Qatar Celebrates a Progressive National Day

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People of Qatar have no regret remembering Sheiku Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani every year for founding this peaceful Middle Eastern State as its progress in human capacity and infrastructure has become a touristic attraction nation to the world.

At a special and convivial National Day celebration organized by Chargé d’Affaires Shamsam Abdullah Al-SADA on Monday, December 12, Qatar’s progress in human development and infrastructures was projected on a screen, detailing how the country began building on fishing and pearl hunting and now enjoying some of the best road networks, magnificent buildings and latest information technology.

Qatar is one of the leading countries in oil and gas with self- determination to invest the income from this valuable resource in its people by providing them the necessary education to be drivers of their own development.

Predicated upon this goal, Qatar has reformed its kindergarten and secondary education program through the Qatar Foundation, and has built an “Education City,” within which branches of the Cornell Medical College, Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Medill School of Journalism and Texas A and M School of Engineering are based.

The country has some of the best hospitals with an acceptable standard of medical care in the Middle East. Citizens in Qatar are covered by a national health insurance scheme, while expatriates must either receive health insurance from their employers, or purchase it when they are self-employed.

Health policy is one of the main goals set for Qatar’s 2030 National vision.

According to the projected information, Qatar is one of the countries with the highest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in the world.

Of the 2,545,000 population recorded in 2016, GDP per capita is put at 102,785, while Gross Domestic Product is estimated at US$185.395 billion. Since 2014 Qatar has topped the world as the highest GDP per capita, with approximately 14 percent of households being dollar millionaires.

Corporate law requires Qatari nationals to hold 51 percent of any business venture in the Emirates; condition that has put unemployment rate at 0.1 percent since 2013.

In the Middle East, Qatar is among countries that also top in aviation; flying the popular Qatar Airways in Asia, Europe and America.

Hospitality of its people, according to the profile, is reflected by turning the desert land into touristic environment to draw visitors.

The Government of Qatar has also developed a water transportation system in those cities not only for drinking, but for watering the desert soil to gain fertility in order to grow green grass and flowering trees that will give the cities their natural beauties.

It is one of the peaceful and developed countries in the Middle East with no report of terrorism or religious conflict. The only terrorist encounter the country had was the 2005 suicide bombing attack that killed a British teacher.The country got its independence in 1971, and the celebration on December 12 was attended by Vice President Joseph Boakai, Deputy Foreign Minister, Elias Shoniyin, and the Doyen and members of the diplomatic community, who appeared amazed by the tremendous development that the country has experienced.

It then brings to memory Abraham Lincoln’s philosophical quotation that says, “And in the end, it is not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years.”


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