Putu Chiefdom Wants Grand Gedeh Sup’t Dismissed

Grand Gedeh Superintendent, Kai Farley

The people of Putu Chiefdom, Grand Gedeh County, have called for the immediate removal of Grand Gedeh Superintendent Kai Farley. The Putu Elders Council is the highest decision-making body of Putu Chiefdom.

According to a release signed by Elder Isaac Jedo, general secretary of the Putu Elders Council, the Putu people took the decision on February 8, 2019, because of the “life-threatening violence” that Superintendent Farley used to prevent the removal of Arthur Gbarbow as chairperson of the Putu Community Forest Management Body (PCFMB).

“Superintendent Farley used officers of the Liberian National Police assigned with the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) to injure several Putu residents and Mrs. Veronica Sheriff-Morlon, a citizen of the United States of America, whose mother is from the Putu Chiefdom,” the release said.
“One of the most injured persons during the violence at Petrokun Town on January 18, 2019, was 93-year-old Elder Thomas Quiah, Senior Advisor to the Putu Elders Council.”

The Putu Elders Council, which appointed Mr. Gbarbow in March 2015, decided to remove him, “because of his poor performance exhibited mainly by his dictatorial behavior and non-accountability to the appointing body in particular and the Putu people in general.”

While Mr. Farley is yet to respond to a number of calls and text messages placed by the Daily Observer to him, the Putu Elders Council has now appointed Mr. Jedo to replace Mr. Gbarbow, pending recognition of Mr. Jedo by the Forest Development Authority (FDA).

In addition to the violence at Petrokun, Superintendent Farley arrested and detained Mrs. Morlon and two other Putuans, Emmanuel Wablo and Tee-Mahn Poah.

They were detained for 12 hours in Gbarbo Town, and released only after the intervention of a human rights organization, FOI and the Embassy of the United States of America in an action taken to protect the rights of Mrs. Sheriff-Morlon and her co-workers.

The release said the Putu people will not be intimidated and will pursue the Rule of Law. It made reference to the historic case of the Putu people versus the Government of Liberia in the late 1970s when the government, through the Grand Gedeh Superintendent, took an action to prevent the reduction of poverty in Putu, as the Putu people formed the Putu Development Corporation (PUDECO).

The release said the Putu people took the government to the Circuit Court in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh and when the gavel of Judge Galima Baysah landed, the historic path-breaking decision came out loud and clear that the Putu people had won the case.

In effect, the present case against Superintendent Farley is in the interest, not only the oppressed people of Putu, but also in the interest of all Liberians who love justice and accountability, the release said.


  1. Let’s see how long it will take for president Jorweah to “suspend” this other superintendent. A situation more compelling than the ego trip involving the Bong County superintendent. We will be watching and anxiously.

    • george weah is a chicken head who stays low and makes no comments on any critical matter. what did he say when the gold miners were trapped? he waited one week. You go George and chase those dollars and not the welfare of the Liberian people.

    • I am a Putuan, from Petrokon(Tiama town). These elders view don’t represent the sixteen towns and villages of Putu. How can a SG who haven’t gone home for more than a year now signed as elder Council of Putu. This story lacks balanced.

  2. Just because the Putu Elders feel that their County Superintendent should step down does not mean they’re right. Both sides of the story must be heard. The Superintendent’s side must be heard. In order for the truth to be arrived at, an investigation is imperative. I hope there’ll not be a suspension or a termination.

    I agree with Liberians who suggest that Superintendents should be elected. By granting county residents the opportunity to elect their own Superintendent, the country’s voting system can be improved. In fact, doing just that could create some jobs even if the jobs are temporary. Furthermore, by granting such an opportunity for County residents to elect their own Superintendent, the “power of the president” (not just Weah’s power, all presidents’ power) will not be deminished.

    I hope that Weah will not be dictated to by anyone. That’s because no one knows what lurks in the hearts of people. Some people in and out of his inner circle cannot be trusted. Some people do not want him to succeed at all. They’re eagerly waiting in the wings to smell a blunder. Weah’s modus operandi in the Putu Elders’ case should be to call for an investigation.

    • I couldn’t just resist the illogic in your post above, Mr. Hney. You want us to believe that every situation has two sides and therefore the need for caution and investigation before the president should take action. Yet you believe the president was right in suspending the superintendent of Bong County before her investigation is concluded? Do you now see why I advised you yesterday in another discussion, to just read some of these news reports and be quiet? Not every article here requires your reaction my friend, especially when you’re offering no new perspective or insight on the subject matter. Makes sense?

  3. Hilary,
    You seem to have a problem with me. In 2018, you questioned why my family name was not spelled as “Haney”. Right? Here you are this year wondering whether I am a Mr. or a Mrs. In the latest episode, you stated that you wanted to show respect by referring to me with a prefix and that’s why you wrote by saying Mr. or Mrs. Hney. How can you show respect when you refer to me with derogatory titles or label me as a Weah worshipper? Guess what Hilary? I am very simpatico. I will not be offended if you respond to my comments by referring to me as Hney or F. S. Hney. Also, be reminded that you cannot silence me regardless of how you question my logic.

    Two different issues:
    I strongly believe that the issues of Bong and Grand Gedeh counties are different and unequal. Both issues carry different weights! If you don’t think that an indepth investigation is warranted before a judgement is rendered by Mr. Weah, don’t waste your time questioning my logic.
    Lastly, you and I do not have to agree on anything about Weah. I know how you feel about Weah. And that’s fine! You have a moral obligation to oppose any politician that you feel uncomfortable with. But, be civil with me. You don’t know me, neither do I. We can agree to disagree.

    • Where on this site or anywhere else for that matter, could I have been so callous as to have asked you or any other poster here, as to why they didn’t spell their name a certain way? Does that make sense? You must be mistaking me for someone else, my friend. And as if I’ve never heard or seen that name before?

      And by the way, I respond to the slew of inanities you post here not out of any obsession with you, God forbid! I do so simply out of love for country-setting the records straight on the deranged and provocative things you say here in response to issues pertaining to Liberia.

      But guess what? Your litany of irking posts tonight have just won for you a self-gagging imposition on me from now on. Meaning you are no longer on my radar henceforth. Too tedious and exacting to have to be explaining and clarifying every exchange with you. So consider yourself disembarrassed here by me from now on. Bye!

  4. Not yet Hilary. Don’t be quickly contemptous of what you say I do. You’re not gagged by me in anyway. My point was that you cannot have it both ways. You just can’t refer to me as Mr. Hney, and few lines down the loop, you describe me as a lunatic or a deranged individual. Sorry if I came across as someone who shuns gentility.

    As Liberians, you and I have a lot of work to do. Obviously, we’re in a pool of an argument. A useless, silly argument that leads nowhere. But listen to this: We have an obligation to educate and inform our fellow compatriots in a way that’s civil. The quality of lives of our people must be lifted. It’s doable. Each of us has a moral compass to lead.

    You can always disagree with me if you want. But we can work together for the ultimate good of our country. Does that make sense? If you saw me on the plane, would you abruptly cancel your flight? If your leggs give up and you end up in the snow, will you refuse my help to lift you up?

    No, no. Don’t keep your speech or criticism! It doesn’t bother me when you rant, shout or criticize. But it will definitely bother me if you keep your speech.

    After this episode of exchange, I am sure that the hatred in you that’s aimed at me will burn beyond recognition. All that’s going to be left in you is love. I will turn your short fuse into a long fuse! I am not beyond reproach either.

    I am looking for something of interest to challenge. I want to see your criticism. If you don’t criticize, I will re-examine your imaginary gag. Hilary, you are not gagged. Open up!

    • See what I’m talking about? I said “SELF-IMPOSED GAG!,” and you come heckling me with this “you’re not gagged by me in anyway?” You don’t even have the galls to gag a chicken and you imagine gagging me? How moronic can this get?

      It seems your particular problem is not just comprehension problem, far beyond that. Suffice it to say, if stupidity were a crime you would surely be in prison by now and for a very very long time. End of your pestering.

  5. I did say quiet a lot. If you’re going to pick on one thing to garble on, your fuse needs a lifetime tune up.
    I am not a quitter. Irrespective of your bushwa, I will prevail. As you can see, I am not imprisoned. That’s because your understanding of stupidity does not jive with reality.

  6. Hilary,
    You will continue to scream hell. What’s new about you? You will come back and say “I said if stupidity were a crime…….”
    In fact, if stupidity were a crime, for sure you’d be in prison. There’s not much to bark about. It shows in you.

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