Raji, Solo, Shannon Show Brilliance in Debate

A group of youth with posters supporting Mustapha Raji for LFA president

-Demonstrate Ability to Lead LFA; Elections Saturday at SKD Complex

Three of Liberia’s soccer strategists, Mustapha Raji, George Solo and Musa Shannon did not fail to sell themselves yesterday when they completed a one-day exciting debate, organized by the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL) at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS).

The three men engaged in brilliant exposure of their platforms regarding the future of Liberian soccer “if elected president of the Liberia Football Association” for the next four years.

Raji makes a point yesterday

Yet they know that though they are three in number only one of them would be favored by the electorates on Saturday, April 14 at the SKD Sports Complex; voting is set at 9 am.

Hearing the three men speak, everyone at the gathering could feel the deep affection and passion they have for Liberian football. While Shannon played for the national team and has been with the Musa Bility administration for the last eight years, he said he would employ the most competent technicians to run the LFA.

“I will give attention to youth football,” he said. “I will work with the executive committee to accomplish what the last administration could not finish.”

Musa Shannon stresses a point also

Shannon told his audience: “I’m resilient, not afraid to take on any challenge, dependable and trustworthy,” as one of the stronger reasons stakeholders should consider him over his opponents.

Raji, the man who began to organize a football team named Barcelona FC with US$25 nineteen years ago and provided them with his heart and everything he has got, said Liberian football would take on a new dimension and with his experience as an organizer, coaches, youth football, referees, among others, would get “our attention.”

Drawing his experience from his work with ORANGE LIBERIA, one of the leading GSM companies in the country, Raji said he will embark on the transparent development of the game because he has had the experience with the Management of LISCR FC and Gardnersville FC, as well as that of his employer (ORANGE LIBERIA), and that he has managed to provide sustainable livelihood for many young men.

Raji said with his successes as club president, “I have the leadership ability to develop the game and give every sector of the game a chance to grow.”

George Solo makes an important point yesterday

George Solo, in a remarkable exposition to a question about transparency, told the gathering, “I will not be corrupt.” He said his emphasis, if elected president of the LFA, would center on a leader whose commitment to the task will be pivotal in his leadership of the LFA.

“I have the passion for the game,” he insisted, “I also have the commitment to take soccer to another but improved level.” Also, he said he has drawn on his experience as a former player and the current vice president of Nimba FC, and spoke graciously on his qualities that could change Liberian football for the better.

It was clear from the exchanges that the three men prepared well and they had the remarkable focus on what they set out to do. With their platforms now out, despite the similarities, it is now up to the electorates to make their determination on Saturday.

But did any of the three win the debate as many of our readers may want to know? The obvious answer, the three men made a greater impression on their listeners and many of the people present expressed appreciation on a clear exposition of what each of the three candidates demonstrated as their strong points to win the hearts of stakeholders.

Former FIFA badge referees Idrissa Kaba and Executive Committee candidate Mason Goe in toothpaste smiles yesterday

But in these days’ elections, where electorates are found making up their minds for a particular candidate and in which no matter what any other candidate says, makes no difference, it is highly expected that stakeholders would choose the candidate who is dear to their heart.

And whatever the results turn out to be on Saturday, the brilliant demonstration of the three men is evident of the maturity of men who are prepared to step and even work together to make a difference and bring Liberia closer to compete on the international and continental levels, as well as to open a positive avenue for Liberian soccer players to participate in the world.


  1. Thanks Omari for your report. However, your emphasis on their brilliance in terms of rhetorics does not go down well with me. Given the corrupt history of the LFA and the ability of former executives to recruit people that will continue in their misdeeds require a more thoughtful and measured reporting for the good of the game.

    Omari, you know, as well as I do, that what we need now is first a transparent and accountable head of the LFA, and everything else will follow in terms of their ideas and ability to lead.

    I pray that Mr. Raji gets the post because he seems to be the most transparent and accountable character, and to an extent, detached from the old clique. We need a clean start void of these crooks and their agents. Mr. Solo does not have the character to lead a successful LFA. His integrity is challenged and would be worst than Mr. Bility. Mr. Shannon is as corrupt as the regime he currently serves. Mr. Shannon has no shame in talking about his prowess when their administration is among the most corrupt in recent history. Mr. Shannon had the opportunity to have taken a stand against his boss, Mr. Bility and, by so doing, restored his integrity. However, he was part of the gravy train amassing wealth at the expense of the game and the youths.

    Can we have a breather and start afresh with Mr Raji? I hope so.

  2. Omari, please check this phrase out properly before using it. It is not “toothpaste smile” but rather “toothy smile”.


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