“QNET Condemns any Form of Human Trafficking”


— Regional General Manager Biram Fall

Biram Fall, the Regional General Manager of QNET (Sub-Saharan Africa) has said the company’s attention has been drawn to a recent article in FrontPage Africa titled: Alleged Trafficked Victims from Sierra Leone, Guinea, Senegal & Ivory Coast Stranded In Liberia under the guise of an employment agency.

The company says it wishes to make the following clarifications:

“We are aware of [FrontPage Africa’s] article pertaining to the alleged trafficking of some foreign nationals into Liberia, under the guise of job offers from QNET. We out-rightly deny this allegation and aver that we are in no manner connected to this.

“We vigorously condemn any activity by our Independent representatives (IRs) that are not in compliance with the local laws and regulations of the countries they operate in. We also do not condone unprofessional marketing acts and if any IR is found culpable, they are liable to be terminated from selling the company’s products as we have done recently by terminating more than 400 IRs across the world for policy violations and professional misconducts.

“We remain committed to the highest professional standards of the Direct Selling industry and compliant with local laws and regulations in every country we operate in.

“We affirm that we will take every action to work with the authorities to bring to justice the perpetrators of this crime if it has been committed using our name. We also invite the authorities to directly liaise with us to ensure that at all times, full and appropriate actions and measures can be taken together. QNET strongly believes in joint cooperation as it will critically assist in bringing the wrongdoers to justice in Liberia.

“We would like to reaffirm our status as a Direct Selling company, with a 22-year history, and a presence in more than 100 countries globally. We are not an employment agency, do not offer job promises, and absolutely deny any allegations of human trafficking levied against us. Thus, we can summarily declare that QNET did not offer any employment to those stranded in Liberia.

“It would also be pertinent to explain our business model here for the avoidance of any misunderstanding.

  • QNET is a direct selling company that offers a wide range of products in the areas of health, wellness, lifestyle and education through an e-commerce platform. Our products are designed to help people live healthier and improve their lifestyle and livelihood.
  • QNET does not offer jobs, salaries or employment. However, we open the doors to any adult, who upon satisfying specific criteria, can become an Independent Representative (IR) and earn commissions on the sale of products to others. All IRs’ remuneration is based solely on the commissions earned through the sale of our products by themselves and/or their sales teams.
  • QNET’s business operates on an e-commerce platform. We provide our IRs with an online office to conduct this business. Any person of legal age who wishes to take up the opportunity offered by QNET can register on the platform easily using a computer or a mobile phone.
  • In addition, QNET’s Code of Conduct and Policies and Procedures require all IRs to act in strict compliance with local laws and regulations in force. Any displacement of people from one country to another against these laws and regulations is strictly prohibited by QNET.
  • Any individual desirous of being an IR must agree to conduct his/her independent marketing activities in compliance with our company’s policies & procedures and applicable local laws. Additionally, QNET also provides regular training programs (both online and off-line), business tools, best practices, and ethical marketing guidelines (through the QNETPRO program) to our IRs to help them grow a successful business.

“In the above matter, we will be happy to provide you more information as the investigation continues.”


  1. What kind of reporting is this? The Daily Observer is now the PR for Qnet? Those teenagers arrived here by themselves, without being induced? The FPA report just alerted the top managers on how and when to clean up their mess.
    This is why training in a particular profession is an imperative, this kind of information borders on National Security, that was just published for the sole purpose of selling the paper. Why this Intel could not be given to the security apparatus before publishing? Look how the LNP raided the place without a court warrant, nothing will come from this case, because the FPA and the Police have already mess up the whole case.
    That is why govt can never win cases. because gathering of evidences is never done properly.
    This is a fiasco.


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