PYJ Promises ‘Democratic Coup d’état’

PYJ: “I will support Boakai because he is like me, a ‘kontry man’ from the majority bloc”

To unseat the minority; Supports Boakai’s presidency on majority basis

By David S. Menjor

The political leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconciliation (MDR), Senator Prince Yormie Johnson, has promised to stage what he called a ‘democratic coup d’état’ at the ballot box this year to bring an end to minority rule in the country.

The Nimba Senator, who emerged third in the 2011 presidential elections, said he is prepared to ‘dance’ with Vice President Joseph Boakai, the standard bearer of the Unity Party, to ensure that a ‘Kountryman’ (non Americo-Liberian) takes the nation’s presidency.

“I visited my spiritual friend, brother and father, Prophet T. B. Joshua and he told me, as he did in 2011, that I am a potential winner. But knowing that Joe Boakai, who is from the majority class (non Americo-Liberian) as I am, is in the race and most suited for the post than any of us, I will work with him,” Sen. Johnson said Tuesday at a press conference held at his party headquarters in Congo Town.

“Boakai is not the Unity Party. He is in the Unity Party,” Johnson said, adding that the VP is his ‘elder’ and as such he is not prepared to disturb the electoral process by standing for the presidency, while the UP standard bearer is also in the same competition.

Recently a war of words ensued between the standard bearer of Liberty Party (LP), Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, and supporters of the UP standard bearer, VP Joe N. Boakai, over the ‘congau-kountryman’ rule in the country. This divisive political campaign which is again creeping into Liberia’s political discourse as the country struggles to see the transition of an elected president to another in over 40 years is a dilemma that needs to be tackled.

Some pundits have argued that Sen. Johnson’s decision to abandon his political ambition to become the next president of the country is to get protection from the UP should the VP win.

The Congress of Democratic Change (now in a coalition called Coalition for Democratic Change) of Sen. George M. Weah, has vowed to turn over all accused war crimes perpetrators to the International Criminal Court in the Hague to face prosecution, should they win the presidency in October.

Meanwhile, Senator Johnson said political leaders and their followers who think that purchasing luxurious vehicles for their political campaigns will guarantee them victory are seriously mistaken.

“Cars will not vote for them; so they are wasting their own time and dreaming the wrong dreams,” he noted.

Concerning the failed coalition between his political party (MDR) and the All Liberian Party (ALP) of businessman turned politician Benoni Urey, he said Urey’s refusal to serve as his vice standard bearer brought an end to the proposed coalition.

“I have been tested at two main elections in this country but Urey has not been tested at any elections, not even for a city mayor position,” he pointed out.

Speaking further, Sen. Johnson accused Mr. Urey of a plot to kill him and his counterparts when Urey surreptitiously planned a coalition meeting with him in Accra, Ghana a few months ago.

“A few months ago, I received a communication from the ALP through one Alex Whapoe asking me and a few of my party executives to honor an invitation to Ghana for some political discussion. When we accepted, Mr. Whapoe, who was at that time in the United States, sent us our plane tickets. But in short, there came more than three changes in the plane tickets,” he said, noting that after Birdview, the last ticket that came for him and his three counterparts, Moses Ziah, Cllr. Cocker and Moses Bangura, were from Air Maroc, which always depart late in the evening.

The lawmaker said while in Ghana, he and his colleagues were not lodged at a hotel as expected but at a house surrounded by gangsters.

“After following all security measures, mainly with our information at the Kotoka Airport that Airport West is our place of lodging, but now found ourselves in a strange place, we called the driver who dropped us earlier in a small vehicle and he thinking we may have left something in the vehicle, returned and I ordered him to take us to a hotel I know in Accra. Alex Whapoe denied booking the previous place for us but I demanded that he pay for our lodging since it was he who invited us,” he said.

Sen. Johnson said a meeting which he and his fellow delegates attended was also attended by former BBC reporter Robin White and a colleague only identified as Jeff.

“It shocked me to see not Urey or Alex but the two white guys only, even though we were told that Urey’s business partners were there to meet with us to discuss political matters,” he said.

Johnson added that Urey was present the following day for the next meeting; and at that meeting, Robin White told him (PYJ) that Washington (USA) wants Urey for president in Liberia because Donald Trump is a businessman, as Urey is.

“White was forcing us to sign papers in an agreement to be sent to Urey on a merger but we refused and told him that anything considering coalition discussions should be done in Liberia,” he said.

Of late Sen. Johnson said he got to know that the car that picked them up from the Kotoka Airport to the strange location in Accra was one of Mr. Urey’s daughter’s vehicles, when Senator Sando Johnson introduced him “to a young girl.”

Speaking on the speculation that there are officials of the U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the country to arrest him for allegedly killing somebody (unnamed) during the 1990 war, he said it is completely untrue.

“If the FBI wants to extradite anyone for investigation and subsequent prosecution, they liaise with the government of the country of the person who might have committed a crime. In fact, their work is never in the news until it is accomplished,” he said, adding that he is a statesman and as such, no one can just walk in and take him away for any reason.

“To say a few words, Dr. Robin White told me in Ghana at our failed meeting that if I accepted to work with Urey as his deputy the war crimes court to be established will only look into cases that occurred from 1995 to 2003 but I told him that there should be no need to exclude unless I am the only one who committed atrocities in this country,” he said.

PYJ said his decision to support Boakai’s presidency is not for financial gain, as Urey did by trying to lure him into a “dubious deal,” to which he disagreed.

“Now it is about the future of our country. We need to decide for ourselves how we will manage our own resources rather than mortgaging them as this regime and others did. We are conscious that our people are suffering and there must come a permanent change beginning with the October elections,” he said.

He emphasized that the country’s leadership, the Presidency, must not continue with those he called “the very few.”

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. This article is a joke, right…These people cannot be running for office, this article reads like movie based on fiction, Liberia is screwed with these characters running for high office, my sympathy is to the average Liberian that has to put up these so called leaders..

  2. Prince Johnson, you “will support Boakai” NOT “because he is like you, a ‘kountry man’ from the majority bloc” BUT because you have been fooled By him and others that if God forbid he becomes president, he will not call for the establishment of a war crimes court for Liberia, or he will not have you arrested and passed over to the International Criminal Court . BUT WAIT AND SEE BEN!

  3. Kandajabah, firstly I’m not sure if you’re real; otherwise you’re very wrong to suggest that VP Boakai fooled Senator Prince Johnson. You know nothing about the Vice President of Liberia, neither do you know of any interactions between him and the Senator.

  4. Crazy is as crazy does. The fact that the people of Nimba keep electing this blood thirsty rebel warlord say a lot about their intelligence.

    • Mr Patriotic, the first law of nature is survival of the fittest. The people of Nimba are not fools.Every nation honours its her9s, so the people of Nimba are just been truthful to themselves.Nimbaians stand for and speak for what they see, feel, think and know is the truth. Until other Liberians can learn to punish their own when they do wrong like Nimbians do, Nimba will always honour its hero’s no matter how bad you see it.

  5. This is the irony; Prince Johnson who brutally killed the first native President Samuel K. Doe is preaching Congo/Native politics. What moral ground does he has to preach Congo/native? He should keep quiet. If he along with his collaborators and conspirators are short of ideas then let them keep quiet. This belongs in the pass; ideas now and personality politics

  6. The U.S is no longer interested in SETTLER; MINORITY dominating Liberia’s Politics. *Ref: Herman Cohen; former U.S Assistant Secretary of State for AFRICA. Is the U.S being devisive? You bet not! It’s Democracy. PYJ is right. If the U.S wants him, Uncle Sam would be bold about it. Don’t let anyone fools us, Liberians. Thanks! Hon. PYJ; for your total support for the Honorable J.Nyumah Boakai, the BEST of Liberia’s current Presidential Candidates. My Highest Esteems. “Forward We Go; Backward, Never.” It’s JNB, PRESIDENT, Republic of Liberia…

  7. It is PYJ’s right for his party to merge with VP Boakai ‘ s or any party. It is not right that a senior senator is echoing the mistake perception of resolve “to unseat the minority”. Most especially so after the passage of the Sawyer – Commission’s constitutional amendments which reintroduced a multiparty political system. Not to mention that the president is from the majority; ninety percent of legislators are from the majority; and roughly sixty percent of cabinet ministers including heads of corporations are of majority stock.

    And like I tried to point out in a post to the current FPA editorial, our political elites and their surrogates, both Congua and Country, are the ones (since the civil war) exploiting poor Congua and Country people. The latter equally suffering just like poor Whites and Blacks in the US. This means that we are undergoing a class warfare stoked by the widening gap between the haves and have – not; by any means, not an ethnic divide.

    Moreover, any tilt to a tyranny of the majority won’t quality as a democracy, and would make our collective aspirations for reconciliation, long-term stability and sustainable peace unachievable. That’s the last place we want to find ourselves.

    Instead, what we should together be advocating for are ethically conducted elections, and a responsive accountable political leadership heading a government of national unity. Mind you, anything less than uniting us is fraught with danger. For once let’s put Liberia before vaunting ambitions and parochial interests.

    • It takes visionaries to see that the divide in present day Liberia is not an ethnic divide; rather, it’s an economic divide between “the haves and haves-not”. No matter who wins this election now or in the future, if he/she fails to narrow this widening economic gap is asking for political suicide.

  8. An anonymous philosopher once said, “Modern man must descend the spiral of his own absurdity to the lowest point; only then can he look beyond it. It is obviously impossible to get around it, jump over it, or simply avoid it.”

    What an absurdity to hear these words allegedly coming from one of Liberia’s senior Senator, Prince Y. Johnson, “I will support Boakai because he is like me, a ‘kountry man’ from the majority bloc”. Remember, Liberia is greater than one selfish individual. Liberia will be Liberia! After all this mess, we are here today and gone tomorrow.

    Just the other day, Madam President made this clarion call, “We must integrate the Diaspora in our policies on migration.” On the contrary, a senior senator, PYJ, is preaching the gospel of disintegration “Country man vs Congua man” for his own political aggrandizement.

    How callous, insensitive, indifferent, and unsympathetic can PYJ be to the families and countless Liberians who lost approximately 250, 000 loved ones indiscriminately, regardless of their ethnic background, under his leadership as one of the rebel commanders during Liberia’s civil war?

    PYJ fails to comprehend that Liberia of today is not the same Liberia 40 or 50 years ago where the class-division permeated every fabric of our society. Today, the Liberian people are a mixture of different ethnicities and religions: different race, tribes, and mixed nationalities living in Liberia and the Diaspora.

    Therefore, how will PYJ or any peace loving individual preach hatred, divisiveness, tribalism, factionalism, and disintegration in this 21st century Liberia when Liberians both in the Diaspora and at home are integrating through mixed marriages, through religious, through political and through social integration?

    It would be absurd for PYJ to continue calling his fellow Liberians “Conqua” based solely on one’s nomenclature (name). Many Liberians of native origin have western names. Many Liberian women of “Americo-Liberian” origin have intermarried changed their names or their children’s names. Many Liberian men of “Americo-Liberian” origin have intermarried with native Liberian women and have children who are of mixed ethnic background. This is typical of many Liberians living in the Diaspora and in Liberia who have parents from different nationalities or race. This is a present day reality Liberians have to accept if we really want peaceful integration in Liberia.

    For political expediency, PYJ and few narrow-minded individuals are resurrecting this old dangerous political wedge “CONQUA vs NATIVE” that plunged our beautiful country to its demise. We have become the prodigal children of the world: From one of the fastest growing economies in the 60s and 70s to: Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world; Liberia is one of the least developed countries in the world. Liberia is diseased ridden country. No adequate hospitals, roads, schools, and infrastructure.

    Not to repeat these negative vices: tribalism, hatred, xenophobia, corruption, disintegration, and et cetera, that brought Liberia to the brim of destruction, that killed approximately 250,000 Liberians, PYJ and other self-centered politicians need to be talking about rebuilding Liberia: need to be talking about unity, integration, peace, jobs, education, health care, bilateral relationships, social programs, and last but not least infrastructure development and stop “the absurdity”.

  9. Coming to think of it, ironically, nothing exemplifies the majority – minority Country – Congua interconnectedness than many of our family names; for example, Prince Yormie Johnson! Well, I don’t know about you, folks, for me the middle name ( Yormie) of my dear old friend seems like an afterthought. He may dispense with it and that wouldn’t take away the fact that he is a Gio and a widely well – regarded leader of Nimba County, and Liberia for that manner. After all, he is one of our country’ s most popular politicians.

    The fact of the matter is that in advanced democracies major politicians employ spokesmen and speechwriters not because they couldn’t express themselves verbally or in writing but to sharpen messaging. Effective communication in any laguage is a learned skill. And anyone who’s in the business of persuading or convincing others, say a politician, ought to have the right help. Or, otherwise, there would be snafus like this and the inevitable belittling backlash.

  10. The man killed his own tribesman, Edwin Vaye, a Gio, Michael Doe(Kru), not to mention other Congos including Tecumseh Roberts, Tilman Garner, Samuel Doe(Country Man) etc. etc.
    This man(Prince Johnson) is a rascal and a murderer. That’s why no one wants him as their vice standard bearer. You take Prince Johnson as your vice, you have just signed your death warrant. He will overthrow you and seize power. The man is a soldier, “Libyan and Cuban” trained, he says. Our dear Vice President Joe Boakai should stay clear of him as Prince Johnson has a dismal human rights record. Let him tell his people (Nimbaians) to vote for you. Do not make any other commitment to him. Have you ever heard Leopard(Prince Johnson) and goat(other well meaning politicians who are not killers) consummating an agreement? A hint to the wise is quite sufficient.

  11. Saah, I knew Joe Böakai way back in Bomi Hills at the United Pentecostal Missions School When your little self may have not even been born.

  12. Liberia and Liberians, especially those who say they want to become President of the country.
    Let me ask a question: “Is it not too late for hear Americo-Liberians and native Liberians?”
    Is ths how you will govern and bring Liberians together? One of the vices that put one Liberian
    against another is the countryman vs Americo-Liberians. And the past President William V.S.
    Tubman dealt with that ever since. It is one of the reasons for the birth of Unification and
    Integration called Unification Day. Tough unwritten, but it was from that Day all of the officials
    of Government and other prominent citizens of Liberia made various choices as to which Tribe
    they chose to belong. For example, Thomas Bernard of Yes Taxi) became Gola, the Tolberts
    became Kpelle, the Hortons became Bassans (Grand Bassa County, the Tubmans became
    Grebo people, the Whetherspoons, Mitchell and the Bings became Sarpo people. So to this
    day, any one who still cry countryman and Americo-Liberians is unfit to rule the country’

    Look at the great United States of America, USA, while this country is, indeed and in truth,
    a melting put of nations including some Liberians are all Americans nothing else but Americans.
    And that is how the President of the United States American governs.

    It is said, whether politically or morally, that Liberia is a unitary nation. That suppose to mean
    that all of its people in this country are all Liberians. That is how we should think and govern.

    • Your historical reminder about the purpose of Liberia’s Unification Day is consequential for young Liberians who were not born during Tubman’s era.

      It is regrettable that PYJ and some politicians have no positive economic message to offer the Liberian people. Therefore, they are returning to the old “divide and conquer” political playbook “Conqua vs Native” to boost their egos.

      These unscrupulous individuals fail to realize that Liberia’s demographic has changed. It will continue to change rapidly. It is an indisputable fact. Since the war, Liberians are now living all over the world. Vice versa, people of different nationalities have settled in Liberia. This rapid assimilation has led to intermarriages between Liberians and other nationalities, or marriages between different races on both sides of the world. For example, we have half: Liberian-German; Liberian-Norwegian; Liberian-American; Liberian-Australian…..etc.….etc.

      Also, there are many second generation Liberian engineers, doctors, scientists, lawyers, educators, technocrats, pilots, and Liberians in other important fields, who were born abroad: From parents who are both Liberians; or from one parent who is Liberian and the other parent who is from a different nationality or race. How can we harness all these Liberian brain-power for the development of Liberia when a Liberian Senator, PYJ, is making such a divisive remark “I will support Boakai because he is like me, a ‘kountry man’ from the majority bloc”.

      Can you imagine if someone in Ghana had said such negative statement about Gerald Rawlings, who is of mixed race, “I will not support Gerald Rawlings because he is not a country man like me.” Ghanaians know better. They always put country first no matter what!

      Liberia’s demographic is changing rapidly. Our naturalization laws have to change in order to meet this brain-drain realization before it gets too late. Ghana and other rapidly developing African countries have made changes to wholesomely integrate their citizens coming from the Diaspora.

      On the contrary, Liberians will eagerly accept remittances coming into Liberia, but some Liberians do not eagerly accept Liberians coming from the diaspora, or even eagerly accept Liberians born in Liberia as Liberians: regardless they are 4th or 5th generation children of “Americo-Liberian” descent.

      As P. Allison Tarlue, Sr. rightfully said, “That supposed to mean that all of its people in this country are all Liberians.”

  13. Murderer PYJ has built his own tomb in Nimba …hope it’s occupied soon. Ppl of nimba sent crazy man to represent dem. Who’s crazier, i wonder.

  14. Why would Sen. Prince Johnson in the first place be allow to register a political party? The idea of individual owning and registering a political without any legal leadership structures nationwide is some of the reason why Sen.Prince Johnson and other political party leaders are making business with their political party in the country.People who are not serious political contenders shouldn’t be allow in the first place to register a party. But this why Liberia is refer to as a sick society without a clear visions before obtaining independence. And these are what many of our Leaders are proving on a day to day basis in the country.

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