PYJ Hits at Dr. Kadiker  Dahn


-Rains invectives on Dr. Dahn? 

What was expected to be a dialogue to mitigate harsh criticisms against  Nimba County Senator Prince Yormie Johnson from his kinsman, Dr. Kadiker Rex Dahn, literally turned into an outburst of invectives on the latter instead, when the senator seemed not to have his way to cajole  Dr. Dahn politically.

It all started on Tuesday, July 14, 2020, through a phone call from Senator Johnson to Dr. Dahn to dialogue and find a common ground to relax criticisms which Dr. Dahn has built up against the Senator over his handling of issues concerning Nimba County and its citizens since he became Senator in 2005 up to his second term.

Dr. Dahn has constantly striven to hold Senator Johnson accountable for fostering disunity among Nimbaians due to the senator’s utterances and actions, including the use of state resources, which he (Dahn) claimed the Senator has continued to divert to his personal wealth.

He accused the Senator of receiving joint legislative project funds which other Senators received in other counties, but the Nimba Senator does not use his share of the funds for county development projects anywhere in the county.

According to him, during the regime of  Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,  Representatives and Senators used to be allotted US$68,000 each for joint legislative projects in their respective counties, adding, “Senator Johnson does not have any project in Nimba for which the money was intended… But Senator Thomas Grupee has undertaken projects in the county to demonstrate that the state resources are being utilized properly.”

On account of the phone call communication which was held in both the Dan local language and English interchangeably, Senator Johnson’s concerns in the dialect would be translated: “What have I done to you? You brought a gown to my house and said nothing bad will come from you to me again. When Ellen sacked you and gave your position to me, I told her that you are my in-law; I don’t want the job; she should give your job back to you. I took you to Ellen and your job was given back to you…”

Senator Johnson continued: “But I don’t know what you and Etmonia Tarpeh did when she said that you were not qualified for the doctorate degree and you were removed.”

In the phone call conversation which lasted for four minutes and forty- seven seconds, Senator Johnson said Dr. Dahn continues to be on his back, noting that recently he (Senator Johnson) received reports from Nimba County that Dr. Dahn told Nimbaians that the Government of Liberia gave him (Johnson) money, but that said money has been used on Senator Johnson’s personal projects instead of being used for its intended purpose that would benefit the county.

The Senator clarified in terms of bragging that he has US$5.2 million and that a Nigerian millionaire is supporting his Ganta building project (university). He also noted that for ’18 years’ he has been in the Senate (even though he has not spent 18 years at the Senate) and that he is the Deputy Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament, an insinuation that his wealth is from these portfolios and not from funds intended for the county from the government.

However, responding to the Senator’s inquiry and comments, Dr. Dahn told him that though he (Dahn) was not prepared to delve into the issues raised by the Senator, he (Johnson) had badly treated the Gios and other Nimba intellectuals over the years.

He admitted that indeed Senator Johnson took him to Ellen when his dismissal attempts were in the making at the Ministry of Education, but the manipulation which finally came to pass was orchestrated by Senator Johnson whom he claimed brought in one Khalifa Bility to replace him (Dahn).

In a radical mood, Dr. Dahn inquired whether the US$5.2 million,  which the Senator claims he has, is accrued from his positions at both the Liberian Senate and the ECOWAS Parliament.

Consequently, hell began to break loose when Senator Johnson appeared  upset, thus raining invectives, using the sixth alphabet (f) to locate  where Dr. Dahn’s  doctorate degree is  ‘in his pocket.’

He further exacerbated the insults by equating the former Deputy Education Minister to an offspring of a domesticated animal (dog).

Meanwhile, the latest standoff between Dr. Dahn and Senator Johnson has come against the backdrop of a radio interview conducted in Nimba County during an awareness meeting held in Saclepea between members of Senator Thomas Grupee’s Campaign Team, and coordinators, supporters, and sympathizers of Senator Grupee in the county.

At the meeting and during the radio interview, Dr. Dahn, who chairs Team Grupee, out-rightly accused Senator Johnson of being engaged in ‘transactional politics’ against the supreme interest of the county.

Currently, Senator Johnson is reportedly supporting Nimba County District #1 Representative, Jeremiah Koung, for the upcoming mid-term senatorial election.


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