally, people who cheat on one another do not act like that boisterous gay guy, Christoph.

    It’s abnormal for a person to publicize his or her sexual orientation. People who are legally married do not say openly, “I am straight”! Gay people do that all the time. It is absolutely abnormal! People ought to Keep Their Transgressions To Themselves.

    We live in a dispensation of grace! If you sin, ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness. For sure, forgiveness will be granted!!!! Gays Should never brag about their transgressions insidiously. It makes no sense.

    The great Greek philosopher Socrates, was put to death because his fellow countrymen felt that he was not a positive role model. Despite his education and popularity, Socrates’ gay lifestyle was deemed unacceptable and therefore his countrymen condemned him to death.

    The Apostle Paul condemns homosexuality in the New Testament. (See Romans chapter 1 and read from the 26th verse to the last).

    In Western societies, homosexuality is acceptable. Example, the Mayor of London is a gay guy. Biden’s appointed Secretary of Transportation is a gay guy. My point is this….if it’s good in Western societies for gays to publicize their gay lifestyles, such a stupid practice is not good for Liberia. In fact, it’s not a good idea in the Eyes of the Lord anywhere in the world.

    Happy New Year


  6. James Davis,
    Remember this…….
    Always and always, try not to forget the use of your own independent thoughts.

    James Davis, with an absolute degree of certainty, you have told a falsehood. I have never accused Alexander Benedict Cummings of homosexuality. Initially, I asked one of his staunchest supporters, (Mr. Petarus Dolo) if he knew something about Cummings’ homosexual lifestyle. Second, I asked Cllr Jayweh if he knew something about whether Alexander Benedict Cummings is a homosexual. But, I have never said that Cummings is a gay. I will only say Cummings is a gay man if I have a concrete evidence. I am not a coward. But I don’t make or bring forth charges against people when I do not have the evidence to validate my claim.

    The Truth Must Be Told Always:
    If you produce any information that
    proves me wrong, I will openly apologize. I mean it. There are commenters who accuse Alexander Benedict Cummings as a butt-boy lover. However, I am not one of them. If you cannot validate your claim, you owe me an apology.

    I am not a saint. I am very far away from sainthood. In fact, being a saint is not the least of my worries. In my view, Christoph is not a good role model as it relates to homosexuality. Being a rapper is cool. I like Hip-hop, Old country music, classical music and soft rock. Homosexuality is not cool.

    Happy New Year. By His grace, I will talk to you next year. Watch out for those fleas and flies. Jack Daniels ain’t all that good. You’re from that God-forsaken land! Ha, ha, ha!


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