PYJ Prepares for Victory in October

-Appoints Veteran Union Organizer Togba Porte as Campaign Manager

Mr. Porte speaking in an exclusive interview

Many Liberians continue to limit or confine the political influence and activities of Nimba County Senator Prince Yormie Johnson (PYJ), who is also the political leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR), to his native county. But this no longer seems to be the case as Johnson has appointed a very eloquent and articulate son of Montserrado County (specifically Croizerville), Togba R. Porte, to head his campaign team.

The veteran union organizer, who has over 15 years of union organizing experience under his belt as an executive member (second in command) of the Healthcare Union of New York City, has been charged with the responsibility to ensure that the MDR, “a fast growing progressive political institution,” wins at the polls in October.

Mr. Porte told the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview that the 2017 elections is the ideal time for transformation in Liberia. “We need to create a better Liberia and a good atmosphere for the citizenry of this country. The leadership of this country owes it to them. And because we want to commit ourselves to this cause as a party, this is why the requisite people who will ensure that these things are done are being recruited by our political leader,” he said.

“I come with a wealth of experience to this post and I think with my team we would do a very great job for the MDR, ensuring that we liberate our people from these leaders, who instead of serving our people continue to marginalize them.”

He indicated that the entire country needs a total overhaul, including its infrastructure and institutions.

Porte said many partisans and supporters of MDR know Senator PYJ as a man of his word and of principles, adding: “He is a man who does what he says and says what he does. Senator Jonson strongly believes that we need to make our people comfortable in their own country—and this is what we are endeavoring to do upon ascending to state power.”

Porte said the MDR platform is built around the acronym: SHARE – Security, Health, Agriculture, Reconstruction and Education. “Included in our platform is all the solutions that this country needs to be transformed, and the MDR has committed itself to these,” he added.

“I have known PYJ for over 20 years now but we only became close in the past six years and a half; and I have known him to be a very straightforward leader. He is the kind of leader that Liberians need currently. He is a man of his word and a straightforward person. This is why we are coming on board to ensure that his vision for this country is brought on the national scene.”

The MDR campaign manager, who is the son of E. Julius Porte, Sr. of Croizerville—a cousin of the legendary constitutional analyst and pamphleteer, Albert Porte, noted that he and his team are now drawing up their strategies that will ensure that MDR is victorious at the polls, which is just under eight months away.

“We will ensure that our party is victorious and we are employing all the requisite strategies to make it happen. We are good at organizing and we will use these skills to command victory,” he noted.

He said the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration has failed the Liberian people and there is a need for a paradigm shift in the governance structure of Liberia. “Leaders need to be servants of the people and not masters. Leaders need to learn how to stick to their promises. We need to be serious in this country,” he said.

After refuting claims that PYJ’s only stronghold is his native Nimba County, Porte used the occasion to disabuse every critic who feels that way by saying, “We attract our membership from all across the country. People are attracted to our political leaders from all fifteen counties of this country.”

Meanwhile, Porte’s claim that Senator Johnson’s influence or political persuasions are not only restricted to Nimba County was clearly proven  in the 2011 general and presidential elections when he surprised the nation by accumulating the third highest votes in the presidential election—making headways for himself, particularly in Lofa, Bong, Margibi and Grand Bassa counties.

PYJ was third behind Madam Sirleaf of the Unity Party and Winston Tubman of the CDC.


  1. Will Liberians get this up-coming 2017 election right this time? Or, will Liberia revert to the imperial presidency that has crippled our beloved nation?

    With so many political parties and candidates vying for a single post to become the next president, it is relatively impossible for ordinary Liberians to decipher all the noise in such polarized environment. There are too many critical issues at stake for this election to be taken for granted. The problems (political, economic, social, religious, inequalities, legal, poverty, developmental, lawlessness, homelessness, corruption, education, et cetera) in Liberia are enormous!

    There is a shortage of technocrats in Liberia. There massive brain-drain during our conflict years has left Liberia vulnerable. We cannot afford to elect the wrong people (legislators and president) this time. How will the neglected people in the rural areas vet most of these candidates whom they barely know? Will these presidential candidates remain in the country to contribute their skills after they are defeated?

    Or, will our new leaders have the guts to tackle some of these controversial constitutional issues that are limiting Liberia’s Development?

    To amend parts of the Constitution to meet present realities and future problems:

    To give citizenship to all people born in Liberia irrespective of color (we missed opportunities to give citizenship to all those expatriates children of non-negro descent that were born in Liberia).

    To grant dual citizenship to Liberians living abroad who want to return home.

    To reduce president, senator and representative term limits back to its pre-1986 Constitution years (the longer these government officials stay in office they become too complacent).

    Liberia is at a cross-road! If we do not elect leaders with integrity, vision, knowledge, strong work ethics, empathy, respect for law, love for people and country, we will only have ourselves to blame!

    Remember, Liberia will never develop as long as hyper-partisanship, tribalism, and divisiveness continue to polarize our nation. Vote wisely Liberians!!!!!

  2. PYJ may be in for a surprise this time around, because Nimba is fielding two vice standard bearers with two political parties. therefore, Prince Johnson will not win over the county as he did the last time.

  3. Chipping at the solid political block of Prince Johnson has become the political strategy of some political parties. This tactic is to undermine and marginalize the formidability of Senator Johnson in vote-rich Nimba County. It may not work!

    Mr Togba Porte is a formidable Campaign Manager. His addition to the PYJ Team further solidifies an already solid block for PYJ. My wish was that the smartest candidates would be brave enough and visionary enough to approach PYJ to be part of a winning team. Unfortunately, no one saw this undisputable winning vision!

  4. These are exciting political days in Liberia. To be honest, I am excited as well. It pleases me to see Liberians discuss the future of our country in civil manners.

    May the days of political tortures and killings be distant memories. May the days of intellectual political discourses be today’s memories and may it reign supreme.

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