Gbarpolu Youth ‘Disrupt’ PYJ’s Rally

Senator Prince Yormie Johnson and his running mate take the stump in the back of a pickup, on the campaign trail in Gbarpolu County (Photo: Alfred Kortu | Facebook)

Senator Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ), standard bearer of the opposition Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR), on Wednesday, August 30, abruptly abandoned his political speech and cut short his planned politically rally in Gbarma Town, Gbarma Statutory District in Gbarpolu County, when youth in the area reportedly disrupted his speech. Sen. Johnson’s action became volatile when a youth group, a conglomeration of representatives of various political parties, pretending to be sympathizers of the MDR reportedly disrupted his speech by rowdily chanting a barrage of political slogans. Johnson arrived in Gbarma Town via Tubmanburg, Bomi County in a long convoy under drizzling rain, as the residents including children of Gbarma Town emerged from all directions to catch a glimpse of him and listen to his campaign message.

The program, which was planned to be hosted in the town’s administrative hall, brought together elders, market women, youth and members of the Nimba County community under the banner of the Nimba Kwado Organization (NKO). The NKO leadership is reportedly disappointed with the youth’s violent action. As protocol demanded, the MDR standard bearer was called to deliver his message to the people. At the event, Johnson decided to deliver his speech near the front door, close to where his four-wheel Toyota Hillux was parked. No sooner had Senator Johnson disembarked onto the floor, the youth started chanting slogans unfamiliar to the gathering. “Since majority of you are standing outside under the rain, I will join you, instead of you alone being in the rain,” Johnson told the teeming crowd.

But Senator Johnson’s speech standing by the door of his car was inaudible as some of the youth were crying ‘PYJ! PYJ!! PYJ!!!’ Johnson, however, managed to quiet them down and continued his speech for a short while, which was centered on food security for the nation, equal justice and peace for all Liberians, if elected President at the October polls. The situation did not last long when the youth again burst into another slogan, this time violently disrupting the occasion to the extent that Sen. Johnson asked to meet with the group’s leader, but to no avail. He tried to continue his massage, but was unable to the extent that he ordered his bodyguards and entourage to vacate the scene for Bopolu City, where they reportedly spent the night, and departed for Monrovia the next day.

Accordingly, Senator Johnson and his party’s abrupt departure was the talk of the town. “This was a test for him as a person who wants to lead the nation,” said some, while others argued that the youth’s action was totally unbecoming and wrong; and as such, the senator was right to cut short his rally. Some elders argued that Senator Johnson should have controlled his temper and meet with his kinsmen (Nimba citizens), who wholeheartedly welcomed him to the district.

They, meanwhile, referred to Sen. Johnson’s action as a “slap in the face,” something which they said brought shame and disgrace to Nimba citizens residing in the district.


  1. You reap what you sow. His actions and approach to our national conversation is what those youth may have learned from his character over the years. It’s unfortunate that he received such reception, but I hope he and others who share similar personality like him will be more thoughtful about the kind of Liberia we wish to build for the future as they go about managing our country.

  2. It is despicable for the ‘so call’ youth to have disrupted his visit and campaign. Similar situation occurred in Clara town with the vice president and many were condemning the act which was proper. So to say “he reaped what he sowed” is distasteful of you saying it, and it doesn’t bore well for our nascent democracy.

    If the Senator is disruptive as you are claiming then we should teach him civility by our actions.

    Please note that I am not his supporter in anyway or form.

  3. PYJ; No Harm! It’s just part of the political ARENA. You are a “MAN of HONOR”. Thanks! Let the Liberian People Know: Sir. P.Y.Johnson, is our KNIGHT. He SLAYED the Dragon that TERRORIZED the Liberian People. I like PYJ’S STYLE: “NO SECOND PLACE”. Liberia’s Indigenous People; the MAJORITY Must/Should have Liberia’s Political Leadership ie, The Presidency of Liberia; Just as Sierra Leone, Kenya, South Africa… in Africa. “It’s Not Divisiveness. It’s Fairness.

  4. Of course the youth were wrong to go about in this situation the manner they did. No one should endorse incivility, especially in our country which continues to face adversities of several dimensions. My observation is meant to caution all of us who seek to help rebuild our society, no matter where we find ourselves contributing in it, even on this platform, to be aware of our capacities and the conducts that accompany them if we seek to have influential conversations about policy with our people. Character is important in seeking any endeavor you deem important. If anyone disagrees, build your character as a thief and seek to be a treasurer of your local susu club. If the perspective club members bark at your quest in any form, would you frown on them about what they’ve grown accustomed to knowing about you?

  5. Great job from the youth leader. since the elder I always there to set no future for the youth, they now taking the future in their own good hands. God bless the youth of that town and may their future be bright as God bring to them the vision now and forward on

  6. Let PYJ wait mehn!
    This guy was the one that gave the election to
    Unity party 2005 and 2011.
    He want to do the same this year.
    I’m very Concerned that PYJ will end up
    giving the Election to Unity party again. Anything this man say
    Nimba county will do it.

  7. The “Gun that liberates should not rule”, to put it in his(PYJ), own words. Infect, the Liberian people want good leadership and not ruler-ship. A hint to a wise.

  8. A little bit but very important info I know about Senator PY Johnson is that,
    he was dishonorably dismissed from the Armed Forces of Liberia by the late
    President William R. Tolbert, Jr. President vow that as long as he remained
    President of this Republic, Prince Y. Johnson will never ever be allowed in the
    Armed Forces of Liberia, because Prince Y. Johnson was a lieutenant in the
    Armed Forces of Liberia and led an ambush that ambushed the Military Pay
    Team. How then Prince Y. Johnson was back in the Armed Forces of Liberia?
    It was the late President His Excellency Dr. Samuel Kanyon Doe who brought
    Prince Y. Johnson back into the Armed Forces of Liberia and that was his pay
    that Prince Johnson gave him- buthered him to death alive.

  9. There still are other reboes still trying to seek power. “All have sin and fallen short of the glory of God.” But the issue with this one ex-reboe is that he must want to win, persistent, yet still preaching to God plus repenting asking Jesus for forgiveness. If the Liberian people should consider him, you never know; But he must announce to the public that he will no more preach on God’s pulpit. Not possible to do both. There is only one master to serve. Preaching the gospel and joining the politics of gimmicks and lies. No way. God made the universe and everything on earth. Even the devil. You must choice one to serve the Liberian people. This applies to all candidates doing the same.
    The Church vs the State. Let the people know.
    Gone in silence to silent majority.

  10. The other alternative for this ex-reboe is to leave state powers and cling to the Holy bible ONLY, gospel, speak to god, pray for his needs, and serve the Church of God, its people.
    Gone to 57%. Let Liberians know.


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