PYJ, Weah Seeking The ‘Face of God’ in Nigeria

Sen. Prince Y. Johnson (center) is a disciple of Pastor T. B. Joshua (right). Seated is Sen. Weah (Photo: T.B. Joshua’s official Facebook Page)

PYJ, Weah seal deal for run-off presidential bid?

The relationship between the two men has not been exactly rosy in the recent past, but as images of Senator Prince Y. Johnson, leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) and Senator George M. Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change at church together in Nigeria with Pastor T. B. Joshua went viral on Sunday afternoon, the debate as to whether or not Weah had won Johnson’s endorsement reached a new level.

From the photos, which first appeared on T. B. Joshua’s Facebook page, it appears to be a rather positive vibe between the two Liberian senators, who also happen to the two people representing Africa’s oldest republic at the ECOWAS Parliament. At the ECOWAS parliament, Weah is head of the Liberian delegation. But nearly every trip the two have made to Nigeria for the regional parliamentary meetings, there are usually negative sparks, in a most recent case, with Weah and delegation reportedly abandoning Sen. Johnson at the airport in Lagos due to certain delays.

The heat between the two Liberian senators turned in a new dimension when, just a few weeks ago, both were vying for the nation’s highest seat. At one point, as part of a larger collaborative — the Ganta Declaration, they called it — PYJ and Weah, along with all the other opposition party leaders, pledged a joint effort to unseat the ruling Unity Party.

In spite of what transpired in Ganta with fellow opposition colleagues, there were frequent verbal attacks from PYJ toward Weah, some for cause and others, calculated calls for caution toward those in support of Weah. One of his latest remarks against Weah was that the election of “Weah as President of Liberia, could lead to war.”

Has anything changed?

With PYJ currently out of the presidential race but still in the game because of his tremendous influence in the vote-rich Nimba County, he is being wooed by his favorite fight-mate, George Weah, to deliver an endorsement that could sway the county’s electorate in Weah’s favor.

Weah is due to face-off with UP candidate Joseph N. Boakai in the run-off election scheduled for November 7. Of the 20 presidential candidates in the first round, the two emerged with the most votes, but significantly shy of the coveted 50% plus one vote as required by the Constitution; hence the run-off. And Senator Johnson is basking in the spotlight as potential king maker between the two finalists.

But for such a monumental move, PYJ is seeking guidance from his spiritual Father”, Pastor Joshua, the man who converted him to Christianity following his exit from the Liberian civil war.

So it was, both Weah and Johnson surfaced in Lagos, Nigeria together on Sunday, October 22, attending Pastor T.B. Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), where the pastor offered prayers for Johnson and Weah.

According to Ihechukwu Njoku, a freelance Nigerian journalist, Weah had gone to SCOAN to “seek God’s face” for Liberia. With power so close yet so far away, Weah apparently has not forgotten the near misses of his first and second attempts at the presidency (2005 and 2011) and has realized that seeking God, even if He is in Lagos, Nigeria, is a far better venture than relying solely on the promises of his hundreds of thousands of constituents who showed their willingness to give him their votes during the first round.

Pastor T. B. Joshua, the Nigerian televangelist and philanthropist, is noted for receiving African politicians, among them Tanzania’s President John Magufuli, the late President of Ghana John Atta Mills, Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Julius Malema of South Africa.

He reportedly told the huge gathering at the Church, where Weah and Johnson were in attendance yesterday: “My brother (Weah) is here today because he loves his country and wants God’s choice for his country.”

He added, “He is not here to impose himself. What does God say about his country, Liberia? What is God’s opinion? That is why he is here.”

Pastor Joshua continued: “We are not herbalists or witch-doctors; we are people of God. God’s choice is our choice. We cannot pray against God’s will.” Though we are yet to know Joshua’s predictions of the Liberian political scenarios since 2005, since with the overwhelming impressive performance of Senator Weah and the October 10 elections, it possible to conclude that no one needs a prophet or soothsayer to determine where victory may likely fall. The report from Nigeria said Weah nodded firmly in agreement at Pastor Joshua’s statement.

CDC standard bearer George Weah (left) greets Pastor T. B. Joshua in Nigeria (Photo: T.B. Joshua’s official Facebook Page)

The Nigerian megastar man of God said, “Without God’s corresponding power, we cannot pray to Him. For every step we take – every movement and action – intimation comes first.

“God’s opinion is what we should seek in our country – simple! God is the answer, the final.

“You cannot twist or bribe God; He is not a man… The best place to go is to meet people God has given the grace to be a communicator between visible and invisible,” he said, making ever effort to avoid declaring prophecy in favor of either Weah or Boakai.

It was the same Pastor Joshua who, during the United States Presidential elections, said the following: “Ten days ago, I saw the new President of America with a narrow win. The new President will be facing several challenges over many issues, including: passing bills, attempts to possibly pass a vote of no confidence on the new President. The boat of the new President will be rocked. By the way, in order not to keep you in suspense, what I frankly saw is a woman.”

That prophesy appeared untrue, because he “frankly saw… a woman” as president of the United States, but it turned out to be a man, Donald Trump. And while that in itself creates a perception of ‘failure’ about the controversial prophet, many millions place their trust him.

“It is interesting that some well-known pastors and prophets only tend to shift to what many partisans of the CDC are are saying to be their expectation,” said a Unity Party partisan, who was contacted for the article.

Though Pastor Joshua has not predicted the result of the run-off elections as he did with the American elections, the overwhelming and impressive lead by Weah and the chance of the Ganta coalition’s support gives the situation an interesting slant.

Yet, even PYJ has not come out to publicly announce which way he would lean.



  1. I am very puzzled at at what is going on Liberia. Some are trying to hide from reality but they going to find it easy to move on.

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  3. That is why Liberia will be Nigeria toilet bowl. What nonsense is this ? TB Joshua is a fool, a son of Satan himself. This useless man need s to fix his own country. But Liberians are a crazy people. So this man who is from the most corrupt country on earth is now the “spiritual advisor” Lord help us. Liberia is really going down the drain. This man is a gravy seeker. I wonder what he told his cult members when he predicted that Hillary would win the US election. Perhaps Satan did not speak to him that day. Charlatan!

  4. Agnes, you cant be more intelligent than weah or senator Johnson. I am a Nigeria and I lived in Liberia for five good years because I was deceived to be there. Did Tb Joshua for any Liberia person to come to him. During the war, when Nigeria soldiers came to rescue you people it was like god extending his hand, you people rejoiced. Nigeria is corrupt, we agree, but what have made one of the oldest country, in Africa, the fifth poorest country in the world? Is not the war, check your neighbors. It’s simple hatred for other people, envious of foreigners. Check your street how many people are happy, see the faces no smiling. U can’t compare your country to Nigeria, even in your dream. Many of you play politics of hypocrisy. You collect from a politician at end will not vote for him. I lived in all the major part of Monrovia but never had, a friend because most of the people I meet, were complete liers no truth in their mouth. All the businesses I open your people made sure it died a violent death. They stole my goods, the men na foreigner police will not say anything. Nigerian na drug dealers, during the war, who was supplying the rebel drug. You people cant criticism, and cant take blame. All the evil happening in Liberia na foreigners, it is Nigerians ruling your country. Are there no man of God or juju men in your country? You people like attacking personality instead of individual. I discovered while in like Liberia I can’t think straight, check your youth how many of them is innovative or creative. You don’t even know how much foreigners are losing in your country. Get ride of foreigners and their investment and let’s see how Liberia will be. The more you people persecute foreigner, the more they live better than your citizens. Have seen any Nigerian working in any Liberia business. Because you people will look for every way to spoil him or kill him. Your big men don’t invest because they know you people. You people criticises any thing good done by foreign. You people should make mistake and spoil this election and see how you will be treated by neighboring countries. During people had pity on you people, but never imagine you are so ungrateful. Keep talking and God will strick you for the innocent blood of foreigners used to seal the freedom of Liberia.

    • I find it hard to comprehend what you are trying to say. From your broken English I gathered that you believe that the country (Liberia) is nothing or will be nothing without foreigners. You are very wrong. We will be better off and had been better off without foreigners, especially Nigerian thieves. Nigerians are the most untrustworthy people in the world. I have seen and lived with (Nigerians) them here in the United States. In fact, Nigerians have caused more problems for black Africans every where around the world than any nationality. How dare you speak of the country that is feeding you in such evil manner.
      Nigeria never liberated Liberians. Instead they came to Liberia and stole from the country. If you think Nigeria is better than Liberia, while don’t you keep you ass up there instead of going to Liberia where you have infested the country with drugs and evils. You need to keep short your mouth and keep quite.

  5. All those supporters pof George Manneh Weah can see and understand that
    your choice for President is in sympathy with victims of the Liberian war by taken
    Charles Taylor war wife Jewel Taylor for his running mate. He does not draw
    strength from Liberians but outside. Now, again, he is Nigeria to maneuver for
    luck from Nigerians, not from you Liberians. This show that he can not be a good
    leader; especially coming from the choice of President Ellen Johnson=Sirleaf.

  6. If PYJ votes and endorses the CDC party, it’s probably because he is borrowing a page from the US. Trump, as everyone knows, was voted in as president during the 2016 US elections. Hilary Clinton was/is more qualified and less controversial than Mr.Trump. Example, since his acendency to power, Trump has not achieved any major legislative victory in anything. Nada! Zilch!

    Are the Liberian people likely to suffer similarly?

  7. I think all who be foreigners with special emphases on Nigerians nationals in particular, need to show some respect to the people of the Liberian nation state if that would be the least thing to do for showing gratitude. Remember the parable that says ” the man who hold your hand to help climb the mountain, is god among mankind” therefore, when you offend him, you had already offended GOD.

  8. Nyah Gonkar, you made a mockery of my grammar that is okay, however, I was texting from an android phone. Let’s be realistic how many Liberians have standing businesses in Liberia. Yes, we accept Nigerians are rogues as you have said. Did you read the comment of one your beloved brother? I have interacted with your big guys and found out they reason different from an average Liberian due to exposure. You may claim to be in u.s.a, however, I know you live some were beside gobacho near the red light district. If peradventure you happened to escape to America, please don’t club your life with women and liquor; remember to invest in your country. I discover that some of you are too ignorant to understand criticism, and take responsibilities than blaming foreigners. Weah has traveled to Nigeria in many time. So because he went to Nigeria, which means he will manipulate, the vote? Many of you are ignorant and reason like a tree. Is weah a small child you need to control? Are you weah father? Did you buy him the plane ticket? So you want to be monitoring weah, like witchcraft? He is yet to be a president and you are sounding like a roaster. I don’t give a flying fuck if Nigerians are causing problems all over the world. It is the responsibility of the government to jail them or kill them. Many of you speak evil of your leaders so much. Tell me Nyah Gonkar, do you have a house in Liberia. When last did you send money to your ma, pa and family members? The truth is bitter. Foreigners are never the problem of Liberians. Liberian problem is with Liberian people, mindset. You can’t live in a community without someone attacking you verbally for being a foreigner. Nigerians are never the best of people but we hardly, treat foreigners bad. Ask most of your people that, came to Nigeria during the war, many of them are still living there. I DARE YOU, pull out the foreigner’s investment and see how the country will look like. Big mouth is the problem with some of you. I am a student of Tubman High University and the school affirms I was the best they had. English is a borrowed language. Please come home many of the school are looking for English teaches. If you say Nigerians are bringing drugs to Liberia, which means you are pointing your crooked fingers at your police and D.A’. If am selling waters and nobody buys it, then it will be useless. The Americans bring drugs into their country and blame the Mexicans for it. I can’t speak evil of Liberia as a country; however, point my hands to the ignorant ones among you. You don’t go to any country and pick money, you work for it. You did not mention what Nigerians stole from Liberia. Who ranked Nigeria as the most corrupt? Is it not u.s.a? Who said nothing good comes from Africa. The same people said so! Who ranked Liberia the fifth poorest country in the world? “I did not say it oh.” You don’t criticize a person, better than you in every way. You can’t tell me a Nigerian will just walk into your father’s compound and start digging a hole, excavating gold. Perhaps it was a public Wi-Fi, you are using to browse. Foreigner keeps Liberia alive, the country needs them. Let America deport all foreigners and see what we happen. Nyah Gonkar, listen I am a traveler and I own, till present a house in Owensboro Kentucky, Grandview drive. For no reason will I hate Liberian people, we have to talk of their ignorance. I have a brother that is a Liberian. I also have a wife that is Liberian, I sensitized her, change her mentality. No country is an island. I don’t know why many Liberians often use the word, “Foreigners come to steal from us.” Steal what? I have more than twenty archers of land here in your country; I refused to develop them because of people like you. You know how much I brought in here, did you contribute a cent to it. Tomorrow you will open your mouth and say, foreigner, this, foreigner that. Liberia will be great when Liberians start thinking right. If you think any of the presidential aspirants, is a miracle worker wait. No man is a miracle worker, is gradually the country will be fixed. Never put hope in man, the future will tell! Nyah Gonkar: are you more patriotic than me? Then show me your investment in Liberia. You can’t tell me Nigerians soldier didn’t die to keep peace in this country. I watched how my classmates laughed at me when they heard I was a Nigerian. “We killed your soldiers.” My class teacher was an AFL captain before and during the war, he listened to their mockery and shakes his head. I wouldn’t label the country evil, because of few ignorant persons. I believe if Trump, decide to deport you today, you will rather die than come home. Because you left nothing in Liberia! I am not insulting you; I pray that you receive sense in Jesus name. Let’s concentrate on our own business and leave politics to the politicians. Any day, you drink or eat a cent from Nigeria person, your punishment will start. Before you open your alcohol mouth read whats on the forum. Nyah Gonkar, Guy make you pack well!

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