Quincy B’s Grave Not Vandalized

Quincy B’s grave at the Mount Barclay Public Cemetery

Rumors that the grave of multi-talented R&B artist Quincy B was vandalized by unknown persons hours after the burial ceremony at the Mount Barclay Public Cemetery on Saturday, is false, according to a Daily Observer investigation.

A visit to the gravesite and interviews conducted with residents, security officers and Quincy B’s relatives in Mount Barclay established that the grave was never tampered with.

“The rumor was misleading and the work of the devil, but thank God we have exposed them,” stated Quincy B’s first cousin Taku, who said he has been guarding the grave since the March 25 burial.

Lewiz McCarthy, Quincy B’s manager, made a live public statement via FaceBook after receiving numerous calls on the rumor that the grave was vandalized. He regretted that

“some people are still trying to hurt the family with lies, thus causing more pain.”
Quincy B was buried last Saturday following funeral rites at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia. He died in a tragic motor accident on March 3.
Taku recalled that on the day of the burial, “The place was so packed that even his mother could not see his casket going into the grave. As you can see along the grave, we have steel rods where we want to build a wall up, add some security and an entrance that will lead to another entrance before getting to his grave.”

Meanwhile, according to the chief of security, who identified himself as Joseph, he was posted at the gravesite the evening the rumor started, and there were no signs of any criminal mischief or criminals trying to do anything at the music icon’s grave.

“We have more security here to protect the grounds. If anyone makes an attempt to try such a thing, he will have himself to blame. We have security day and night, including three shifts,” he added.

Christiana G. Burrowes, mother of the late Quincy B, was calm as she responded to the rumors.
“We are trying to get an estimate to build a secure structure around the grave, one that will consist of two gates before being able to get to the grave itself. We do not have enough to complete the grave and have only done as much as we could. It took us one week to finish his grave and presently we do not have money to complete his plot,” she said.

Madam Burrowes said that fortifying her son’s grave will be the only solution to keeping his grave safe and avoiding the cost of hiring security for a long period of time.

Workers nearby making cement blocks told the Daily Observer that apart from well-wishers wanting to see Quincy B’s grave, there has been no suspicious activity since the late musician’s burial.


    • Hahahah…. u really look for ur own disgrace here my dear. I really sorry for some people in this world. So u simplest trying to say they people supposed to have spent the burial money on u right? Because u can’t give one reason why u make this statement. Wow!

    • Because God’s blessing is still on him, even in the grave. They killed him before his time, but it didn’t stop his shine. And most of his music send message about that ungodly ,unjust and wicked country called Liberia.

  1. It won’t bring him back but it will set a mark for potential and excellent services in the society dear so don’t let that to bother you.even in his grave we love and cherish him.

  2. Rest in Peace QB even in your grave people still envying you ….thanks for the little time you spend with us in this world we´ll forever remember you …..

  3. People are borned envious and dull, and that is the situation Patricia finds herself into………. But she got to take note on where she is carrying her Bad attitude.
    Rest In Peace yaaaa my Boy Q. B.
    Haters gonna hate… You are dead but they are still on your back.
    The angels of the Lord will persecute them.

  4. Sometimes I feel so, so sorry for people who discussed even the dead. You know what concern citizen?? We can never stop loving QB, so boz when you vex OK heterz!!!!!! No one know you and you will never be known because of your heart position.

  5. Quincy B was a talented hero when it comes music. He change the sounds feeling of the Liberian Music, I still love his songs and his memories will live on. We shouldn’t enslaved his grave. Double Fens we be useless, the money you want to generate; should be given to his child that he left behind and also his family as well. Thanks

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