Quincy B’s Mother Announces Memorial Concert

Flashback: Christiana G. Burrowes, mother of the late Quincy B at her son’s Funeral at the ATS in March, 2017.

The mother of the late pop star Quincy B is organizing a memorial concert in hopes of drawing more attention from the deceased artist’s fan base and colleagues about the need for the establishment of a foundation in the artist’s honor.

Madam Christiana G. Burrowes said in a phone interview with LIB Life that the March 3 concert aims to raise funds for the establishment of a foundation, which goal is to develop and enhance the musical talents of young Liberians.

Mrs. Burrowes disclosed that the concert will be held at the famous sports commission on Broad Street, with lots of top-rate Liberian artists in attendance. The lineup for the concert will include several top rate Liberian artists including Takun J, CIC, and Young Classic.

“The memorial, which will be held on the second death anniversary of my son, will begin with a walk from Ducor Palace by 10 am and  will end at the accident spot in front of the Monrovia City Corporation.

“It will then climax at the sports commission later. During the event, ticket prices will range from L$300, US$10 for VIP and US$50 for VVIP. We have also an envelope available at Takun J’s 146 block for anyone who wants to contribute towards the foundation.

“We are financially down so we need help to establish the foundation, which is long overdue. The goal of this memorial concert is to rise at least US$10,00 to purchase land for the foundation and to start building the structure,” Madam Burrowes explained.

The late Quincy B

The late music icon died on March 3, 2017, in a tragic motor accident on his way from an impromptu performance at Anglers Bar and Restaurant in Monrovia.  Quincy B entered the mainstream Liberian music industry at the age of 19, with the single “Dream,” and went on to become the youngest artist in Liberia’s music history to become an official brand ambassador for a major telecommunications company, Lonestar Cell MTN.

The artist’s death, according to the traffic section of the Liberia National Police (LNP), was the result of excessive speeding and reckless driving, which resulted in his car somersaulting up to 52 feet into the air.

The Quincy B memorial services come less than a month after the late pop star’s Mother accused her son’s then manager Lewiz McCarthy of stealing US$14,000 during her son’s funeral.

“I’m so disappointed in McCarthy and never expected him to behave like this. Up to present, he has not told me anything or how he used the US$10,000 given by Lonestar Cell MTN, right after my son died, for the burial arrangements and other money given by other people as well,” Madam Burrowes said in an interview with the Daily Observer weeks ago.


  1. why are we to celebrate this reckless guy who took his own life and endangered others. he could have caused the death of many others by driving at a high rate and playing with his telephone. he did not even have a license. why should we glorify this reckless individual. if he would have hit the other car it could have caused even more deaths. who cares about worshipping this careless dangerous reckless idiot called quincy B


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