PYJ Endorses Rep. Koung for Senate Today

Senator Johnson (L) has finally endorsed Rep. Koung's (R) senatorial bid.

Nimba County’s political godfather, Senator Y. Prince Johnson, is expected to endorse his political son Rep. Jeremiah Koung’s senatorial bid today.

Representative Koung, who has been elected for two terms now as Representative of Electoral District #1, has embarked on political humanitarians’ donation—distributions of cash and bags of cement to win the hearts and minds of voters, while at the same time, completing projects he touched during the 2017 election to entice voters.

The planned endorsement from Sen. Prince Johnson, who is no stranger to controversy, comes amid leaked audio in which he described Representative Koung as “greedy”.

In the audio, Sen. Johnson said that “Jeremiah Koung, who is in my party, I have not come to the county to tell people I support him — no. Principally, I’ll tell you this: to be too damn greedy is not good. We elected Jeremiah Koung in 2017 up to 20203. Why will he want to contest against Tom Grupee for example? Why does he want to contest against everybody?”

He added: “I told him, I told his people.  Your (you) go around and divide the money you have stolen, let the people eat.  Because he is the House’s Ways and Means Co-Chair; any Minister that comes to defend his budget can pay to them.  He has money; so let him spend it.”

But shortly after that audio release, Sen. Johnson was heard in another leaked audio saying that [Wednesday, August 5], he would be endorsing Rep. Koung for the senatorial post. When quizzed about his apparent inconsistency on Koung, he reframed the point by describing himself as “unpredictable”, describing it as one of his most valuable attributes as a politician. As the political godfather of the county, Sen. Johnson controls Liberia’s second most populated county that has more voters than any other county next to Montserrado County.

However, it is yet unclear whether Sen. Johnson’s loyal supporters would be also inclined to support Rep. Koung over other candidates in the race, despite his the audio.

More details to follow.


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