‘Rapist’ On the Run in Gbarpolu County


An elderly man only identified as Alhaji, who is believed to be in his 50s, is on the run after allegedly raping a 13-year old girl, the Daily Observer has learnt.

The incident occurred recently in Glenasheashu Town, Bokomn District, Gbarpolu County.

Alhaji is married to the victim’s aunt and they all live in the same home.

According to family sources, Alhaji sent the child along with his biological daughter (not named) to fetch their water baskets, and accompanied the minors to the creek. Upon their arrival at the creek, a source said Alhaji reportedly helped to set a trap with the first basket after which he instructed his biological daughter to go down creek, while he asked the victim to accompany him to the upper side.

“When he and the girl travelled farther up the stream, he reportedly inquired from her as to whether she had ever had sex, but the little girl answered ‘no.’”

Shortly after he interacted with the girl, the family said he forcedly “raped” her in a remote part of the riverside.

He thereafter threatened to kill the child if she told anyone upon their return home, but the child felt uncomfortable and reported the incident to her aunt, who is also Alhaji’s wife.

Surprisingly, our correspondent said the victim’s aunt also threatened to kill her if she exposes her ordeal to anyone in the community.

But those threats did not deter the victim from telling the story to her next-door neighbors.

Alhaji was quickly arrested subsequently by the town chief, who also turned him over to the paramount chief.

The paramount chief then turned him over to the community’s Watch Forum to deliver him to Bopolu City the following day. But Alhaji reportedly escaped from the Watch Forum during the wait to get him to Bopolu. He has been on the run since then.

Meanwhile, the victim’s health condition has deteriorated, for which she was rushed to the Chief Jallah-Lone Referral Hospital in Bopolu City.


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