Quarantined Persons Urge Liberians to Pray for Them

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Following the new Ebola outbreak in Monrovia, the fourth since the WHO declared the country free of the deadly virus, the 153 persons being quarantined by the Ministry of Health are calling on Liberians to remember them in their prayers.

In an interview with some of those who are under observation in Cowfeild Community on Duport Road, they said they are surprised by the outbreak in the community.

“We are confused because we don’t know what caused this new outbreak until we can get the result from the investigation that is going on by the Ministry of Health,” they said.

They indicated several houses in the community that are under observation.

“We are calling on our fellow citizens to remember us in their prayers so that God can heal us from this terrible and deadly Ebola virus that has resurfaced,” they said.

They also thanked the Liberian government for the timely intervention and urged its partners to get involved in the process of containing the virus.

They promised to stay in their various homes to observe the required 21 days while obeying the preventive measures that will keep them alive.

They appealed to Liberians to follow all the preventive measures and not be complacent “because one case can cause an outbreak.”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Bernice Dahn has confirmed three Ebola cases in the country.

She said it started on Thursday, November 19, when we received a report from “one of our reference laboratories that the blood sample from a patient tested positive for Ebola. The patient in Monrovia on November 17 showed symptoms of fever, weakness and bleeding and was placed in isolation. The patient’s blood sample tested positive and confirmatory test was conducted and the test was Ebola positive.”

Minister Dahn said the three patients and their high risk contacts are at an Ebola Treatment Unit in Monrovia (ELWA-ETU) and the hospital is currently decontaminating the unit, adding that all of the health care workers who came in contact with them have been notified.

She said the MOH is working with the Montserrado County Health Team and partners to conduct an investigation to isolate and limit the effects and to be able to quickly respond to any additional cases.

“There are still investigations going on to find out the source of the outbreak while we are still gathering information to identify possible contacts to ensure that all individuals involved receive necessary care,” she said.

She reminded Liberians not be complacent because the fight against the Ebola virus is not yet over.

“We can win this battle again with your participation and support of the communities because we know how Ebola spreads and we know how to stop Ebola and we must remain vigilant and work together,” Minister Dahn said.


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