Raji Orders Two LFA Officials to Restitute L$440,000

LFA President Mustapha Raji

Following an investigation into the alleged embezzlement of L$440,000 from the account of the football house, the President of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) Mustapha Raji has ordered Matthew Diggs, the suspended director of competitions, and Josiah Toe, the former Chairman of the Montserrado County Sub Association, to restitute the amount, a release from the LFA said yesterday.

According to the release, Diggs and Toe are to with immediate effect, restitute the money they embezzled from the National 3rd Division Championship Registration fees.

It may be recalled that on September 10, 2018, the LFA suspended Diggs for time indefinite without compensation after being accused of allegedly receiving money from teams and awarding them space into the LFA knockout league. The two individuals are to account for the money with immediate effect.

Both Diggs and Toe have been informed that failure to restitute the money, further administrative actions will be taken against them.

Meanwhile, Mr. Toe has been relieved of his position as Chairman of the Montserrado County Sub Association and reassigned to his previous position as Chairman of LFA West-Clara Sub Committee.

In another development, President Raji has made new appointments in the Montserrado County Sub Association.

According to a release from the football house, those appointed are Sando Fahnbulleh, Chairman, Richard Howard, Deputy Chairman, Harrington Weah, Secretary General and Thomas Davies Financial Secretary.

The release further said that Mr. Raji, in separate letters to the appointees, said their appointments are based on their numerous sacrifices for the development of football in Montserrado County and Liberia at large.

The group is to organize the national 3rd division championship leagues across Montserrado County annually, according to a release from the LFA. They are also to coordinate activities of the Montserrado County FA in consultation with the President and Secretary General of the LFA.

LFA President Raji, along with his two vice presidents last week, held their first general meeting with the staff at the LFA. According to the football house, Mr. Raji assured the employees that he will work with everyone and will not carry out any witch-hunt against anyone because of their political alignment in the just ended LFA elections. He promised to reintroduce insurance, introduce social security and provide a monthly incentive for an employee of the month.


  1. “Meanwhile, Mr. Toe has been relieved of his position as Chairman of the Montserrado County Sub Association and reassigned to his previous position as Chairman of LFA West-Clara Sub Committee”.
    This is the most ignorance and naive appointment, our so called leaders continue to make. That is; how do you carried out an investigation, finds out that a crime was committed by one of your staff member, rather then firing him, you decide to reassigned the said individual to his previous position. Mr. President, are you implying that he is the only qualified or most qualified individual there is? Mr. president, you need to re-examine your though process and or your authority to appoint. How do you inseminate discipline within this organization, if these kind of decisions are made by you the President.


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