PYJ Endorses Rep. Koung’s Senatorial Bid

Senator Johnson (L) lifts the hand of Rep. Koung as a symbolic endorsement of Koung's senatorial bid.

Despite calling him greedy in a leaked audio

Senator Prince Y. Johnson, the man who influences how most people in the second populated county of Nimba vote in an election, has endorsed Representative Jeremiah Koung to run on his (Prince Johnson) Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) ticket in the upcoming senatorial election.  As a result of his influence, many aspirants contesting for elective positions in the county always seek his blessing to be victorious in the election.

Senator Johnson’s endorsement of Koung on August 5, 2020, came two days after audio circulated on social media that the Nimba County political godfather was not supporting Koung and describing him (Koung) as “Greedy.”

At a brief ceremony in the Ganta United Methodist Gymnasium, Senator Johnson put up a white ballot symbolizing the party’s endorsement and support to Rep. Koung senatorial bid.

Even though he had made demeaning and denigrating statements against Koung in the audio, Senator Johnson who on the day of the audio circulation came out to describe his statement as “Not serious” praised Representative Koung for many development initiatives in the county and classified him as one of the most respected lawmakers he has seen.

He said, “Jeremiah is able to bring more development to his people because we can count on what he has done since he was elected as one of the Representatives of this county.”

Senator Johnson criticized his opponents, saying, “Some of the people who want to come back to contest the senatorial position were among the county leadership that used US$800,000 from the county money for the celebration of the 2010 July 26 Independence Day Celebration in Nimba.”

Senator Johnson acknowledged seven of the 11 lawmakers including Representatives Johnson Gwaikolo, Roger Domah, Joseph Sonwabei, Dorwoan Gleekia, Gunpue Kargon, and Jeremiah Koung of the county for being more respectful to him in running the affairs of the county.

The occasion was well attended by Sympathizers of the MDR and the Friends of Jeremiah Koung, who came from different political backgrounds.

Rep. Koung in response to his endorsement began with the popular praise and worship song, “What the Lord has done for me I can not tell it all,” stating, “the battle to unify Nimba has begun, calling on his supporters to avoid castigating and insulting any of his opponents.

On August 1, 2020, CDC stalwart and Youth Chairman, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, pledged CDC’s support to any candidate put out by the MDR to contest the special senatorial election.

“If this surely happens, it means the CDC will side with the MDR to canvass against other opponents, including CPP and other independent candidates,” Koijee said recently.
The actual candidate for the CPP in Nimba is yet to be announced, but the two persons from the CPP, Edith Gongloe Weh, and Taa Wongbe are carrying on their own awareness across the county.

The fate of former Superintendent Dorr Cooper, who crossed over from Unity Party in 2017 to CDC is yet unknown as the CDC has pledged its support to the MDR.

The status of the remaining three aspirants, including Adolphus Dolo, Garrison Yealue, and the sitting Senator Grupee in terms of their political link is yet to be known.  Senator Grupee was expelled last year from the Unity Party for his participation in the impeachment proceedings of Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh where he voted in favor of the Associate Justice’s removal.  Garrison Yealue won on the ticket of the National Union for Democratic Progress (NUDP) in 2011, but he and his standard-bearer, Senator Johnson who founded the party, fell apart.


  1. No disrespect to my in-laws in Nimba. But why do they take Prince Johnson so seriously? One minute he says don’t vote for this person and the next moment, he’s endorsing them. He did the same thing with Candidate George Weah in 2017. Now it’s Jeremiah Koung.
    I think they need to learn to evaluate and elect their own leaders than allowing Prince Johnson to tell them to vote for all the time.
    On another note, the issue of sitting representatives running for vacant senatorial seats is becoming a political nuisance in Liberia nowadays. And then when they win, it creates a vacancy that leads to another by-election. Already the country in struggling financially, it just puts further strain on the government. This is sheer greediness! And most of the time, they’re just in it for themselves. Not to make a greater impact.
    The same is happening in Bong, Montserrado and a host of other counties. I think a law should be enacted that apart from sitting senators running for president, any other public servant who wishes to contest for a higher office should resign six months earlier.
    Liberia is going no where with all of these greedy political maneuvers/undertakings.

  2. They take Prince Johnson seriously because Prince Johnson takes them seriously. Unlike other rascals as Tiawen Gongloe, Kabineh Janeh, etc. etc, who are only interested in the votes of the people of Nimba, Prince Yormie Johnson puts his cash, his reputation, and his life, on the line for all of the people of Nimba!

    Hence, for such distinctions beyond expectations, he has become the most powerful soul whose grass-roots acceptance is unequaled and unmatched in the struggle for power on the political landscape of Nimba County.

  3. Leaders who serve the church at the same time and the state are bound to fall. Its either Jesus or the Devil. Choice of one or none. We have seen this in many instances in the history of the world. Cite your own examples.

    Suggest that if you would like to execute the laws of this Land , you should sit and listen to the preacher and not preach yourself. Is God your master? Or is the Devil your boss?

    Answer the Liberian people their election. Not me..


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