Heavy Rain Could Not Deter Voters in Eastern Nimba

Beadatuo Public School, where rain made voters to abandon the line

Torrential rain coupled with bad road conditions hampered voting in parts of Nimba County,  taking the process beyond the stipulated closing time of 6 p.m. But it did not stop voters from exercising their right to participate in the crucial elections.

Authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) scheduled voting to begin at 8 a.m. and end at 6p.m., but due to the heavy downpour in the county, the process continued beyond the closing time.

But despite the rains, voters in Teahplay Town near the Liberia-Ivoirian border; Wea Beadatuo (Southern tip of Buyao Electoral District #5); Boe Bonlay; New Yourpea as well as Behwalay in the East, stayed under the rain at these precincts until they cast their ballots on Tuesday, October 10.

Jacob Harris told this newspaper that in spite of the rain, they were prepared to cast their ballots to be part of the country’s decision makers.

An elderly people waited patiently in Wea Neatuo

“Whether rain or shine, such conditions will not deter us from voting,” Harris said.

“Rain cannot stop us from voting,” said young lady who was a first time voter.

Many voters were confused when the process commenced early Tuesday, but election supervisor Matthew K. Nuah said some of the challenges encountered were mainly caused by some voters who did not understand the voting process.

In Gbla Town, which is near the town of Bahn, Zoe-Geh provincial city, voting continued up to 10 p.m, while in other places including Wea Beeplay and Glarlay towns, polling places did not close until between 10:30 p.m. and 12 midnight.

Voting in the towns along the Ivoirian border were very peaceful, with party representatives in most of the precincts expressing satisfaction with how people voted.

Vedora Volley, 18, said “this is the first time I have voted, so I’m really happy to make my first national decision.”

“We want a government that will care for the young people, especially the girls,” Volley added.

An elderly lady also expressed happiness for being alive to vote for the third time since the Liberians crisis of 1989 to 2003.

“Even though I am old, my grandchildren and great grand children need a good future, better education, good roads and healthcare,” the lady said.


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