PYJ to ‘Uphold Ganta Declaration’

Sen. Johnson: "I have job for Yealue, but not at the House of Representatives"

A source close to Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ), standard bearer of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR), has now confirmed that the controversial senator will not abandon the Ganta Declaration, whose intent is to support a united opposition bid to unseat the ruling Unity Party (UP).

In September 2016, about 20 opposition political parties signed a communiqué called the “Ganta Declaration,” forming a common political collaborative front against the ruling UP ahead of the October 10 elections.

Although there was nothing in the Declaration that withheld parties which signed the document from seeking the presidency in their own right, they all, however, agreed to collaborate to defeat the UP candidate.

Moses Ziah, chairman of Sen. Johnson’s MDR, could neither confirm nor deny his standard bearer’s decision to pledge support to the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), but told a local radio station manager in Nimba County that: “Sen. Johnson, as a peaceful political leader, often sticks to his word,  which would include the Ganta Declaration.”

News of Johnson’s cross-over came to public light yesterday just after the National Elections Commission (NEC) announced the final results of the October 10 presidential and legislative elections, confirming a runoff between the two finalists, the CDC of Mr. Weah and the UP of Mr. Boakai.

In a recent interview on the fracas in Sanniquellie, Nimba County between supporters of the CDC and Liberty Party (LP), Sen. Johnson said it was unacceptable for anyone to go to his county to shed blood. Based on communications he received from the NEC and its magistrate in Nimba, the LP – not the CDC, was granted permission to have a rally in that area, he added.

PYJ described George Weah, standard bearer of the leading opposition party, CDC, as someone who is unable to control his followers, and as such, any decision to elect him as President of Liberia will send the country back to war.

“It is not anyone’s birthright to be president therefore, Sen. Weah should not impose his will. I think the CDCians headed by their leader were in the wrong,” Sen. Johnson said.

“Mr. Weah wants votes that include also Nimba, if they love him. He has gone to my county to shed my people’s blood and this is unacceptable and the people of Nimba and everyone will be informed not to ever vote for him. Our people are mad and very angry and until an apology is extended to us, Nimbaians (1.2 million) will not vote for him,” Johnson promised.

The controversial Nimba strongman emphasized that Sen. Weah has no control over his men, “just as Charles Taylor had no control. I had control over my men in combat.”

With the runoff scheduled for November 7, it is being circulated in recent weeks that Sen. Johnson has held a series of meetings with “financiers and political heavy weights” of the CDC, who reportedly promised not to turn him over to the war crimes court should he cross over to them. Sen. Johnson has reportedly told his supporters not to “betray the struggle” but rather to go by the Ganta Declaration. One account said he has traveled to Ghana with Robert Sirleaf, the son of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to seal the deal of his “cross-over to the CDC.”

Up to press time last night, Johnson was yet to respond to numerous phone calls the Daily Observer made to him to clear the air.

Sen. Johnson has worn many notable hats in the social and political times of Liberia. He was once a rebel leader, now a politician, a clergyman and an overall eccentric disciplinarian, whose statements at tend to be curiously ambiguous.

He at one point made an open declaration of support for Boakai, but later said his statement was a “declaration of intent,” and not necessarily in support of the V.P.

“Johnson has always supported the idea of an indigenous president, because he is the liberator whose is still savoring his heroic role as seen in the eyes of his kinsmen,” MDR secretary general Wilfred Bangura told reporters.

The people of Nimba County assume they owe him a debt of gratitude and are willing to walk down the political isle with him, evidenced by his repeat successes in the senatorial elections as well as his surprising performances in the 2011 and 2017 presidential elections. This is why he is referred to as the “political godfather of the county.”

Historically, Nimba County has never voted massively for CDC. In 2011, when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf went there to campaign for re-election on the Unity Party (UP) ticket, the elders of the county told her that they had already pledged their support to their “son”, the senator, who was also running for president. However, they promised her that if PYJ did not reach the run-off, then she would have their vote. The people kept their word.

In spite of their promise to the President, PYJ posited himself as a “king-maker” following the first round, the assumption being that he had the power to sway the county vote either in favor of UP or CDC, in the run-off. In the end, Nimba voted overwhelmingly in favor of the UP candidate, Sirleaf.

If the 2011 instance is anything to go by, then it remains to be seen whether the people of Nimba will follow their “godfather” to fulfill his Ganta Declaration or whether he will venture into CDC alone.


  1. What will it take to unite this fragile country of ours????

    “(Prince) Johnson has always supported the idea of an indigenous president, because he is the liberator whose is still savoring his heroic role as seen in the eyes of his kinsmen,” MDR secretary general Wilfred Bangura told reporters.

    I read the above statement and I could not believe a man of Senator Prince Johnson stature could allegedly uttered such prejudice against his fellow Liberians who ran in the 2017 presidential election. Such derogatory comment is stereotypical, divisive and unconstitutional.

    There is nowhere in our constitution that says for a Liberian to run for president, or any legislative post in Liberia he/she should be an “indigenous or so-called “non-indigenous” Liberian.

    This ethnic “divide and rule” strategy by few “Ethnic Supremacists” tore Liberia apart! If we don’t nip this segregationist’s ideology in the butt now, it will lead us down another dangerous path to another civil war.

    We are all Liberians whether your ancestors were bore in Liberia; came from Sierra Leone; Ivory Coast; the Caribbean; Congo; Ghana; Nigeria; Guinea; or The United States;..etc….as long as your ancestors or you are of “Negro Descent” …..according to Liberia’s Constitution you are Liberian.

    This quote from Article 52 of The 1985 Revised Constitution is a testament to who qualifies to run for President of Liberia. There is no reference to ethnicity…..only county.

    “No person shall be eligible to hold the office of President or Vice-President, unless that person is:
    a. a natural born Liberian citizen of not less than 35 years of age:
    b. the owner of unencumbered real property valued at not less than twenty-five
    thousand dollars; and
    c. resident in the Republic ten years prior to his election, provided that the President and the Vice-President shall not come from the same County.”

    Prince Johnson and my fellow Liberians who are preaching this Liberia sectarian divide (native vs congua, indigenous vs non-indigenous) for political expediency, I urge you to stop.

    We lost nearly 250,000 of our fellow Liberians because of such divisive rhetoric. If Boakai wins, he is a Liberian. If George Weah wins, he is a Liberian. Liberia prospers if every Liberian, regardless of his/his ethnic background, prospers.

    We can either live together in peace or die together in war. May God bless this glorious land of liberty!!!

    • Alpha C; get real! Liberians have always been POLARIZED… Talk/Write all you want. At the end of the day, a Mandingo will go to bed/home as a Mandingo. An Americo/Congo Liberian will go to bed/home as such… The Congoes/Americo Liberians Vs Indigenous Liberians issues, will be for some Times. However, we shall over come. One of the best solutions, is intermarriage. Love will keep us together. Haven’t you heard?

      • You check the background of every single person who is labeled as congo by ethnic supremacists and you will find they have an indigenous background as well. The congo vs native rhetoric is a tactic used by politicians and sociopaths to divide Liberians. For example there is a man on social media called Eugene Fahngon or something like that. He himself admitted he has both indigenous and congo background in one of his videos. I think he was first with ALP then he was with UP because he claimed it was an indigenous ticket then he jumped from UP to CDC claiming a congo conspiracy in UP even though the VP candidate from CDC has been branded as “congo”. The branding of people as congo or native in politics and has always been about divide and rule.

        • Notice how some ethnic supremacist sociopaths have stated they don’t care who wins because both candidates are “native” or indigenous. This should tell you everything you need to know about their mentality. It has nothing to do with the credibility of the candidates, the issues or what is best for the Liberian people. Furthermore, no matter who wins if they fail to deliver these every same people will find some way to blame it on these imaginary, magical and all powerful congo people.

  2. Bullshit news from a bullshit and fake news agency. Prince Johnson has never said he was joining CDC. Prince Johnson said if Weah becomes President, there will be war in Liberia. Prince Johnson said Weah is illiterate and incompetent so why the hell will this bullshit story be published. Prince Johnson wants an indigenous ticket so why would he support Jewel Taylor, rebel Charles Taylor’s wife and CDC? Everything about this fake news smells like shit.

  3. Mr. Alpha Corneh, you take verious exception to Prince Johnsonś choice of “always supporting the idea of an indigenous president”. A choice on the part of Prince Johnson which is the obvious and natural prompting of the legitimacy of identity politics. But you see nothing wrong with Joseph Boakaiś BANNER WITH HIS “INDIGENOUS TICKET” MOTTO OR SLOGAN? WHAT A UNITY PARTY!!!

    What you should by now be applauding IS the great and historic Ganta declaration moving towards the national reconciliation of the country, and not taking exception to the natural and inevitable unstoppable force of identity politics vis an individualś presidential choice of the nation.

  4. Mr. Alpha Conneh,

    You take serious exception to Prince Johnsonś choice of “always supporting the idea of an indigenous president”. A choice on the part of Prince Johnson which is the obvious and natural prompting of the legitimacy of identity politics. But you see nothing wrong with Joseph Boakaiś BANNER WITH HIS UNITY PARTYŚ “INDIGENOUS TICKET” MOTTO OR SLOGAN? WHAT A UNITY PARTY!!!

    What you should by now be applauding IS the great and historic Ganta declaration moving towards the national reconciliation of the country, and not taking exception to the natural and inevitable unstoppable force of identity politics vis an individualś presidential choice of the nation.

  5. If PYJ sticks to his guns, it’ll be difficult for the UP to pull things over. The word is digficult, not impossible. One can surmise that an offer was made by the UP that was not too juicy enough to be received by PYJ. On the other hand, I am sure negotiations are ongoing. Also, knowing PYJ, anything could happen. He may say no to the UP for- es for now, but in the final analysis, he could switch into the yes column.
    Let’s be careful with fake news also. Maybe PYJ is unaware of all that’s been said so far.

  6. Mr. Cephas,
    Your point has been made. But, I think the BS word you used is like a punch below the belt.
    Ha, ha. If you punch above the belt, you will get more points.
    Later buddy.

  7. Prince Johnson, please take note and don’t let Ellen Sirleaf fool you again. Remember what she did to Thomas Quiwonkpa, Sam Duopu, Jackson F. Doe and all the great people of Nimba. Ellen Sirleaf dont’ like the Boakia and is doing everything to get her Congau people in power, including Charles Taylor.
    Please be careful why you are with her in Lagos

  8. Why media insituations don’t get a balance story before publishing said story, I hate it when they say “up to press time, we were unable to reach said individual” than no need to publish the story. We need professionalism in this field. Stop publishing unbalanced story.

  9. Prince Johnson is on record stateing that wean is incompetent to lead Liberia due to the fact that he is unable to control his own political party members and is uneducated , he even mention the fact that if weah should become President Liberia will return to civil war again., therefore I really don’t c prince supporting weah under no circumstances after all what he have said against weah and his enemy ( taylor) wife or ex-wife is the vice standard bearer of CDC. If he’s a man of his words then I don’t really c him supporting weah, regardless of the ganta declaration which was just a political strategic mend to intimidate the ruling party

  10. Look,look Liberians, think big and think wise, do not let any ruffles statements distract your good thought of deriction, Liberia is our only holp and our only lovely mother land, liberia will not remain like this, liberia will be call one of most deverlop countries in africa and also be a place to be in the name of Jesus christ of nazerath by the grace of God the mighty Aman.

  11. I think Mr. Johnson needs to visit the rehab because every time he’s addressing an occasion or event, he always make mention of blood which proves that he’s still blood driven.

  12. Daily Observer,

    So, ACCORDING TO DAILY OBSERVER, “It is becoming crystal clear that Sen. Johnson AND ALL OTHER SIGNATORIES TO THE GANTA DECLARATION ARE ON THEIR way to joining the CDC”?

    This statement of yours below implies you are against the Ganta Declaration.

    “It is becoming crystal clear that Sen. Johnson is on his way to joining the CDC.”.

    Please desist from distortion. You are too old for such glaring irregularity.

  13. Thank you Mr. Paye. Prince Johnson is an UNREHABILITATED, Rebel who became a STATEMEN with the help of the bias ECOMOG and the USA. Let not forget that Johnson became famous by the NPFL. Credite goes to Taylor, for taken him to the MATABAR BASE in Libya for trainning in 1987. All thing consider, Johnson would had been a truck driver or mechanic. We Liberian are the only people on the continent of Africa that give power to people who kill us. We gave to Power to Ellen Sirlef, the founder of NPFL, and allow Taylor to go to the HAGUE. The world is laughing at us.

  14. Unsurprisingly, media outlets at home love everything our political maverick, Hon Prince Yormie Johnson, utters, does, or may do. Why not? It is usually controversial, and, tellingly, politicians worldwide crave the attention of journalists; a symbiotic relationship, if you will.

    Thus those who dismiss PYJ as “erratic” are missing the rationality of his chameleon personas.

    Here is a former warlord who fled Liberia for safety, stayed in Nigeria for years, yet able to persuade most Nimbaians left behind in the midst of a sectarian civil war that he is the county’s savior, and, allegedly, based on that perception, morphed into their “Man of the People”.

    Undoubtedly, it takes Machiavellian conceit not only to achieve such feat, but since 2005 be nationally relevant, elections after elections. Don’t underestimate PYJ.

  15. PYJ does not have Nimba County in his pocket. Nimba people are independent rational thinkers who know the difference between good and evil. He can uphold whatever declarations he signed, but we will campaigned vigorously against evil. This will be the down fall of PYJ if he goes ahead with such plan/decision. He will lose his credibility with the county and its people. “A hint to the wise is sufficient”.

  16. Mr. Alpha Conneh, you need to go back and re-read the source of the statement that you attribute to Prince Johnson. If you do, you will find that you are completely wrong. As much as I despise the man for his vicious crimes against humanity, I come to his defense on this one. Prince Johnson said no such thing. It is clearly stated in the news source that the “MDR secretary general Wilfred Bangura told reporters” those words, and not Prince Johnson.
    This is the kind of reckless conduct on the part of some Liberians that tend to unfairly stain the name and reputation of fellow Liberians. I do realize that Prince Johnson has done more than enough to the LIberian people and our country that, in my view, permanently damages his character. Those are the issues you or anyone should associate him with, but not with something that he did not say or do. Although the MDR is Prince Johnson’s party, the two are independent of each other. Wilfred Bangura spoke to reporters in his capacity either as secretary general of MRS or as an individual. So, it is infair and irresponsible of you to attribute to him a comment that he never made.

  17. Your article left me a lot of experience and deep impressions, I hope you will have more interesting articles in the near future to share with readers.


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