‘Rabid Dog’ Causes ‘Two Deaths, One Injury’ in Sinoe


A ‘mad dog’ in Borkoum-Jedeh District in Sinoe County has reportedly caused two deaths, and has left a third person, a police officer, with an injured foot.

The surviving officer, Patrolman Isaac Woryah Bleetahn, is a member of the Police Support Unit (PSU) of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

According to reports, the two who died from their wounds were a government health worker and a son of an unidentified police officer.

The remaining victim was —until recently— assigned at the Government Camp, Borkoum-Jedeh District in Sinoe County, where he was attacked by the dog and was fortunate enough to be surviving and telling his story.

As a result of the dog’s bite, family members of the affected officer had brought him to Monrovia to seek medical attention.

Patrolman Isaac Woryah Bleetahn, who walked into the McDonald Street offices of the Daily Observer on Wednesday with the help of a family member, told our reporter that since the unidentified wild dog bit him the condition of his left foot has rapidly deteriorated.

The incident, according to officer Bleetahn, occurred on November 16, 2013, while he was on his regular police patrol. He is one of the longest serving police officers assigned in the county (2005-present.)

“Following the incident, I experienced severe pain in my entire body and started to have issues with my motor functions. The bite became infected and I nearly became paralyzed,” Patrolman Bleetahn lamented. 

According to him, prior to his encounter with the dog, two other persons including a son of another police officer in the county, and a medical practitioner were reportedly bitten by the same dog, which subsequently took their lives away.

He said that the deceased family members had attributed their death to ‘witches,’ while medical practitioners in the area believe it was due to rabies–a disease often associated with dog bites.

Meanwhile, officer Bleetahn has launched an S.O.S. appeal to the Sinoe County Legislative Caucus along with the superintendent, elders and traditional leaders as well as the county’s various youth organizations to lend a helping hand so he could seek advanced medical attention.

“I want to get well and get back on my feet once again so I can return to serve the good people of Sinoe,” Patrolman Bleetahn cried.  


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