Qur’an Mobile App Comes to Android, iOS

Sheikh Sumaworo said the Qur’an was translated in other languages to make it accessible for every individual to read and get the real idea of Islam.

Sheikh Abubakar Sumaworo, Grand Mufti of the Republic of Liberia has congratulated the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the mobile application development project of the Holy Qur’an (Usually translated as seal of the prophets to Muhammad in verse 33:40 of the Qur’an that he is a Messenger) on both the Android and iOS platforms for the first time since it was written.

“We have come on behalf of the Muslims of Liberia to appreciate the custodian of the Holy Mosque in Mecca and Madina, King Salmanbin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud, for the installation of the Holy Qur’an of the android and iPhone system,” Sheikh Sumaworo said.

Sheikh Sumaworo also appreciated Dr. Abdul Latif bin Abdul Aziz Cheikh, Minister of Islamic Affairs in the Dawah and Guidance of Saudi Arabia, who provided direct supervision of the project and the effort of the Qur’anic printing complex that is located in the holy city of Madina.

Sheikh Sumaworo said the the Holy Qur’an mobile app on the Android and iPhone system will make it affordable, not only to every home in the world, but at the hand of every willing individual who wants to read the holy book of Islam.

He disclosed that the mobile app is translated in more than 13 of the world-famous languages, therefore, it will make the introduction of Islam easier and help Muslims have knowledge about the Qur’an.

Sheikh Sumoworo said the application will raise awareness and educate the Muslim to the real teaching of Islam.

He said the experts who did the installation of the Qur’an are qualified as such they ensured that what is written in the Holy Qur’an be installed without subtraction or addition.

Sheikh Sumoworo said even though all of the scholars are working tirelessly on the translated vision of the Qur’an, but it will not be like the real one written in Arabic.

He said the Qur’an was translated in other languages because to make it accessible for every individual to read and get the real idea of Islam.

He urged all Imams and Islamic leaders in Liberia to make Muslims turn to the holy Qur’an and to teach them how to read it because it is healing material and the connection between humans and Lord Allah.

The Qur’an was originally written in the Arabic language and has been translated into most major African, Asian and European languages. The Holy Islamic book has been translated into 114 languages and has today been installed on mobile platforms, Android and iOS.


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