PYJ Picks Koung against Grupee in 2020 Senatorial Election


Senator Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ) has broken silence over his choice among those who are expressing their desire to contest next year’s senatorial election in Nimba County.

Speaking on one of the community radios stations on Thursday, January 24, Sen. Johnson disclosed that Representative Jeremiah K. Koung of Nimba County District #1 has obtained his blessing for the senatorial post.

PYJ’s endorsement of Koung is a hostile move against fellow Nimba senator, incumbent Thomas Grupee, whose performance in the senate PYJ has described as being of “no benefit to the county.”

Sen. Johnson, who is commonly known as the ‘political godfather of Nimba’, described Rep. Koung as a “development-oriented person who, if elected, will contribute immensely to the development of the county.”

Some of Rep. Koung’s developments in the district, under the Legislative Support Project Fund, include some school and market buildings. Koung is the owner of the controversial E&J Hospital, which benefitted from budgetary appropriations for public hospitals but were clandestinely diverted to private health centers around the country.

This is the first time that Sen. Johnson has spoken openly about his choice in the ensuing (2020) special senatorial election, which the momentum is gradually overshadowing every activity in Nimba at the moment.

Rep. Koung ran on the ticket of Senator Johnson’s Movement of Development and Reconstruction in the 2017 general elections and won; a situation which Sen. Johnson described the incumbent Senator Thomas Grupee’s years in power as “no benefit to the county, because he has nothing to point to as development initiatives.”

Johnson also explained that Nimba County Superintendent David Dorr Cooper cannot run because he is not a member of the Coalition for Democratic Change. Even the CDC will not put a candidate against his choice, especially someone from his party, he boasted.

Local radio stations’ messages of donations from various political auxiliaries are aired regularly, while at the same time, those expressing interest in the senatorial race are moving around the county, making pledges and presenting cash to win the minds of voters.

There are few names that have emerged to contest the senatorial election, including the incumbent, Sen. Grupee; PYJ’s choice, Rep. Koung; Supt. Cooper; Taa Wongbe; and Edith Weh, former Nimba Superintendent and two-time runner-up for the post.

Besides Sen. Grupee, the rest of the contenders are yet to openly declare their intentions for the post.


  1. The third paragraph of this piece is very bias and divisive. The reporter should not have plunged himself into the politics of the country, undermining the Senator as he went along.

    Just report the news and let the people decide, even if PYJ presented Representative Koung to them.

  2. This man Prince Johnson, must think he’s something else other than the murderer he is. That’s called delusion of grandiosity. Prince Johnson is a fringe sociopath whose rightful place behind bars has been long delayed, thus denying his victims the justice they deserved. But thank God there’s no statute of limitation on his eventual lynching as just reward for his heinous crimes against the Liberian people. It is being delayed, but it shall come to pass.

    • dont get mad at Prince Johnson get mad at the Liberian people for allowing him to be a free man. the same stupid liberian people voted a mass murderer to Congress. it is not his fault i blame Ellen and Weah for not establishing a War Crimes Court. He is a murderer but what can you do about it ……..Nothing

      • Prince Johnson will support anyone who will not create a war crimes court. Koung will not support a war crimes court as does george weah.

  3. I think his decision is in the best interest of the masses NIMBA population.
    Rep Koung has demonstrated high level of leadership for the people of Nimba(district#1) he represents at the level of the lower house. His ascendancy to the senatorial position will give an opportunity to the people who are not in his district (1).
    The likes of Gordondain market, Gbloyee market ,Glenyeluu market, J. W Pearson High school annexes, J. W. Pearson extension annexes, microfinance to our women, tuition payment, the services provided by E&J Medical Center, the introduction and passage of the bill titled “An Act to build Ganta Vocational College” are reasons the senator want to enlarge his responsibility.
    Thank you!

  4. edwingkorden4770,
    Thanks for the update. As usual, some people are not addressing the issues. Attacking personalities and insulting others without cause are their road map.


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