Ranking State Security Officers Linked to Threats against Human Rights Advocates

Human Rights Activist, Adama K. Dempster

Nine human rights groups in Liberia have expressed fear that they are receiving threats from some ranking security officers of the Liberian Government.

In a statement issued in Monrovia on August 5, 2020, the groups in a collective tone noted that “Credible threats” have been made against a staff of the Global Justice and Research project (GJRP), Hassan Bility, as well as witnesses of alleged crimes by a recent defendant of a war crimes unit in the United Kingdom.

The human rights organizations that include CIVITAS MAXIMA, Center for Justice and Accountability, Center for Civil and Political Rights, Civil Society Human Rights Platform, Human Rights Watch and the Advocates for Human Rights amongst others also indicated in the release that “Credible threats have been made against Adama Dempster, Secretary-General of the Civil Society Human Rights Advocacy Platform of Liberia, in connection to his human rights work and advocacy for a war crimes court.”

The groups said that Dempster, who led the civil society delegation that traveled to Geneva to report to the United Nations on Liberia’s human rights record, has also received credible information that he is being “targeted for elimination.”

“These threats come from certain leading figures within the Liberian government’s security services, and confidential sources state that they are related to Dempster’s work delivering human rights reports to the International Community and the United Nations against the current Government, as well as his advocacy for a war crimes court,” said the human rights groups.

When Information Minister Eugene Nagbe was contacted yesterday on the allegation, he said:  “We cannot respond to a statement that we have not received a copy to read ourselves; that will be unfair.  When we receive a copy of the statement, I will respond in a written statement.”

Bility’s GJRP has been actively involved in researching and identifying some key perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity during Liberia’s civil war, and some based on the work of GJRP have been prosecuted in the United States while others are detained in Europe awaiting trial for their roles.

Among those prosecuted in the United States under this effort is Mohammed Jabateh (alas Jungle Jabbah).  In Europe, Martina Johnson of the defunct National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) with some former fighters of the United Liberation Movement (ULIMO-K) of warlord Alhaji G.V. Kromah has been arrested.

The recently announced threats against human rights advocates come following the release and subsequent coming to Liberia Agnes Reeves Taylor, former wife of jailed Liberian President Charles Taylor.

There are still more warlords and war crimes perpetrators in Liberia who were identified in Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation report, and some are currently serving in the National Security Agency (NSA).

The human rights organization state in their statement that: “The intimidation and threats against GJRP staff and witnesses started immediately after Agnes Reeves Taylor, who was indicted in 2017 in the United Kingdom for torture, returned to Liberia in July 2020. They included multiple threatening phone calls to GJRP staff, including the director, Hassan Bility, as well as against witnesses of her alleged crimes.”

According to the human rights groups, several witnesses have said that people claiming to be Reeves Taylor supporters have threatened their lives — including in person, and claiming also that certain public statements about Bility and the GJRP by Reeves Taylor, who was not acquitted, but whose case in the UK did not go to trial based on a point of law, also raise concerns.

The groups also reminded the Government of Liberia of the United Nations Human Rights Committee’s Concluding Observations, issued in 2018.

The UN body said that the Government of Liberian should make certain that “all alleged perpetrators of gross human rights violations and war crimes are impartially prosecuted and, if found guilty, convicted and punished in accordance with the gravity of the acts committed.”

The Human Rights Committee’s Observations required Liberia to report by 27 July 2020 on the implementation of the recommendations regarding accountability for past crimes. Liberia has not met this deadline. “We sincerely hope that Liberia will take its international treaty obligations seriously by implementing the recommendations and submitting its follow-up report to the Committee,” said the groups.

The groups called on the Government of Liberia to ensure that human rights defenders in Liberia are protected from harassment and threats by individuals within the Government security services.


  1. Adama K. Dempster, you and this Joaquin M. Sendolo are very stupid to believe everybody who read disseminations here are those ignoramus who form their opinions, reasons, or conclusions, based on your inaccuracies, falsehood, disinformation, and one-sided stories.

    How in the world would you dare conclude that by using the phrase ” some ranking security officers of the Liberian Government” WITHOUT IDENTIFYING EVEN ONE OF YOUR SO CALLED ” ranking security officers of the Liberian Government threatening human rights advocates”, ANY RESPONSIBLE PERSON WILL TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY!!??

    After your big yellow journalism headline and your copiously useless details, instead of detailing on the identity of these your criminal scapegoating phrase: “some ranking security officers of the Liberian Government”, you foolishly gallop into listing so called human rights organization, those prosecuted, what you told the Minister of Information, his response, what the Human Rights Committee’s hopes are, and all that crap.

    And you stupidly deluded yourself that the Minister of Information would have given credence to or legitimize your criminal stupidity.


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