Rainstorm, Deplorable Roads Create Hardships for Lofaians

One of several deplorable spots near Voinjama City,

A three-day torrential rainfall in Foya City, coupled with the deplorable road condition, mainly between Voinjama and Zorzor districts are reportedly causing hardships for the locals.

As a result, the locals among them some business people, are going through challenges to the extent that their businesses and farming activities are being stalled.

Sometimes last week, several trucks, and other vehicles were reportedly stranded in heavy mud for about two to three days on the Voinjama-Zorzor highway.

A Truck loaded with Critically needed Commodities Stranded in Huge Mud on VoinjamaZorzor Highway in Lofa County

According to reports gathered by the Daily Observer, and corroborated with mobile phone calls to ascertain the situation, it was gathered that several houses were rendered roofless in the Peace Community in Foya City.

The reports also revealed that due to the heavy windstorm accompanied by the downpour, about 50 people have reportedly been made homeless.

Due to the prevailing hardships in the country, many of those affected by the rain are said to have purchased some pieces of zinc and other building materials to reconstruct their “damaged houses.”

Joseph Kendima, a business, informed this newspaper on Monday, July 29, that some of the homeless are now residing with friends and relatives outside  the affected area, but they fear that if the rain become so heavy, many of the remaining houses in the Peace Community might be destroyed.

One of Many houses Roof Removed by Heavy Rainstorm Foya city, Lofa County

“We are going through a period of difficulties since we don’t have the required finances to rebuild our damaged houses. Therefore, we are in need of building materials and financial assistance,” Sarah Finda Nyumah said.

She said that since the rainstorm affected f their homes, they are yet to receive assistance even from anywhere.

Another victim, Henry T. Fallah, a father of five, is now encountering some challenges to rebuild his home.


  1. While I sympathize with the victims of the rainstorms and the conditions of the roads in Lofa County, I feel it UNFORTUNATE to remind you that this is NOT NEWS. Every president or regime in Liberia, with the exception of our late Messiah, President William R. Tolbert, has shown little or no care for the conditions of the roads in rural Liberia. During their campaign speeches, all political aspirants “lament” the deplorable conditions of the roads in Liberia’s countrysides. They all make fervent oratories that upon ascension to their desired positions,infrastructure will be their priority. They will even name the localities that they believe need immediate reconstruction. But that’s all political “BS”. This has been going on since the days after April 12, 1980. You know what? Liberia is following the footsteps of Robert Mugabi and the late Mobutu Sese Sekou, both former destructive presidents of their own countries. Today, one cannot be wrong to place executed President Doe, disgraced murderer Charles Taylor, and shameless demagogue Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the arena of nation wreckers. Julius A. Momo – Stone, USA

  2. Between 2008 and 2013 when direct investments of reportedly $16 billions had poured in and donor countries opened their hearts and wallets to a postwar traumatized nation (Ma Ellen and Uncle Joe were earning more than their counterparts in the US) was the time to prioritize road constructions. It would’ve also helped in creating jobs as the Obama-led government was doing. Instead, the Iron Lady and her Economic Czar Konneh were spewing Reagan’s supply-side capitalism dogmas and warning about the slippery slope of public investments.

    Unsurprisingly, after arrogant and unconscionable extravaganza of EJS’s dozen years, donor countries and investors’ fatigue have hit Liberia, so those committed to protests for political gains are stoking chaos rather than saving the state. Let not results of the by-elections be seen as an endorsement of protests. As the impacts of hostile climatic conditions on our people continue to demonstrate, stability, which is a condition for a robust business environment, must exist to get revenues for roads’ constructions and ensuring of equality of opportunities.


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