PYJ Promises Justice For All Liberians

Sen. Johnson, with his vice standard bearer, addresses supporters in Ganta, Nimba County

 Will revisit Harry Greaves and Michael Allison murders, if elected President of Liberia

The political leader of the opposition Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR), Senator Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ), has vowed to deliver justice to all Liberians if he is elected President at the October 10 polls.

On his arrival in Ganta, the commercial hub of Nimba County last weekend, Sen. Johnson said his administration will dispense justice and  anyone found guilty of the arbitrary killing of a fellow human will face the full weight of the law, including being hanged, to serve as a deterrent.

“There is no room for ritualistic killers, because we will send to court anyone accused of the act and if found guilty, that person will bear the full punishment by hanging,” he told his supporters to a round of applause.

Sen. Johnson blamed the government for not doing enough about the mysterious death of Harry Greaves, former managing director of the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Corporation, who was found dead at a beach in Monrovia. He promised that if elected, his government will revisit the case to ensure that justice is done.

“How can the body of a man who got drowned around the ELWA-Robertsfield Highway appear on shore in Monrovia when the sea wave should have carried the remains toward Marshall in the South?” he asked.

“Up to present, nobody has been arrested, not even the driver or the hotel management where Mr. Greaves had reportedly gone to attend a meeting.”

Johnson vowed to also revisit the death of Attorney Michael Allison, a whistle blower who died under similar circumstances as Greaves, including his body being found on the beach.

Sen Johnson arriving in Sanniquellie

Sen. Johnson, who was triumphantly received upon arrival on Friday, explained how his government will handle the country’s resources for the betterment of the entire citizenry.

He said there is no need for Liberia to depend on donor money before implementing any development project “because the country is rich in natural resources, but it has been mishandled by past leaders who caused the country to rely on foreign aid.”

Despite criticisms from opponents, Sen. Johnson and his entourage locked down Ganta with thousands of his supporters taking over the central part of the city where they had gathered to receive him.

Johnson also talked about cracking down on corruption and bringing any would be perpetrator to justice.


  1. I can’t wait to see all those who committed serious crime in this country, have their days in court and if found guilty face the full arm of the law.

  2. Some of these candidates are making fun of the frustration and anguish of the Liberian people; imagine that coming from PYJ of all people.

  3. Allow the World crime court to come in the Mother Land to investigate those who cause serious crimes to save the next generation.

  4. He will definitely make a no nonsense leader. For those of you who still dwell on the past, see how well Nimba is doing as compared to the rest, thanks to PYJ’s leaderleadership. But all you see is Tribe and war.

  5. Who is PYJ?? A person that liberated his Nimba people as he so claimed. Killed a sitting president, killed innocent people, forcefully took people wives. Who is PYJ?? A murderer turn pastor, praise be to GOD for mercy. An addictive occultist that uses charms to sustain livelihood

  6. Comment:who not kill around here, the past is over, you that talking about justice justice you trying to bring problems here again, read the history of the great united States what those presidents did there. PYJ is Free.


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