Quincy B’s Mother Accuses Lewiz McCarthy of Embezzlement

The late Quincy B and his Manager Lewiz McCarthy

The mother of the late pop singer Quincy B, Christiana G. Burrowes, has accused her son’s manager Lewiz McCarthy of stealing US$14,000 meant to be shared equally without giving the family a dime.

“I’m so disappointed in McCarthy and never expected him to behave like this. Up to present, he has not told me anything or how he used the US10,000 given by Lonestar Cell MTN, right after my son died, for the burial arrangements and other money given by other people as well.

“The check for this money in questions was given to me by the company, but I was unable to cash it since it was in McCarthy’s name. Therefore, I gave him the check to cash, but he never got back to me since 2017,” said added.

The deceased pop star’s mother also accused McCarthy of embezzling secretly her son’s US$4,000 back pay from Lonestar Cell MTN endorsement deals, which the company has paid.

“Since the money was given to McCarthy over a year ago, he has not gotten to us and I do not know why. The total amount of money McCarthy has stolen without giving us a dime is US$14,000. But I’m sure it is more than that since lots of people made contributions which remain unaccounted for,” Madam Burrowes explained.

Flashback: Christiana G. Burrowes, mother of the late Quincy B at her son’s Funeral at the ATS in March, 2017.

Madam Burrowes also added the only monies the family received were the ones given them directly from friends including the US$8,000 and US$1,200 respectively from Sonie Grants and DJ Flexx, which were used to pay off the debt they incurred during the burial process and to take care of Quincy B’s children.

The monies from Sonie and Flex were raised from Gofundme accounts setup immediately following the pop star’s death in 2017 for burial expenses and to support his family.

Madam Burrowes also said that McCarthy has refused to make available the contract between him and the artist, as well as refusing to disclose the names of those who contributed to her son’s burial despite being asked on several occasions to do so.

Madam Burrowes: “On several occasion, we have asked McCarthy to make available the names of those who contributed towards the extravagant burial of my late son so that the family can tell them thanks, but he said that was not necessary because he had already told them thanks.

“McCarthy’s action to deny the family a hard copy of the contract is wickedness and unacceptable. I know my son is dead, but his music still lives on.

“This means McCarthy is collecting royalties from my son’s music and refusing to give the family their own of fair share,” she said.

Madam Burrowes added that she does not know why McCarthy took away her son’s passport as well as removing the sim card and the memory card that was in the phone.

Meanwhile, Quincy B’s mother has said her family remains committed to keeping the legacy of her son alive by establishing a foundation in his name to cater to the development of aspiring musicians.

“I decided to speak out because I want the world to know what McCarthy has done. I’m tired of being looked down at by someone I took as a son,” Madam Burrowes told LIB Life in a phone interview.

In reaction to Madam Burrowes’s allegations, Lewiz McCarthy said the all the allegations made against him are false and misleading.

“I did so many great things for Quincy B; therefore, it breaks my heart to see people accusing me of things I did not do,” McCharthy said.

The late music icon died on March 3, 2017, in a tragic motor accident on his way from an impromptu performance at Anglers Bar and Restaurant in Monrovia.

Quincy B entered the mainstream Liberian music industry at the age of 19, with the single “Dream,” and went on to become the youngest artist in Liberia’s music history to become an official brand ambassador for a major telecommunications company, Lonestar Cell MTN.

The artist’s death, according to the traffic section of the Liberia National Police, was the result of excessive speeding and reckless driving which resulted in his car somersaulting up to 52 feet into the air.



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