Rape Suspect Arrested and Released



A 36 year-old man suspected of rape and robbery on April 13 in Caldwell and was arrested last week has been released.

Two women who were raped and robbed during the early hours of April 13 by two men are claiming that they will not rest until the alleged perpetrators are caught.

Reports say the alleged rapist was pointed out to a police officer who promptly arrested him and conveyed him to the Zone 7 Depot.

They explained that after the suspect was apprehended, he spent a night in a cell at the Police Zone 7 Depot in Caldwell and was later released on bail by a motorcyclist identified as Old Skool.

A day later, an eye witness who said he was present when the alleged rapist was released told the Daily Observer that "the victims claimed they didn't see the faces of the men who raped them but recognized their height, body odor and build.”

According to the victims, they were raped one by one by two men, one of whom they identified as "the short and thick one who raped both of us that night, the one they arrested,".

One of the victims, who is two months pregnant, said she remembered hearing men at their room door the morning they were raped.

"They threatened that if we didn't open the door, they would break the door. We refused so they kicked the door open and demanded for money and we gave it to them," she struggled to narrate.

One of the victims, who said her three and six year-old children were present during the incident, explained that she was the first to be attacked.

Also victimized, the mother of a six month-old baby by c-section said they robbed her first.

Meanwhile, the victims have appealed to the Liberia National Police not to relent in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Meanwhile, the Zone 7 Criminal Investigation Department in charge of the case will not release information on the case and Mr. Sam Collins, public relations officer of the LNP told the Daily Observer that the case has not reached LNP central office.


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