Ramadan Goodwill: 8 Mosques Get L$310,000 Food Items

Mr. Kerkulah M. Kamara presents .jpg

Eight congregational Mosques (also called Friday Mosques) in five communities in Montserrado County Electoral District #14 benefited from “free food” items, worth over L$310,000 donated by Kerkulah M. Kamara.

The Jami Mosque (or Congregational Mosque) include Vai Town Field Mosque (Vai Town), Corneh Yard Mosque (Vai Town), Gibraltar Central Mosque (Gibraltar Community), Fanimah Mosque (Clara Town), Clara Town Central Mosque (Clara town), Sheriff Yard Mosque (Doe Community), Cow Factory Mosque (Doe Community) and Freeport Central Centre Mosque (Freeport).

The Jomeh Mosque, also known as Jama Masjid (refers to the main mosque of a town, city or village, and is usually the place of gathering for Eid prayers and Friday prayers.

The free distribution of the food items was held yesterday at the Movement for Intellectual Exchange Center (dubbed Mini Youth Intellectual Center) in Clara Town, Bushrod Island.

Mr. Kerkulah M. Kamara, an aspirant for the Montserrado County District # 14 Representative seat, said the donation is to support the faithful Muslims in the last days of Ramadan, which is considered as compulsory all prayer nights.

Muslims belive that, though all parts of the fast and prayer Month of Ramadan – June 18 to July 16 — are full of blessings and rewards, the last ten days, according to the Qu’ran, which include compulsory all night prayer by a family, holds a special status reflected in the recommendations and practices of Islam.

Mr. Kamara advised Muslims to remember the country in prayers.

“This donation is my widow’s mite and, as we all fast and pray in the Month of Ramadan, it is intended for Allah to give us the strength to go through,” the Montserrado District # 14 aspirant said.

The food items are 64 bags of rice (25k), 144 Kettles, 240 boxes of ata-yee, seven cartoons of Evita evaporated filled Milk and four large bags of sugar.

Muslims observe Ramadan worldwide as a month of fasting and prayer to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad, according to Islamic belief. This annual observance is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

A Muslim Youth, Haji Massaquoi, who served at Coordinator for the distribution of the food items, said the donation of food items form Mr. Kamara, popularly known as Muka, is in two-fold; the second aspect to be presented and distributed next week before the end of Ramadan.

“Those congregation Mosques which are not part of first distribution would benefit from the second distribution – and may Allah continue to bless Muka,” Mr. Massaquoi said.

Imam Alhassan Kromah, on behalf of beneficiaries offered a special prayer and gave thanks for Mr. Kamara for the gifts in the last ten days of the fast.

“May Allah always be with you, carry you and protect and may you live long,” Imam Kromah said.

The Youth Chairman of Clara Town, Robert J. Jasper expressed his thanks and appreciation to Mr. Kamara for the donation and to those Muslims who are fasting.

“Hats- off to Mr. Kamara, we highly appreciate your gesture including the erection of the Youth Center where most of the come to discussion community, national and international issues,” Jasper said.


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